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Glorified GuestBook is a multi-category guestbook or mini forum script with search function and user registration. It is easy to administer and user..

  • Publisher: Anonymous
  • Date: 16-06-2013
  • Size: 10 KB
  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

LocalSearch Deluxe is a software that searches all pages of your website for keywords and provides a local search machine. With the help of an assistant and a few mouse clicks you provide an entire quantitative search engine. LocalSearch Deluxe lists every search result according to frequency of appearance. The design of your Internet website can automatically be templated. With LocalSearch Deluxe you can place an input field and the results anywhere on your web page. Short instructions for LocalSearch Deluxe: For the production of a search engine only points 1-4 are pertinent! 1) Folder for search engine.

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

Quark File Search & Indexing is a plugin that enhances the function of the Windows Search function in order to instantly find QuarkXpress documents.

You can use this utility when you manage a big number or QuarkXpress documents and need to locate them quickly.


  • Platform: WinOther

CRM 2011 Document Search is a handy and reliable plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM designed to locate SharePoint documents via a search function.

The results are displayed in a structured view, which makes it easier and faster to find the desired documents.


  • Platform: Windows Server

MySQL text search function comes by default with a minimum word length of four letters. If you try searching for the word 'PHP', you'll get zero matches even if there are. As of MySQL 4.x.x you can change the minimum word length to whatever you want. That is how you do it..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Karsa Full text search is a full text application thanks to which you can easily install sophisticated full text search function into your web or desktop application. It is the first full text search application meant for installation into one s own applications which provides really extensive options for setting of weights over searched data. Thus you can create a search function that will be effective and can confidently compete with the results of renowned locators.Key search functions* Precise options for setting of weights for individual indexed fields.* Results found by the full text search can be further sorted as per selected parameters!* Declension in the course of result search.

  • Platform: Asp.Net, Scripts

PHP utility for load excel file, create Web-form by finding all fields in excel file. Create filter drop-down menus and search function by specified parameters.Output result under the search form..

  • Platform: Mac OS X, Unix, WinOther

Windows Grep is an advanced searh tool that improves the default Windows search function with reporting support. Although Windows and many other programs have file searching capabilities built-in, none can match the power and versatility of Windows Grep.

This application combines ]the power and flexibility of traditional command line grep utilities available on DOS, UNIX and other platforms with the ease of use of Microsoft Windows.

In addition to searching, Windows Grep also performs global replacing in your files, with complete safety.

Windows Grep is designed for searching plain-ASCII text files, such as program source, HTML, RTF and batch files, but it can also search binary files such as word processor documents, databases, spreadsheets and executables.

  • Platform: WinOther

Advance Registry War is a great tweak tool to make your Windows more safe and stability,1. It has many useful and comprehensive setting items to tweak your Windows registry.2. Also plugins that will do even more things. You can just point-and-click, then make yourWindows docile. 3. And because so many items it has, Advance Registry War provide you apowerful search function(just like style of Google) to help you find out the exact itemsyou want.4. Also it has "record" function for you to easily restore or duplicate registry settings.5. Live update. hong xue chen tan li at

  • Publisher: Xuesoft
  • Date: 28-10-2009
  • Size: 1392 KB
  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

This is an easy to customize ASP discussion forum system with a simple interface. It features: Supports multiple boards, Message search function, Cookie-based user entry memory feature, email notification, message archieving feature and more..

  • Platform: Asp, Scripts

This is an ASP guestbook application for multiple users. Features include: Message search function, Configurable number of messages per page, and more..

  • Platform: Asp, Scripts

Verti-Cal displays events for one day or entire month in a vertical manner. Features include email reminders, single posting of recurring events, search function. The multi-user functionality makes it ideal for communities. Uses MySQL database..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

UltraBoard is a powerful, easy to use, easy to navigate and fully customizable bulletin board system. Includes features such as unlimited message boards, integrated search function, message preview and much more..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

Flexphpsite is not only a CMS but can be used in most websites.Written in PHP+Mysql.Powerful link management system. The table feilds can be flexibly added or managed.Easily cutomized front search function. Friendly help system and install script.Easy for internationalization. Non-programmer can use this system to create complicated dynamic website.We also offer low price customization service. A tutorial added..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Forumwa is a simple discussion forum, based on PHP and MYSQL. Beside the basic-features there are special functions like search function, user profiles, memberlist, mailer, feedback?Multilanguage, easy installation...

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
  • ODFaq
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

Manage your FAQ using friendly web-based interface. Some of the features are: multiple & nested categories, show/hide categories & FAQs, HTML support, easy integration into your website, search function, printer friendly view, customized sorting..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

DivX Manager includes all the basics to manage your DivX collection. At the moment you can Add, Delete and Modify your DivX movies. There is also a search function included..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

EasyPublishPro is a PHP MySql hosting script that allows different users to publish News, Articles, Reviews on your site. It sorts the material in different ways and is supplied with a powerful search function. Most recently accessed news are bookmarked. EasyPublishPro has user management system with multy-level user accounts: public user, community user, standard user, restricted user, administrator. Power PHP tree structure and safe numbering referencing system. PHP 5 and global variables compatible. Install script and explicit template interface. Registration function with e-mail confirmation and approval.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Free hosting of elaborately designed calendars. Features include email reminders, single posting of recurring events, search function and more..

  • Platform: Misc Scripts
  • QAMaker
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

Tool to set up a searchable list of questions and answers. Creates a list of links for each question on a single page and offers a search function..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

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Slash Xonix

Slash xonix is a freeware game which takes the lesser known classic title xonix, and revamps and reworks it into a title for the desktop computer. Xonix (the game on which slash xonix is obviously based) is a game in which you must split the screen ...

Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker, expressed as windows live movie maker in the latest updates, is a piece of video and picture editing software for windows (as the name of the software no doubt suggests) designed to be simple, easy to use while still keeping as ...

Avant Browser

There are many browsers available to download on World Wide Web, but more than 90% people use either of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Due to this, many people either don’t know about other non-popular browsers or don’t care to ...

WinXP Manager

WinXP Manager is the tool letting you easily change and personalize your Windows XP based system. Its the edition of the tool released by Yamicsoft for Windows XP only, and is similar to Vista Manager and Windows 7 Manager, designed for later ...


It is not really difficult to create basic webpages, having said that, if you don’t know about HTML, it can be a tedious task. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language which basically is used to create webpages. It is not a difficult language ...

Advanced System Optimizer

Keeping your Computer fast, clean and error free is of utmost importance if you want to get most out of it. Over the passage of time, many personal computers get clogged with errors, unnecessary or duplicate files and shortcuts leading to fragmented ...


It feels better, when the main screen of the computer looks good. However, in most of the cases, you would find the main screen or desktop of the computer is filled with the ugly looking icons which spoil the beauty of your desktop, and there comes ...

Arctic Quest Game

Arctic  quest game (referred to in game as simply arctic quest) is a free ware downloadable game by free ride games, a game development website with a variety of games also downloadable from this site. Arctic quest is a very interesting puzzle ...

Ocster 1-Click Backup

Nowadays, backing up is more of a necessity than ever before. Daily, people are experiencing hardware failures, computer crashes, and virus attacks that are damaging and destroying data, and in some cases just silly mistakes are causing people to ...

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TextPipe Pro

Powerful text-processing
workbench combining 300+
conversion, transformation,
extraction and report mining
operations on ...


ABC-Update set you in control
of MS Update operations. Pick
machines from AD and push
updates over network. With ...

Fax Voip Softphone

Fax Voip Softphone - SIP/H.323
software telephone. Call
Recording. Playing audio
messages into the telephone
line. ...


No more managing hours by
hand! No more spending half a
day trying to add up billed
hours and pulling your hair
out ...

CardWorks Business Card
Free for Mac

CardWorks Free Business Card
Software for Mac is
easy-to-use business card
design software to create your
own business ...


NYMBLESBasic is a easier to
play version of our main
Nymbles Puzzle. Nymbles Basic
contains simpler puzzles with
only ...

Family Tree Builder

Used by millions of people
worldwide, Family Tree Builder
helps you research your family
history, build your family
tree ...

ClassAdsCom Easy Submitter

Our software will post your
ads on autopilot to every
single city on Classified ads
dot com. We are talking about
every ...


MITCalc is a multi-language
calculation package includes
solutions for gearing, belt,
springs, beam, shaft,
tolerances ...

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