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This is a toolbar for astral projection sites. Use this for searches. You can also check the weather with this toolbar. If you want to learn more about astral projection then just visit my site. This software is free for you to use..

  • Platform: Win2000, Windows Server, Windows Vista, WinOther

This program computes the projection of any n-dimensional vector y onto the canonical simplex Dn defined by Dn:={x: x n-dimensional vector, 0<=x<=1, sum(x(:))=1 }. Namely, it solves x=arg min_x |x-y| subject to the constraint that x is in Dn. Syntax: x = projsplx(y); Explanation of the algorithm can be found at or C code and pre-compiled mex files can be found at the author's website..

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

To walk through the code and for a thorough description, refer to Meucci, A. (2010) "Annualization and General Projection of Skewness, Kurtosis and All Summary Statistics" Latest version of article and code available at

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

EIKI Projection Calculator is a handy and lightweight Java-based utility that can help you find and select the right projector / projection lens.

EIKI Projection Calculator is a simple software that can help you calculate the throw distance, picture height / width, and focal length.


  • Platform: WinOther

A tool designed to allow users to perform keystoning of a projection unit when the target surface may be an odd shape or at an angle that is not parallel to the projection lens..

  • Platform: WinOther

Astral Projection - Absolutely fantastic Direct X enhanced screensaver. The background image created with Bryce depicts a distant galaxy over a 3d plane. Awesome colors and spectacular truly three dimensional objects floating throughout the screen. The included background tune can be replaced with your own mp3's, wav, or midi files. Trial versions of screensavers are available at ..

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  • Quelea
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Quelea is a free, open source lyrics projection package designed for use in churches. It's a relatively new project but is already crammed with features such as the following: Import songs from a variety of locations such as the kingsway online library, survivor songbook, source songbook Advanced multimedia playback, able to play back videos of almost any format including DVDs Powerpoint support Direct email of schedules Export / import songs Bible support using Clear, intuitive user interface Manage chords as well as lyrics, transposition of chords supported Print out schedules and words / chords to songs Cross platform (Mac, Windows and Linux).

  • Platform: WinOther

BSAsidewalk3D is an easy-to-use utility for creating the anamorphic projection of an image, printed in a grid for easy transfer onto a sidewalk or other surface with chalk or washable paint. The result is a 3-dimensional illusion which, when seen from the correct observation point, appears to be a real (usually large) object or scene. Give BSAsidewalk3D a try to fully assess its capabilities!.

  • Platform: WinOther

Random Projection Trees is a recursive space partitioning datastructure which can automatically adapt to the underlying (linear or non-linear) structure in data. It has strong theoretical guarantees on rates of convergence and works well in practice..

  • Platform: Linux

This project is a simple implementation of the Iterative Back-Projection (IBP) algorithm for solving the Super-Resolution problem. It was first proposed by Michal Irani in her 1991 paper "Improving resolution by image registration". The imaging model being used is described by a paper by Michael Elad, "Super-Resolution Reconstruction of an image". Both papers can easily be found through a search in Google Scholar. I've done two simplifications to the imaging model: 1) The image blur is assumed to be spatially invariant. 2) The spatial transformation model is a global translation. To run the example code, follow the following steps: 1) Run SRSetup.

  • Publisher: Victor May
  • Date: 19-01-2013
  • Size: 51 KB
  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

Find the projection of point P in R^n on the ellipsoid E = { x = x0 + U*(z.*radii) : |z| = 1 }, where U is orthogonal matrix of the orientation of E, radii are the axis lengths, and x0 is the center. Or on generalized conic E = { x : x'*A*x + b'*x + c = 0 }. The projection is the minimization problem: min | x - P | (or max | x - P|) for x in E. Method: solve the Euler Lagrange equation with respect to the Lagrange multiplier, which can be written as polynomial equation (from an idea by Roger Stafford).

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

Software for reduced-order discrete-time infinite horizon LQG design based on the SDOPE (Strengthened Discrete-time Optimal Projection Equations). The software is described in and associated to the paper: L.G. Van Willigenburg, W.L. De Koning, 2000,"Numerical algorithms and issues concerning the discrete-time optimal projection equations",European Journal of Control, 6, 1, pp. 93-110.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

main executing reference usage: usage_draftLinesForBackProjectionTest The objective is to draft lines used as biomedical phantoms For Back Projection Detectability Tests. Lines in several inclinations are to be used to observe if the back projection may cover and capture the lines. Such detectability may be observed from the reproduced image. Usually, the lines are very hard to detect unless if a relatively large number of projections are taken. * Caveat: For reference only. If the demo has more elegant presentation, please do not hesitate to suggest and send feedback to author. Email: promethevx@yahoo.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This is a superresolution based on projection onto convex sets (POCS). You can also compare the result with bilinear projection (using only one of the frames). To start, run sr_gui in Matlab..

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

Obliqueview transforms an axes to use an oblique projection instead of the default orthographic projection. Although oblique projections are distorted views, they are often useful for illustration purposes. Obliqueview lets the user select a viewing plane ('xy','xz,'yx',etc) and angle for the receding axis. The foreshortening ratio can also be specified. The view can be changed by calling obliqueview with new parameters. Obliqueview is designed to be used with oaxes, a central axis display. Oaxes is available through the MATLAB File Exchange at .

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

Geodysseus is developed as a cross-platform and Open Source OpenGL interactive map projection and navigation app.

All the user has to do is click on the 3D globe or map to build geodetic traverses. The geodesic can then be approximated with any number of loxodrome legs.

Geodysseus is aimed at users that require a multi-purpose navigational instrument for land, air and sea.


  • Platform: WinOther

Funding Plan PRO software to create financial models of your company, Funding Plan PRO for Excel provides the perfect financial planner for any 10-year projection. You can access this tool without any specific accounts knowledge. You start with a sequence of financial plan templates. Variables can be adjusted anyway you want and as you know Excel will translate any input change instantly into the appropriate outcome. Every input key, mirrors monthly forecasts covering any ten-year period, starts with any month or year. Monthly equity plan (Common share issues & financing), Monthly Fixed asset expenditures, Loan note amortization schedule (Loan finance), depreciation schedules, and five depreciation classes (any useful life periods from zero upwards).

  • Platform: Win2000, Windows Server, WinOther

Real Estate Cash Flow projection software for acquisition, development and sale of any type of units.

Project cash flow and returns for all projects with sell-out of lots, homes, condos, townhouses... any type of sales unit. Calculate Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return. Link data to other spreadsheets. Print to paper or .PDF files.

Screen and analyze potential investment projects for financial feasibility.

Adjust and refine assumptions for capital budgeting.

Cash flow IRR distribution Waterfall for each capital source.

Track actual construction costs and print Draw reports.

  • Platform: WinOther, WinVista

The purpose of this library is to support making maps when using the Java programming language. It may also be of some use in understanding the general nature of map projection libraries regardless of the programming language one may be using..

  • Platform: WinOther

Simple Projection is an application that intercepts text messages that you can publish to a local computer or to the internet. Using a projector, you can display your text messages on a big screen.
Currently the application has the following features:
Enforce registration required before messages are published.
Messages screening can be enabled.
Word filtering can be enabled.
Set event number to publish during an event.
When registration is required, messages that are sent without registration are ignored by the application.
You can show the messages on your device similar to what you can see on the computer
You can use Simple Projection to send text to screen, text to projector, text to website or view your text on your device

Text charges may be applied by your carrier.

  • Publisher: DJ Platino
  • Date: 18-09-2014
  • Size: 220 KB
  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

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