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The Jokes lives again in this Batman action game. The Joker has somehow managed to escape from the asylum once again, and Batman must defeat him to restore peace to Gotham City. This is the second Batman installment and unlike the first release, it is not based on the movie, but has a story of its own. However, some elements in the game can be found in the modern comic book released few years earlier. The graphics for the Nintendo Entertainment System version were really good, considering it was an 8-bit home console system. Batman's main goal is to ensure Gotham is safe, so he has to defeat multiple enemies and bosses.

  • Platform: WinOther

DVD-Joker is an extremely easy to use application for copying your DVDs to DVD, iPod/iPhone, DivX or your PC. DVD-Joker is amazingly fast and it creates copies in DVD, M4P, iPod/iPhone & DivX format in almost original quality at only 10% size. The integrated DVD writer function can write the movie onto DVD. DVD-Joker will succeed backing up your favourite DVDs when most other DVD copy programs just fail. Insert the DVD, click on "Start" and the copying process already begins. Enjoy your DVD movies in "Original-Quality"!.

  • Publisher: Ramka Ltd.
  • Date: 07-06-2012
  • Size: 15227 KB
  • Platform: WinOther PHP client is a Web-based, OS independent PHP client for accessing domain management functionality..

  • Publisher: aldem
  • Date: 12-01-2013
  • Size: 102 KB
  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

The Joker! will be a small, fast cross os Perl/Tk MUA. It's inspired by the famous client "The Bat!"..

  • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, WinOther

Batman: Arkham Asylum exposes players to a unique, dark and atmospheric adventure that takes them to the depths of Arkham Asylum - Gotham's psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.

Gamers will move in the shadows, instigate fear amongst their enemies and confront The Joker and Gotham City's most notorious villains who have taken over the asylum.

Batman now uses a lot of new gadgets and abilities, players will become the invisible predator and attempt to foil The Joker's demented scheme.

Batman: Arkham Asylum features an original story penned exclusively for the game by famous Batman author and five-time Emmy award winner Paul Dini, whose credits include Lost season one and Batman: The Animated Series.

  • Platform: WinOther, WinVista

3D Bowling Battle Joker is a realistic free 3D battle bowling game.
Flick to throw the ball and aim for a perfect game.
Try for the No.1 bowler in the online score ranking around the world!

In this game, you can play either "Single" or "Battle" mode.

Single mode : Aim for a high score. your rank will go up depending on your score.
Battle mode : You can play against 4 different bowlers(CPU).
(Both mode are played without score keeper)

Nick : He likes to play bowling. but he is a beginner.
Mary : She has played bowling since she was child, and is a good amateur bowler.
Jack : He is a professional powerful bowler, so be carefull!
Joker : He is the No.

  • Platform: Android, WinMobile

Play the scariest sounds from The Joker in top film The Dark Knight right on your Windows Phone. Play them to your friends and bring this iconic character to any situation. Let's put a smile on that face!

You can even save all these great sounds to your ringtones and impress your friends any time - hear The Joker's best quotes every time your phone rings!

This includes all the great phrases from the film, such as:

"Why so serious?"
"Let's put a smile on that face!"
"Evening commissioner"

Coming soon: wallpapers!.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile


SLOT Machine GAME for fan!
8LINE VIDEO SLOT is appeared !

Download FREE !

■ Features

■ The main function
- Services up to 50 sheets of credit
- Table dividend

■ Acceptable Use Policy
When customers have to use the game application "SUPER 8LINES JOKER'S TRIPLE" provided by the Animo Inc. (the "Company") (referred to as "application") is, to accept the contents of this use agreement will.

(1) All rights including copyright, etc on this application , belong to our company.

  • Publisher: Animo Inc.
  • Date: 20-02-2014
  • Size: 9728 KB
  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

If you want to know that the power of eyes, play Find Joker!

How to Play:
1,Remember the position of the card of the Joker.
2,Cards will be shuffled.
3,Find the position of the Joker.

This app also can training brain and power up your insight visual.
Go to play the Find Joker Now!!


  • Publisher: 12KK
  • Date: 19-02-2014
  • Size: 3481 KB
  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x


SLOT Machine for GAME fan!
8LINES VIDEO SLOT is appeared !

Download FREE !

■ Features

■ The main function
- Services up to 50 sheets of credit
- Table dividend

■ Acceptable Use Policy

When customers have to use the game application "SUPER 8LINES JOKER'S DOUBLE" provided by the ANIMO INC. (the "Company") (referred to as "application") is, to accept the contents of this use agreement will.

(1) All rights including copyright, etc on this application , belong to our company.

  • Publisher: Animo Inc.
  • Date: 07-06-2014
  • Size: 9113 KB
  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

Get max coin from Joker in center symbol! !


Third machine for Pachinko and Pachi-Slot and single medal game fan!

Incidence of major
Center JOKER (FREEGAME) :1/301

■ The main function
・Functions and services up to 50 sheets of credit
・My-history data
・Probability of occurrence of each table and view and dividend

■ Acceptable Use Policy

When customers have to use the game application "SUPER 8LINES JOKER'S WILD" provided by the ANIMO INC. (the "Company") (referred to as "application") is, to accept the contents of this use agreement will.

  • Publisher: Animo Inc.
  • Date: 21-02-2015
  • Size: 4812 KB
  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

Agile Lines is an extremely addictive and sleek variation of the popular Lines game. The objective of the game is to remove from the playing board as many balls as possible by placing them in rows of five or more. The use of the multicolored JOKER balls gives a new twist to the old concept: these universal balls can be used to complete shapes of any color and in the hands of a skillful player they can be very helpful. Besides the classic five-in-a-row variety there are two more types of the game: in one of them you remove balls from the board by building small squares (containing four balls or more), and in another one your objective is to build blocks of seven or more balls.

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther
  • CardPro
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

All round Phoenix smartcard programmer for all current smartcards like titanium, MII, KNOT, funcard and MII smartcards. Can easily be used to update a cam like the Joker or Matrix. Switches automatically between different modes. Reading/writing of the whole card is done without intervention. Loaders are in the program. Cards currently supported: titanium, MII, KNOT, Funcard, Jupiter1, Jupiter2, GoldCard, PicCard2. Easy to use. Crd EEPROM file support. The RS232 Cardreader is an encased programmer which can be used for EEPROM, AVR and PIC programming. The required RS232 Cardreader is capable of the following modes: Phoenix 3.

  • Publisher: Argolis BV
  • Date: 12-10-2004
  • Size: 345 KB
  • Platform: Win2000, Windows CE, Windows Server, WinOther
  • AzPitch
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: 12
  • Rating

Arizona Pitch - a card game from the old west. Bid to determine trumps and lead. Play for 5 points:High, Low, Joker, Jack and Game. A fun exciting game. Play with one computer partner against two computer opponents. Learn mode shows all cards. Games won/lost record kept. Easy to personalize the players voices and pictures..

  • Publisher: BlakeWare
  • Date: 09-10-2002
  • Size: 2977 KB
  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

500 card game for WINDOWS 95+ This program plays the popular card game of 500 with the benefits of playing through WINDOWS 95. You can choose your style of play, as well as customising for local rules and MISERE options. It has animation, and supports all sound cards. Speed and colours can be customised as never before. Now has more colourful cards, and a summary of previous cards played. Allows more ordering of the cards in your hand, has better quality sound and score card. This version includes US rules with the option of a 5 card kitty, an inkle, and a slam bid.

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther
  • Batman
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

The game follows the film's storyline excellently. Gotham City is the most dangerous city in the world. It is ruled by violent mobsters, and night is as dangerous as the day. In steps one man. He is making himself known, and cleaning up the city. While he is catching criminals at Axis Chemicals, he accidentally causes Jack Naiper, the right-hand man to Gotham's king Mobster, to fall into a vat of acid. Jack survives, but his appearance has been altered. His skin is now white, hair green, lips blood-red, and his mouth has been forced into a twisted smile. His sanity disappears as well, and he sets out to destroy the entire city.

  • Platform: Win2000, Windows Server, WinOther

Joker has trapped Batman between two skyscraper and is throwing all kind of objects. Use the arrow keys to move Batman and jump. Try to reach the top. Use many abilities to win the sky race..

  • Publisher: Mario Games
  • Date: 18-11-2012
  • Size: 2058 KB
  • Platform: WinOther

Object: Roll dice for scoring combinations and get the highest total score. This text-based command window Yahtzee game was inspired by a few of the other submissions on this site. This version has the following features: - High scores list - Multi-player versus option - Stable, pleasing and intuitive interface - Conforms to all official Yahtzee rules (including bonus Yahtzee joker scoring: - Short, modular, commented code (usefull for editing and following flow) - Consice and transparent score allocation logic - Text-only game mechanics makes it look like you're working >> ZYahtzee % runs game >> ZYahtzee(p) % runs game for p players Enjoy a brief game of Yahtzee!.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • Joker-vm
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

Java virtual machine following RTSJ-1.0 (Realtime Java) specifications.
Joker-vm License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

jokerupdater is a compact application that allows you to update your real IP address on the DNS service. The application runs in command line mode and can retrieve the real IP of your computer in order to send it to the DNS.

This tool can be useful for the users that have a hosted domain on at and need to update the IP information regularly.

Note: In order to use the app you need to follow the instructions provided by the developer.


  • Platform: WinOther

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