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PPALstore is an easy to install and use online shopping cart cgi script that passes all credit card sales to PayPal for processing while maintaining alternative payment methods.Easy configuration for additions and subtractions to the base product price. Any currency form is acceptable too. There are no complex installation requirements or modules to configure. Install using FTP, no tar files to telnet. PPALstore simplifies the process of accepting credit cards from your web site by submitting sales directly to PayPal. Version 1.2b fixes some small bugs to assure smooth, trouble-free operation and installation.

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

The FEX F-Cart - PayPal for Flash is a shopping cart fully powered with XML and directly integrated with PayPal shopping cart features, very fast to customize and with less than 30 minutes is ready to begin to sell. Create categories and register products with simple and intuitive XML tags using a truly useful tool that suits all PayPal customers. - Create unlimited categories and products. - Professional interface. - Chance and register product fast. - No external code required. - Accept multiple item purchases. - Extremely easy and intuitive to personalize. - All PayPal shopping cart features.

  • Platform: Misc Scripts

FlashCart is a Flash based Shopping Cart that was designed to work with PayPal. The cart is fully integrated with PayPal to accept multiple item purchases. The cart is scaleable from 10 to 75 (and more if needed) products which can be changed/updated from an external text file where all of the product descriptions and unit price valuables are stored. The color of the cart can be customized to match any site's color scheme. It also has the ability to display images of each product as the cursor rolls over each item..

  • Platform: Misc Scripts

Here's a useful tool you can use to calculate your PayPal fees. It includes many advanced options such as choosing the source and destination countries, choosing which PayPal Fee Rate you want to use, and choosing whether or not to include the 2.5% currency conversion fee (for multiple currency transactions). You can also use it to "reverse" calculate your PayPal fees to determine exactly how much a person should send you so that after fees are removed you actually end up with the amount you want. I use it all the time myself when I'm selling on eBay, and I'm trying to gauge that "magic" amount to charge so that after all fees have been removed I actually end up with the amount I want.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

This library of functions is helpful for setting up a free shopping cart solution using the PayPal shopping cart feature. See for more info about how to use their shopping cart. The functions will allow for adding a product to a shopping cart either by link or by an HTML form..

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

Car Classifieds.... Make money script. People pay YOU to list their car for sale! Accept Paypal Payments! Seperate Seller views and logins.... Admin login to add, delete cars and users and track payments. Add car types, models, market segments, add dealers, add sellers, mark cars active, inactive, and expired.... set price to post an add..... Users can sign up as car dealership or as private seller to list cars....

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This new version of the class, originally written by Pineapple Technologies, fixes the problem where PayPal IPN notifications fail. There was a bug in PayPal's servers which caused your script to have to follow a HTTP 302 redirect. They have sense resolved the issue completely, but this class insures you won't have problems of this nature in the future. This new class uses cURL so PHP can follow the redirection. By default it uses SSL for posting to PayPal, but is configurable to do normal HTTP as well. This class also gives more detailed logging info in the log file/log email. Please note cURL is REQUIRED!.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Use PayPal IPN system to automate delivery of digital goods to customers. Sell physical goods as well. Product items may be displayed using a shopping cart system where the Buy buttons are automatically generated. Buy buttons may also be created by hand to easily integrate into existing web pages. File location is hidden and cannot be deduced. Downloads are limited by time and number. Sales are recorded. Associate many downloads files with each product. Checks made on transaction to prevent fraud and spoofing. Email all customers or email those who have purchased a particular product. Simple to install PHP/mySQL system.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Unlike most other similar products DigiPal takes into full advantage both IPN (Instant Payment Notification) and PDT (Payment Data Trasfer) that PayPal offers. DigiPal is built with a module based architecture allowing for custom modules to be written that will extend its functionality. These modules may handle completed verified transactions and initiate any type of activity such as immediate digital goods delivery, member registration, email attachments and more. Some of the things you can do with DigiPal - Transaction Verification and Validation with HTTPS Postback or Shared Secret Key (requires encryption) - Using the Administrator's panel you can add products and create PayPal buttons for them - Select from 2 different built-in delivery methods (download link, email attachment) or write your own as module! - DigiPal uses "return"...

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

MyioCart is a PayPal shopping cart for downloadable products - one effective ecommerce solution for your new com site. Secure - Image, MD5, PayPal IPN, digital numbering system, secure links. Automatic install script (up and running in 10 minutes). Uses PHP and MySQL, 100% PHP 5 compatible. Template system. Unlimited number of category and products. Supports showcase and free products, multiple products in one order including free products, multiple currencies. Power Admin Control Panel..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Realty Renter, allows your clients to view realty listings and make online reservations using paypal or for a given period of time. Offer specials, and addon items for your clients. Offer Gift Certificates....uses and Paypal. Cool for hotel reservations and vacation rent. Easy Changeable templates.... Admin notification on reservations. Customer login to manage reservations and billing, and make cancellations. Admin login and Client login area to change reservations and alter reservations. Admin can manage clients and properties online..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

FEX F-Delivery is a cutting edge system that gives more control, automation and security selling digital product(s). Today, PayPal receive payments for products worldwide. One problem faced by many peoples however is how to provide a fast and secure way to deliver digital products after a successful transaction. For who sell software, e-books, music or any digital media on the internet, F-Delivery provides the perfectly solution. - Easy and fast installation. - Does not require use of database. - Works with any PHP,ASP,CFM,JSP web store, or even with PayPal buynow buttons. - Report complete statistics about the downloads.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Are you a PayPal merchant? Or any merchant other than ClickBank? Or even if you use a custom script? CB Download Manager is still perfect for you! You simply paste CB Download Managers automatically generated code into your thankyou page, and we will build a customer database for you, and also implement an expiring download link. This means when someone purchases your product, they enter their name and email address and we'll build a unique download link for them that will expire in a certain amount of time (that you specify). We even automatically email the download link to the customer..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

CE Digital Download Shop! Accept Paypal payments. Easy upload of files. Designate number of downloads allowed for each purchase. Secure File Download. Instant Payment Notification and Product Download..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This file provides a neat and simple method to interface with paypal and the paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) interface. It is designed to be an aid, and therefore provide the developer with complete control. I've also included a demonstration file in the zip, called paypal.php, which shows how to use the class. This class handles the submission of an order to paypal aswell as the processing an Instant Payment Notification (IPN). Including the demonstration file, the entire "paypal system" consists of just 2 PHP scripts. Once is the class and one implements the class..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This script lets you run your own profitable randomizer site. Or you make money with reselling the script as it comes along with Resell Rights. This is a fully automated randomizer script integrated with both paypal and stormpay. Two payments will have to be done before a member has completely signed up. The first one to a randomly selected member or the referrer and the second one to you as the sites admin. Members will be automatically added to the database after sign up is completed. This script uses cookies to track direct referrers, that they will always get paid. Members are automatically provided with their own URL to promote the site, so they can receive payments from their own referrals.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Features: *Platform independant, but PostNuke site is required! If you're running PostNuke .726 or later, you meet the requirements! -pnAPI -Setup and administer multiple donations! -No visit to PayPal to setup your donation buttons! -All donations configured independently! -Custom title! -Custom description! -Custom SKU! -Custom donation amounts! (hard or soft) -Custom donation button! -Custom alt-text! -WYSIGYG support! -Short URLS! -Obeys PostNuke permissions! -Intuitive admin interface! -Extensive user manual! -Support forum! -Multi-block included! -Languages: Deu, Eng, Fra, Nld, Ita, Por, Spa -Clean, aesthetic coding!.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Toolkit in PHP for creating PayPal payment buttons & processing Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs)..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Allows secure access to your digital products (software, eBooks etc) after successful transaction on Paypal. Uses Paypal's IPN system coupled with Linklok's unique download link system for security. Download links do not show location of file on server and can be set to expire after several minutes, days or years if required. Supports multiple currencies, unlimited products and multiple downloads per order. Linklok is very secure as there is no way to bypass Paypal. Versions available for other payment processors as well..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

PaymentPal lets you accept PayPal transactions through your website automatically. Through PayPal's unique Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system, the included "post-back" script will be accessed by PayPal to let you know the status of a transaction. This enables you to take PayPal payments to the next level by automatically activating member accounts, delivering electronic products, etc. without having to manually log into PayPal to accept payments. All you do is add the code you want to be executed according to the transaction status and it will be automated..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

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