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Castillo TextEditor is a fast, efficient text editor for Windows that has a multi document interface (MDI), it has syntax highlighting for several languages, bookmarks, multi-file find, replace, and internal clipboard.. About Castillo Bueno Systems..

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

Castillo TextEditor Upgrade is the best way to edit text files in Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000. It has Pascal/Delphi, C/C++, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Perl, Visual Basic, SQL and Java syntax highlighting and has a unique feature of special interest for developers: PowerTag.Castillo TextEditor Upgrade Main Features: Castillo TextEditor environment provides multiple toolbars, for different editing/windowing options, such as Find Toolbar, Files Toolbar, Window List Toolbar, Bookmarks Toolbar and Internal Clipboard ToolbarThe program can also perform searches for a specified text in all the hard drive or an specific directory as easy as editing a document, you can even save the search results and reload them again later.

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

simple TextEditor, that works on any system with Java.


* Java based
* Multiple encodings
* Very simple


  • Platform: WinOther

ActiveText is a simple texteditor, very similar to the well-known notepad.

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

Text editor for funcard and goldcard smartcards. You can store compressed text on your goldcard or funcard. The text editor has -besides the same features like a regular texteditor- also the capability to save the text on a funcard/goldcard. For smartedit you need our Phoenix RS232 smartcard programmer, which also can be used for all current smartcards like titanium, MII, KNOT, funcard and MII smartcards.The RS232 Cardreader is an encased programmer which can The required RS232 Cardreader is capable of the following modes: Phoenix 3.57MHz and 6MHz for EEPROM programming like Titanium, MII, KNOT or Funcard Smartmouse 3.

  • Publisher: Argolis BV
  • Date: 25-10-2004
  • Size: 280 KB
  • Platform: Win2000, Windows CE, Windows Server, WinOther

This is a new kind a NOTEPAD+TEXTEDITOR in which you are allowed to change the font and color of selected text or of the whole text . In this you are also faciliated to make selected text to speak or the whole text to speak. Please Note that this application is in its Beta Version..

  • Platform: WinOther

ChapMaker is a new idea for working on texts like essays, articles, documentations or books. It is a simple texteditor with connection to a central database server. Different users from different locations are able to work on their projects together..

  • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, WinOther

An xml editor with tag completion, syntax highlighting, folding and validation. Based on the ICSharpCode.TextEditor, and extending the previous Matthew Ward's works, this version can be used in any C# application, as it is an UserControl. The Fatica.

  • Platform: WinOther

Das Programm testet das Wissen eines Benutzers bei der Erstellung von JobShop Maschinenbelegungsplnen. Die einzelnen Tests knnen in einem einfachen Texteditor erstellt werden. Sie werden dann in dem Programm grafisch visualisiert und durchgefhrt..

  • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, WinOther

qbTeX (say cube-TeX) is a platform independent LaTeX IDE that allows its users to manage large LaTeX projects on both win32 and UNIX platforms offering means for management of large LaTeX projects, an integrated texteditor with shortcuts to common LaTeX c.

  • Platform: Linux, Unix, WinOther

Tcl TextEdit is a simple and powerfull texteditor entierly written in tk/tcl scripting language (no compilation required). It aims to be a programming editor..

  • Platform: Linux, Unix, WinOther

The Newswriter is a simple script to publish and administrate your News. There is no need for a database. The News stored in a simple file. I've coded this script because the others I found were to complicated and not adaptable enough. Installation: - Open the config.php in your texteditor and configure it. - Upload all files to your server except the .txt files of course. - Change the content.dat user permission to chmod 777 and if you like move it to a subfolder with a .htaccess-file. - Go to your browser to access the admin script type e.g: and start writing your first news.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
  • NoWinED
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

TextEditor multipage for all Amiga flavours (MUI)
NoWinED License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

The Simple TeX Editor combines the ease of use of a very slim and simple texteditor with the advantages of an Integrated Development Environment (i.e. syntax highlighting, auto completion, starting external tools directly from inside the program)
The Simple TeX Editor License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Publisher: Tste
  • Date:
  • Platform: WinOther

A Graphic User Interface with texteditor and category browser for interaction with the free encyclopedia Wikipedia
Diderot - A Python based WikiWriter License - Python Software Foundation License.

  • Platform: WinOther

Pad is a skinnable, cool and functionable text editor with many different skins. It can do the stuff all other text editors can do but with a better look and feel!
Pad - The Texteditor that looks good License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Publisher: Upad
  • Date:
  • Platform: WinOther
  • GoInEdit
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

goinedit is a texteditor, Integrated Development Environment that supports every programming languages. It has an integrated shell terminal and function buttons like compile, execute, debug. It has a support for Microchip Pic and pickit! easy to use!
GoInEdit License - BSD License.

  • Platform: WinOther

E Text Editor is a fast & elegant collaborative text editor for Windows. You can effortlessly share documents and track the changes made by your collaborators while always having the overview of the entire revision history. You can commit regular milestones of your documents (with comments & labels), and track your progress with the combined timeline & revision tree. e is lean and powerful with all the features you expect of a modern text editor plus quite a few unique abilities. * Tabbed editing * Syntax highlighing * Unicode & local encodings * Column selection & editing * Visual undo history * Incremental search & replace.

  • Platform: WinOther, WinVista

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Paste or write advertisement links in TextEditor, push DeAd, and click on results to open original link in the Browser.
Integration with default Android Browser, just click on link and App will bypass it in automatic.
Copy bypassed link for download manager

Pro versione is 30% faster than Free Version

Pro version can bypass those links: (also custom domain),,,,, and other 50+ (For complete list go to

You can find complete list of links @ http://www.

  • Publisher: FPelectro
  • Date: 17-01-2015
  • Size: 281 KB
  • Platform: Android 1.x, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

An HTML editor with many features found nowhere else in this market. There are no clumsy and obstructive wizards to get in your way, just intuitive and efficient tools to help you generate HTML quickly and easily. Features include: Nominal hit on system resouces, Open/SaveAs dialog file preview, Custom Tags and Toolbar buttons, Colorized tags, User definable Helper applications, Interactive access to Font, Table, List, and Links tags. More..

  • Platform: WinOther

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