Software Listing: Site Inspector

Web statistics marketing tool to track and analyse site visits, marketing research, visit tracking software, statistics analyser..

  • Platform: Misc Scripts

Web statistics marketing tool to track and analyse site visits, marketing research, visit tracking software, statistics analyser. ActiveStat delivers a powerful set of features to easily get various statistic reports as to site visits, site pages' popularity, referrers, download frequency, keyword efficiency, browsers, plug-ins, screen resolution, color depth, JavaScript your visitors use and much more....

  • Platform: Misc Scripts

Download Free articles, tutorials, and product reviews for your web site. Everything that is needed to construct a finished website. Request article subject matter and even get custom articles written just for your web site..

  • Platform: Misc Scripts

1-2-3 Indexsoft Site-up is a multi-platform compatible content management panel of your website with build-in WYSIWYG editor. With help of Site-UP you can easy support your website using only a computer connected to the Internet and browser. Moreover indexsoft Site-UP with success can replace any FTP client..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

Site Submitter Pro will submit your site to the top 120+ search engines and directories in seconds. It is fully customizable and can easily be extended to support even more engines. The script also allows you to setup your own Search Engine Submission Service and provides a great way to attract and keep visitors returning to your Website..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

Word Site Builder Software is a script to create word-cloud sites like and You can use this software to create word-cloud sites in any niche area and sell words for a fee. It includes useful features like bulk word import, payment management, advertisement management, etc. We provide free installation, turn-key implementation and script customization service..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This site run on php/mysql and lets you earn big commissions. You get paid over 60% of the net profits! You can profit wildly from potential competitors. That’s right: Instead of competing against others selling the same products, you can recruit them first as your sub-affiliates and then earn “override” commissions on their efforts -- thanks to our “two tier” structure.See the demo of this money generating tool!.

  • Publisher: S&S
  • Date: 14-07-2011
  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

i-Net Online Community site php script is an online social networking software that allows you to start your own site just like Myspace, Hi5 and Facebook. This community script allow members to connect people in their personal networks and people can create a new online interactive resource that is based on a trusted network of friends and associates on the internet..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

You may have seen a few sites out there running some kind of pagerank experiment, several people have expressed an interest in having their own such site and running their own pagerank experiment, drive extra traffic, get high rankings in search engines and give people a reason to check back with your site on a regular basis.Get the PageRank 10 Script and have this entire site up and ready in minutes, plug it into your existing website or one you create for this purpose with a few simple script includes and a hand full of files..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Perfect solution for your site!Very easy to install and use the guest book, which has the following main features: replies to messages; replies to messages; structure template (in complete 4 template + creating your own templates); captcha anti-spam form validation; admin panel which is password protected; any language support; managing messages from the pages of the guest book. A complete list of features can be found here. GuestBook implemented in several variants: PHP + MySQL (the script is written in PHP, and all data is stored in the database MySQL); PHP + DB.txt (the script is written in PHP, and all data is stored in text files such as CSV, thereby increasing the speed of the guest book.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

A resource for people to post, view, rate and review recipes from all over the world. This site features a powerful PHP/MySQL programmed backend to deliver 50,000 records for members and recipes. This site is a great, easy revenue and viral traffic generator that almost runs itself..

  • Publisher: S&S
  • Date: 18-03-2011
  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

S21 Ready Site - allows you to quickly and easily put up a website for your domain/s.Adsense ads are thoroughly integrated with search results. This results in extremely high click-through rate - over 20%! It uses dynamic RSS feeds to constantly update your site content based on your keywords. and more easy to setup and config 2 minutes or less !.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

The site in coded in php/mysql, comes with full source and over 9,300 free fonts. Features: - Over 9,300 free fonts. These originated from another free fonts site on the web. - Written in php/mysql. - All pages are created using Apaches mod-rewrite so it looks like over 9,000 flat html pages to the search engines. - Automatic creation of the font preview images. - Custom preview images so users can view the font in their own text online. - Character map for all fonts. - Contents listing/view link for all font zip files. i.e. any additional readme/txt files in the distribution. - Basic admin area to upload new fonts.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This php Site Recommender (Web Site Recommendation - Tell a Friend) script will allow your visitors to enter their contact information and recommend your site to as many recipients as you specify (only one required). The default messages are easily modified. Look and feel is customizable via the stylesheet. You can choose to be notified when your site has been recommended — notification will show recipient(s) AND the message. Email addresses are hidden so they will not be harvested by spammers. Also contains error checking and validation and does not require database access. Most of all, the script is very easy to install! Visit our site for two demos!.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
  • PAD site
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: 250
  • Rating

'PAD SITE' is a commercial set of PHP scripts for maintaining PAD enabled software download sites. It was initially based on free 'PADKit' by Association of Shareware Professionals (, currently suspended). Hovewer, all the existing scripts have been completely rewritten and many new scripts added to implement some features missing in the original source that we find really important:- detailed description pages,- download and purchase pages for each listing,- downloads counter and affiliate tracking, promotion via featured listings,- RSS feeds, OPML lists and XML sitemap,- ability for site visitors to easily rate and review listings without any need of signing up unneeded accounts but still with powerful protection against spamming.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Best Top Site PHP Script is a fully featured script that will allow you to run your own topsite website. The administrator and other users can add their sites to the directory where they can be voted on.Key Features•User Driven•Supports Multiple Sites per User•Real Time Stats•Easy Ad Integration – Make Money Quickly•SEO Friendly URLs•Integrated Back Link Checker.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Easy to deploy yet very effective script (webmaster tool) to organize free site submission service and earn money through advertisement or additional services..

  • Publisher: PK
  • Date: 04-08-2011
  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

With a little configuration and easy to install PHP Site Check will give your website visitors the ability to check the availability of http, ftp, smtp or pop3 ports right from your website..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Site Uptime Enterprise is a ready to run uptime website monitoring solution that allows you to offer membership services that monitors your members' web sites as well as POP3 email server, FTP protocols, SSL and all custom ports 24/7. Members will get notified either via email or SMS whenever a downtime occurs. With our paypal integrated system, member can simply upgrade their account anytime to enjoy premium web monitoring services. Site Uptime also provides real-time statistics as well as a summary of your members' uptime. Visual representations such as bar charts and graphical pies are included in our software for a quick overview.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Site Report Card is a Windows compatible program that offers free website analysis, optimization, and promotion reports. Lets you increase your search engine ranking. Provides detailed reports on: broken links, misspelled words, HTML validation, load time analysis, meta tag optimization, image optimization, search engine inclusion, site popularity, and keyword analysis..

  • Publisher: tachi
  • Date: 11-05-2011
  • Platform: Misc Scripts

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Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is another one of the thousands of different applications out there that helps you clear out and fine tune your system, for better and improved system speed and performance... and its a decent one too!

Glary Utilities ...

Arkout 3D Deluxe

Arkout 3d deluxe (or as we'll say from here on, simply arkout 3d) is a three dimensional re imagining of the classic concept of arcanoid, also known as brick or breakout. In the original arcanoid game, the aim is the move your baton across the ...

Easy Tweaker

Easy Tweaker is one of the many thousands of applications out there aiming to assist frustrated Windows users with their slow, sluggish and bogged up systems. Easy Tweaker is more than just one application however. It contains a number of different ...


There are many cases where you need to access a website which is otherwise blocked by your ISP. You need to use a proxy but a using free proxy that is never easy and convincing. Also, whenever you want to hide your identity online, you need to use ...

Chicken Invaders

Chicken invaders is a free ware arcade shooter game that hasheavy influence from classic titles like space invaders, or arcanoid. What chicken invaders does to the concept, however is add its own level of humour and gameplay to the mix. For ...

Smart Defrag 2

From right back in the early days of Windows, there has always been a disk defragmenter included as standard, called (funnily enough) Disk Defragmenter. Its changed a lot as times have moved on and Microsoft upgraded Windows. There are many ...

Age of Kingdoms

Age of kingdoms is an interesting mix of turn based strategy game with a small amount of war and micro management elements added in to make it more unique, and is a spiritual predecessor to another game from the same developer, castle wars. In Age ...


It feels better, when the main screen of the computer looks good. However, in most of the cases, you would find the main screen or desktop of the computer is filled with the ugly looking icons which spoil the beauty of your desktop, and there comes ...

Funny Photo Maker

It happens a lot of times that you capture a photograph, it is good enough but you still want to play with it and improve it. There are lots of programs available for photo editing and some might say that you should use Adobe’s Photoshop. Yes, ...

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Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Compare photos, find
duplicates, delete similar
images and manage your albums
the smart way! Duplicate Photo
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Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK

Read and write XLS, XLSX from
ASP.NET, .NET, VB, C#, PHP and
other programming languages
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Express Dictate for Mac

Express Dictate is a
professional dictation voice
recorder for Mac OS X.
Features include voice
activated recordings, ...

Express Scribe Pro for Mac

Express Scribe is an audio
transcription player for
typists using Mac OS X.
Features variable speed
playback, foot pedal ...

Math Practice

Math Practice is an easy to
use software addressed to
parents who wish to help kids
make their first steps into
the world ...

Express Rip Plus Edition

Express Rip Plus Edition lets
you extract digital audio from
CDs. Express Rip Plus provides
perfect digital audio ...

Altova FlowForce Server

Altova FlowForce Server 2018
is a highly scalable server
solution to automate
enterprise workflows, data
transformations, ...

Hot Copy Paste

Enhance Windows Clipboard with
multiple snippets, secure
storage and full-text search.
Hot Copy Paste works in every

Disk Cleanup Free

Disk Cleanup Free - a small
utility that will help you to
delete temporary files on your
computer. Many PC users know

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