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Mazesmith is a maze generator written in javascript, and is able to be printed or played through a web browser. The maze is fully customizable with many options..

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

ARSC is a webchat system that uses PHP and MySQL and allows comfortable chatting with every browser on the surface of this planet, using javascript, frames HTML streaming for modern browsers down to a one-page reload-yourself version for text browsers. This script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs..

  • Publisher: arsc
  • Date: 13-06-2013
  • Size: 154 KB
  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

LAS is a media cataloguing system coded in php, mysql and javascript for books, movies, journals & magazines (music planned). LAS is currently geared torward the individual user, but in the future may introduce features for institutions & groups..

  • Publisher: Aaron D
  • Date: 14-01-2013
  • Size: 399 KB
  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

jsWordsearch is a word search puzzle generator that's written in javascript and is playable through your web browser. You can use your own words and have many options to choose from, including size, color, word direction, shape, and more..

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

Auto Tracker provides a simple method of tracking vehicle fuel efficiency and maintenance. Auto Tracker is currently written in PHP / HTML with some javascript for the user interface. A template data import script is written in perl. Auto Tracker requires a SQL database back-end (currently developed/tested with PostgreSQL, MySQL ). Developed on Mac OS X and Linux; the server side should run on any platform PHP supports. The client should run on any web browser, although javascript support is needed for some data calculation and validation. Features: - Track multiple vehicles for fuel and maintenance.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

ERE-The Examination Results Explorer is an advanced web application basically designed to give the students of a school, and the school faculty, access to a detailed and analytical view of their examination results (Technologies:PHP,MySQL,javascript)..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

REMLAB Web Mech Designer is a fully functional cross-platform web-based BattleMech designer for the tactical board game Battletech. REMLAB is built entirely on HTML, PHP, and javascript with Ajax functionality. REMLAB requires a web server (locally or remotely) with the ability to process PHP scripts..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
  • flXHR
  • License: Freeware
  • Rating

The result is that flXHR can be used as a drop-in replacement for XHR based Ajax, giving you consistent, secure, efficient cross-domain client-to-server cross-domain Ajax communication, without messy workarounds such as IFRAME proxies, dynamic script tags, or server-side proxying. flXHR brings a whole new world of cross-domain Ajax and API-consistency to any browser with javascript and Flash Player plugin v9+ support (Adobe claims Flash has 99% browser support now External Link). No other methods or workarounds can claim that kind of wide-spread support or consistency. In addition, flXHR boasts the ability to be dropped-in to many different javascript frameworks (Dojo, Prototype, jQuery, etc) for even easier and more robust Ajax usage.

  • Platform: Ajax, Scripts

The Coalesys Region Control is a set of free images, HTML and ASP.NET technology to provide a region map on your website that allows users to speed up their selection of states and provinces by clicking on a map. This free control can be implemented as standard HTML or as an ASP.NET server-side control. With the Coalesys Region Control you can: - Display maps for The United States and Canada. - Use 1 of the 13 color schemes provided. - Respond to user selection with a QueryString action or onclick javascript Handler (HTML implementation). - Respond to user selection with a Postback Click event (ASP.

  • Platform: ASP.NET, Scripts

The NeatUpload d-OC?D? ASP.NET component allows developers to stream uploaded files to storage (filesystem or database) and allows users to monitor upload progress. It is open source and works under Mono's XSP/mod_mono as well as Microsoft's ASP.NET implementation. It features 2 custom controls: InputFile allows the user to select a file to upload, and ProgressBar displays the upload progress either inline or in a popup. ProgressBar uses AJAX-style refreshless updates on modern browsers when javascript is available, but also allows users without javascript to see upload progress. Features - Streams uploads directly to storage.

  • Platform: ASP.NET, Scripts
  • yChat
  • License: Freeware
  • Rating

yChat is an experimental, XML-configurable, fast, very portable, multi-platform Web-based chat server written in C and a little subset of C. It supports secure SSL sockets using OpenSSL, MySQL databases and is compatible with almost all browsers that support frames and javascript. It runs on all servers which are POSIX.4a compatible and use the GNU GCC C compiler from 3.1 and up with pthreads enabled..

  • Publisher: Xerl
  • Date: 14-06-2013
  • Size: 113 KB
  • Platform: C and C plus plus, Scripts

SqWebMail is the webmail module that's bundled with the Courier mail server. SqWebMail can also be packaged separately, and used with any other mail server that uses maildirs. NOTE: SqWebMail DOES NOT support traditional Mailbox files, only Maildirs. Features: - SqWebMail is very fast, and light. It accesses maildirs directly, and does not use an IMAP server. - Dynamically-generated HTML is stored in external files. Many (but not all) display elements can be customized without changing the program code. - Hierarchical mail folders, and shared folders. - Virtual accounts or system accounts. Virtual accounts may be managed via LDAP, MySQL, PostgresSQL, or flat files compiled into a GBDM/DB database.

  • Platform: C and C plus plus, Scripts

Webplay creates from a collection of mp3s and Ogg-Vorbis files (directory, mysql or postgres database) a Web-based jukebox with support for multiple independent streams. If lame and oggdec/oggenc are available, it can change the codec and bit-rate of a file in real time to a selectable value. Each user controls their stream via a web interface and can skip back, forward or to a specific track, increment or decrement the bitrate and check the current playlist, song or bitrate. Playlists can be looped, randomized, played locally on the webserver, edited, deleted, reused and renamed. Webplay is split into three parts: the first creates XML and javascript caches describing the mp3 collection, the second uses that cache to create and edit playlists and the third streams playlists.

  • Platform: C and C plus plus, Scripts

csPost easily allows you to add interactivity to your website by allowing visitors to post a comment or message by adding a very light forum-type script to a page. Features - The postings can be displayed on any page on your website. - Management is able to delete postings. - Enable or disable HTML code in the postings. - Match the look and feel of your site by easily editing the template files. - Easily grab the code for your pages using our powerful Links Wizardd-OC?D? - Link code types are: javascript, Server Side Include (SSI), or PHP..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

Uniform Mail script allows your website visitors to send you emails using only simple forms, without an email client. Features: - It is platform independent. The unix sendmail program is not required. Instead, it uses the smtp module that is standard to modern distributions of Perl. - It has been tested on Windows 2000 and XP systems as well as Unix servers. - It is secure. One potential problem of form-mailers is that they can be hijacked by spammers to send unsolicited mail. When configured correctly, Uniform Mail cannot be usefully hijacked. - It is powerful and flexible. Most configuration parameters can be specified by file as well as by url.

  • Publisher:
  • Date: 08-03-2013
  • Size: 61 KB
  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

Aflaxtm stands for Asynchronous Flash and XML. Defined simply, Aflax is a development methodology which combines Ajax and Flash to create more dynamic web based applications. The Aflax technology is available as a library that enables developers to use javascript to fully utilize all of the features of Adobe's Flash runtime -- including graphics, networking, video and camera support..

  • Platform: Flash, Scripts

Fully create and control any number of from within Flash without any additional javascript. Have webpages reside on top of your Flash page as though they were embeded inside of Flash. Features: - No external javascript required - Simple drag n' drop interface - Streamlined Property Inspector for quick use - Extended properties list for developers - Control layout (position, size, visibility).

  • Platform: Flash, Scripts

Datejs is an open-source javascript date library. This library is comprehensive, yet simple, stealthy and fast. Datejs has passed all trials and is ready to strike. Datejs doesn't just parse strings, it slices them cleanly in two. The library provides also multi language support..

  • Publisher:
  • Date: 09-03-2013
  • Size: 1628 KB
  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

Fully create and control any number of popups from within Flash without any additoinal javascript. Open, close and controls any number of windows. Features: - No external javascript required - SWC Library Asset - Simple API - Powerful.

  • Platform: Flash, Scripts

playa is a streaming mp3 player that you can embed into your webpage to offer backing music. This little critter use a flash-object for playing mp3's, but leaves the handling of the gui to html/javascript. This makes it extremely easy to tailor the appearence to your needs. You will need some basic html-skills to tamper with the appearence, and you will need some of the same skills to edit the playlist (which is in xml-format)..

  • Platform: Flash, Scripts

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