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Phantasmal is a MUDLib for DGD. DGD is a cleanroom implementation of LPMUD. Phantasmal has full persistence, complete OLC and an excellent help system. Check out our homepage for lots more info and DGD docs! Phantasmal is now under the GNU AGPL..

  • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, WinOther

"Amicus Advocatus Punjab-Haryana" is an app especially designed for Advocates practicing in the Punjab and Haryana High Court,Chandigarh, who could use this app to conveniently:
-View the online display board system
-Check out the status, judgments and cause lists of the High Court

The app is very easy to use and all functions are easily accessible with tabs.

Not only is this app efficient but also it is very light on your mobile system.

Its completely free to use!

Amicus Advocatus literally meaning Friend of Advocates. This is the Punjab Haryana High Court Edition


  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

***VW Car-Net® is available only on select 2014 and later models.***
Send addresses directly from your Contacts to your VW navigation system. Check to see if your doors are locked. Locate where you last parked on a handy little map. So much to do and one app to do it…

VW Car-Net is available on the following 2014 and later models: All CC, Eos and Beetle (Convertible and Coupe) as well as the Jetta (SE with Connectivity, SEL, all TDI, GLI, and all Hybrid models), Passat (Wolfsburg Edition, SE, SEL Premium, including all TDI and VR6 models), Tiguan (SE, SEL and R-Line models), and all trims of Model Year 2015 and later Golf/GTIs and e-Golf.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

Finance Bank Zambia - Mobile Banking Application

This application uses internet and SMS to communicate with FBZ banking system. Check balance, get statements and transfer money.

General information:

FBZ (Finance Bank of Zambia) introduces the next generation of Mobile Cloud Banking Solution with a license from IBSP
(Internet Business Service Provider), to its customers in Zambia.

The Mobile Cloud Banking solution includes Mobile Banking Apps, Mobile Internet, Computer Internet Services, Mobile
operated Merchant POS (Point of Sales) and SME-BS (SmallMedium Enterprise Business Services).

  • Publisher: IBSPLabs
  • Date: 25-11-2014
  • Size: 526 KB
  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

Check your fonts, printer, keyboard and operating system for euro symbol support. A easy to use wizard. EuroCheck is freeware. EuroCheck was developed in cooperation with the German 'Federal Office of Safety in the information technique'. It's available in English, German, French, Spain, Italian, Dutch and Polish language. That software doesn't record activities, doesn't require runtimes, doesn't require installation, doesn't write to the registry, doesn't modify files outside of its own directories, isn't adware. EuroCheck verifies your fonts, printer, keyboard for euro symbol support. EuroCheck software checks your fonts, printer, keyboard and operating system for euro symbol support.

  • Platform: Win2000, Windows Server, Windows Vista, WinOther

A fairly simple inventory management system with check in / check out functionality, bar code field (working with most typical bar code scanners), in-app update checking, database backup (for registered users), and more!

  • Publisher: tbare
  • Date:
  • Size: 1884 KB
  • Platform: Windows 7, WinOther, WinVista

SecurityCheck Audit common security vulnerabilities get corrective recommendations and easy remedies for Windows systems. Check & correct unset or blank passwords, prevent unauthorized changes to important system-wide settings and programs. Secure wireless networks & prevent unauthorized access to important, private data. Reduce or eliminate shared folders, a key security vulnerability. Eliminate Guest Accounts an easy access point to all your data. Complete desktop security anlaysis..

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

Advanced System Protector is a solution to check all the malicious programs intruding your computer. It is a true protection guard against the deceiving applications that take the form of startup programs, cookies, registry entries, and files and folders to hide themselves in your system. Check for infections at all potentially dangerous areas and safeguard all your hard work and tons of information. With the vast database of spyware detections you can efficiently control low-risk annoying pop-up adverts to high-risk infections that can steal confidential data to severe-risk malware that can even format your system in stealth mode.

  • Platform: WinOther

EASEUS Todo Backup 1.0 is an award-winning and Free backup and restore solution for a good reason: with detailed instruction wizards, your computer will be in a safe condition within minutes without the help of an IT specialist to backup your system state, partition and disk. And this program is totally free to use!

EASEUS Todo Backup 1.0 can backup your system partition to quickly get the system up and running in the event of a system crash or hardware failure. It allows you to backup and restore disk or partition after viruses attack, unstable software download, hard drive failure, etc.

  • Platform: Win2000, Windows Server, Windows Vista, WinOther

It helps the administrator or user of a computer to install, activate or deactivate, delete and generally manage font files on a computer. Features that can be found on this free software: install font files, uninstall font files, activate/deactivate fonts, manage groups of fonts being activated/deactivated together, find fonts needed for newly opened documents, find all installed fonts in a computer system, check font integrity, printing of font/typeface samples, on screen display of font previews, supplying information on font properties..

  • Platform: WinOther

Frenzy is a "portable system administrator toolkit," LiveCD based on FreeBSD. It generally contains software for hardware tests, file system check, security check and network setup and analysis. Size of ISO-image is 200 MBytes (3" CD).
Frenzy LiveCD License - BSD License.

  • Platform: WinOther

This is the Client program for the Commune client/server system.Check out the Commune homepage for more (if its up)...
Commune Client License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

This is a tool to help manage multiple hosts files on one system. Check out this sweet readme:
hosts, system tray.

  • Platform: WinOther

Mx One is an antivirus designed to protect the removable storage devices like USB sticks (also known as pendrives), iPod d-OC?D?, mp3, mp4, memoirs M2, SD, microSD, and many more devices in an efficient and completely free.

Features :

+ Protection against: Virus, Trojans, Worms, Spyware (Spyware), Hacking Tools (Hacktools), Software Risk (Riskware).
+ Compatible with any antivirus resident like for example: Nod32 d-OC?D?., Kaspersky d-OC?D?. BitDefender d-OC?D?. AVG d-OC?D?., Norton d-OC?D?., Panda d-OC?D?. AVG d-OC?D?, d-OC?D? Avast, Avira Antivir d-OC?D?, among others.

  • Platform: Win2000, Windows 7, WinOther, WinServer, WinVista

*UPDATE: I have found out that the repository for this app will be back up soon. They are currently working on the problem. If it is not fixed by Sept 7, I will use another Repository for your bus stops.*

The app is completed to what my original expectations were. I am hoping to improve and modify it in the near future. I will put this app on hold for now due to school catching up. Any requests feel free to email me!

This is for the Edmonton Transit System.

Check when your next bus comes by just entering your bus stop.

Simply click on Search, enter the bus stop number, and click on the icon on the map.

  • Platform: Android, WinMobile

Get an overview of the world’s maritime nations. Check the IMO programme of meetings and add meetings to your calendar. Create a profile and send messages to other profiles. You can check in to the IMO building and view other profile's checked in status. Get the latest Danish shipping news.

• The IMO programme of meetings and the agendas
• Meetings can be added to your calendar
• User profiles
• Messaging system
• Check in to the IMO building and view other profile's checked in status.
• Maritime statistics and data for all the world’s nations
• News delivered directly from the Danish Maritime Authority
• Contact details and quick access to the Danish Maritime Authority
• Information about the transfer of ships to the Danish flag


  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

Your server needs you! But you can't stay online all day long.
War Reports for Guild Wars 2 (GW2) helps you to check what happens in Guild Wars 2 (GW2) when you are offline.
Did your enemy conquest a keep? It's time to go online and take it back!
Do you want to know if there is any interesting events up, such as Jormag or Grenth? Check it out!
Are you doing your daily but you can't find any events? No problem, the app will find it!

- Get status of any events, update whit new Megaserver system
- Check wvw stats with borderlands and eternal battleground maps
- Show last Guild Wars 2 website news
- Get events information from Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2)
- Show all dyes available to customize your character

© 2012 ArenaNet, Inc.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

Take control of a blazing fast space ship and try to manoeuvre it through different 3d worlds. It not only takes to keep control of the space ship, but as well to collect as many crystals as possible to proceed to the next level! But beware enemies are trying to keep you from your goal. Try to get rid of them by using the ships built in phaser system. Check for more free games!!!.

  • Publisher: Aquataurus
  • Date: 25-08-2004
  • Size: 3821 KB
  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

The purpose of this program is early detection of infection from boot viruses and to provide a daily system check Startest is a Freeware Program and is provided without any limitation, at no charge to the user. If the program is found useful, the author encourages a little donation to the UNICEF or to International Red Cross.Startest is a freeware software which will help you detect the infection from boot viruses and to provide a daily check of system critical files. When computer starts, it reads informations stored into first sectors of the hard disk, a necessary procedure for a correct system startup.

  • Platform: WinOther

ZENOK FREE ANTIVIRUS 2012 (Just released) is a full-featured Professional data protection suite that comes really complete. With ZenOK your PC does not get any viruses. The multi-layered protection block viruses, spyware, Facebook trojans, Online Banking worms, bots and root-kits automatically. ZenOK Social Network Protection covers your identity against phishing websites and safeguard your system. Version 2012 prevent web attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities. ZenOK Security Toolbar makse your web browsing Safe and Secure, reduces your exposure to threats on the Web. Your safety is ensured by industry-leading security, Fraud and Malware Protection and an address field that clearly shows your security level.

  • Publisher: ZenOK
  • Date: 22-09-2012
  • Size: 35287 KB
  • Platform: WinOther

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Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader

NaturalReader is a piece of software which reads aloud written text on screen is a more natural sounding voice than most computerized voices. Free NaturalReader is a free version, where you can type or copy and paste text into the window, to be read ...


Kindergarten is a free ware baby care game / attempt at a day care simulation. In kindergarten, you are a woman running a day care (or as the title seems to suggest, a kindergarten) as lots of children are dropped off at the day care by their ...

Arctic Quest Game

Arctic  quest game (referred to in game as simply arctic quest) is a free ware downloadable game by free ride games, a game development website with a variety of games also downloadable from this site. Arctic quest is a very interesting puzzle ...

Ocster 1-Click Backup

Nowadays, backing up is more of a necessity than ever before. Daily, people are experiencing hardware failures, computer crashes, and virus attacks that are damaging and destroying data, and in some cases just silly mistakes are causing people to ...

Angry Birds

Angry birds is one of the most successful games of all time, despite the fact that it has been free from the very beginning. Angry birds is a experimental physics game, with the objective being to fling all of your birds into the structures occupied ...


It is not really difficult to create basic webpages, having said that, if you don’t know about HTML, it can be a tedious task. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language which basically is used to create webpages. It is not a difficult language ...

Internet Explorer

There was once a time when the browser world was dominated by a single piece of software from Microsoft. Yes, we're talking about Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The internet has evolved and so have browsers. As a result, we have numerous ...

End Of Room

End of room is a free ware platformer game with a black and white retro feel to it, like the game shift, except where shift innovated on the concept of a puzzle platformer, end of room does the exact opposite. Firstly though, the premise. In end of ...

IE Internet Security

IE Internet Security isn't the program that I thought it’d be. After a bit of Googling, I discovered that IE Internet Security is in fact embedded into one larger application called 1st Security Agent, which is an all in one tweaking ...

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ThunderSoft GemPlayer

ThunderSoft GemPlayer is a
free video player which
supports password protected
video file(GEM file) and many
other common ...


iZip is a FREE powerful
archiving utility designed
specifically for Mac. Easily
manage Zip files directly from
the OS X ...

Jetpack Boy

Jetpackboy - Fun arcade game.
Fly around with a jetpack,
carefully making your way
through the increasingly
challenging ...

iCare Blood Pressure

iCare Blood Pressure
Monitor--It could monitor
blood pressure, and the error
of plus or minus 12 or less.

Mbox File Opener

Get expert method to view/open
.mbox emails without
installation of supported
email application by using
Mbox file ...


RAMMon application helps you
to find specification and info
about installed ram on your
computer and laptop which
helps ...

MacX Free iMovie Video

MacX Free iMovie Video
Converter is a professional
free iMovie video converter
for Mac that can convert any
SD and HD ...


With Colortypist you can type
in a color by its name or
code, and see it fill your
entire screen, in real-time,
while you ...

CL Searcher

CL Searcher is free Excel app
that scans Craigslist for
emails, phone #'s and any
specific text you may want to

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