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Official Encoding will tell you the official name of any given Java encoding and whether it is supported by Java. It will also display some of the characters available with that encoding. Prerequisites: This program runs under any OS, (e.g. Win2K/XP/Vista/OSX/Linux/Solaris/Vista64/AIX...) so long as you have Java version 1.5 or later installed. Installing: Download source and compiled class files to run on your own machine as an application or Applet. First install a recent Java JDK or JVM. To install, extract the zip download with WinZip (or similar unzip utility) into any directory you please, often J: -- ticking off the "user folder names" option.

  • Platform: WinOther

Ads Fund Official Add-on is a Firefox addon that creates a list of links paid by advertisers. The lists are ordered by the amounts spent on each link.

Lists are generated at 21 UTC, and 10 minutes before that time (and maybe several minutes after) you will not be able to create new links. Users will also see no links for new searches roughly 5 minutes before or after that time.

To buy a link, install the Firefox Add-on, go to the Tools menu in Firefox, and click "Create/manage Ads Fund links...". The process should then be obvious.


  • Platform: Unix, WinOther

PuppetMuppet Official Clock [Cow and Frog version].

  • Platform: WinOther

PuppetMuppet Official Clock [Cow&Frog Sparkle Version].

  • Platform: WinOther

The Official Address Normalizer parses a mailing address into a set of potentially matching US Postal Service standardized addresses. The library is intended for real-time usage and emphasizes speed over completeness..

  • Platform: Linux, Unix, WinOther

There is not yet any official support for use of the latest Intel 9.1 fortran compiler with MEX. The official support is for 9.0 and requires Visual Studio/C++ 2003 for the linker. This MEX options file works for the latest 9.1 fortran compiler and Visual Studio 2005. The path for the compiler and VS need to be specified..

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This is a modified version based on the official version of EMBLRead function that would read in a EMBL file into a Matlab structure. There are 2 reasons for modification: 1. The time for the official version to read in a big file (>200k, e.g. "U18997") is inexcusably long (728.6 second). In this modified version, it is extremely reduced (10.6 seconds). 2. Some undefined lines (e.g. RG, AH, AS, CO)in the official version were added to correct reading errors (e.g. "BC001359") in this modified version..

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

I have not found an official "heres the way to email everyone in a certain role(s)" action, so I've cleaned some code and contributed it. This module provides an action which is configurable to email everyone in the specified roles, it is much like the built in "send email" action however it allows you select the recipients as a list of roles..

  • Publisher: dgtlmoon
  • Date: 12-04-2013
  • Size: 10 KB
  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Displays the latest Formula 1 official site news on your blog. installation : 1. Upload the folder f1press to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory 2. Activate the plugin F1Press through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress 3. Add the widget to your sidebar from Appearance->Widgets and configure the widget options..

  • Publisher: junatik
  • Date: 12-02-2013
  • Size: 10 KB
  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This is not an official Mollom project and was not created by the folks at Mollom. It is not necessary to install Mollom Stats to use Mollom's services. The one and only official Mollom module for Drupal is over here. Please do not bother the fine folks at Mollom with questions or problems related to this module. Mollom Stats is a simple module which creates a block with a customizable message stating how many form submissions the Mollom anti-spam service has blocked for your site. The message can contain a total number of submissions blocked, how long you've been using Mollom for, and a daily average.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

The Galactic Federation's official Armada 2 mod. For detailed information about the mod and its' features, view our docs section.
[-GF-] Official Armada 2 mod License - Common Public License 1.0.

  • Platform: WinOther

Galaxy Master Official Viewer is a graphical front end for Galaxy Master, a running science fiction play by mail game. Galaxy Master Official Viewer will be written in Java under GNU General Public License (GPL).
Galaxy Master Official Viewer License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Publisher: Gmov
  • Date:
  • Platform: WinOther

[Official] Dawn of Light Instant 50
[Official] DOL I50 License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

This is the Official phpMyFirewall and is a command line utility to iptables for Linux systems. The project is to showcase php's abilities to secure a Linux server through standard iptable rules, and kernel tuning.
The Official phpMyFirewall License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

TVNations is a website that gathers thousands of streaming TV channels from around the world, this is the official application. This software contains some features, visit the homepage: for more options and channels. Requires internet connection..

  • Platform: WinOther

A C++ Class that encapsulates the official CRC32 algorithm used in PKZip, WinZip and Ethernet. Full working example included.

In addition to usage examples, this download contains the following files:

  • Platform: WinOther

Use the official Strategy Guide to explore the cityscapes of Sweden and unravel the mystery surrounding the murder of a local artist in this clever Large File game! What begins as a simple search for a missing person quickly escalates into an intriguing case of murder. Pack your bags for Norrkoping, Sweden and improve your puzzle strategy skills with the official The Color of Murder Strategy Guide.

* The Color of Murder official Strategy Guide
* Helpful step-by-step instructions
* Easy to understand.

  • Platform: Win2000, Windows 7, WinOther, WinServer, WinVista

Become billionaire Tony Stark as Iron Man in this free, fast-paced, endless runner, the official game of the upcoming movie!
After the events of Iron Man 3, Tony has become a peacekeeper, but new threats emerge regularly all around the globe and Iron Man is the only one who can take care of them.
Get ready for intense action in this free, addictive, endless 3D runner!

**Fight against rising A.I.M. forces around the world during amazing runs
**Discover 3 different locations offering endless, self-generating levels: Malibu Shores, New York City and China
**Confront 4 epic villains from the Iron Man comics: Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser and the mighty M.

  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Date:
  • Size: 930816 KB
  • Platform: Android, WinMobile

OFFICIAL Urban Dictionary app! Urban Dictionary is the online dictionary with definitions written by everyone.

* Perform unlimited searches for free, forever
* Define any word, whether it's slang or not
* Vote on definitions you like
* Share on Facebook, Twitter, txt and email
* See the full text of any definition
* See today's Urban Word of the Day
* Shake for a random word (on most phones)
* See autocomplete suggestions when you search
* Click on links within definitions.

  • Platform: Android, WinMobile

This is the one and only official app for the popular website, which publishes the finest slices of day-to-day embarrassments and misfortunes. Get your daily fix of freshly updated stories, laughs, cringes and even create your own free member's account to take advantage of added features.


Become a fan on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:

If you have any technical issues:

This official application was developed by William Paumier, with the FML team.

* Read, vote and comment on the FMLs
* Submit your own stories
* Share the stories on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or e-mail
* Sort the FMLs by Top, Flop or by category
* Read randomly selected FMLs
* Add FMLs to your favorites to read them again later or to share them with...

  • Platform: Android, WinMobile

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There are numerous occasions when you need to take screenshot of anything on your computer. A screenshot is used for serving many purposes like tutoring, in eBooks, as electronic proofs etc.Taking screenshots is a relatively tedious task without ...

Slash Xonix

Slash xonix is a freeware game which takes the lesser known classic title xonix, and revamps and reworks it into a title for the desktop computer. Xonix (the game on which slash xonix is obviously based) is a game in which you must split the screen ...

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

If you have a lot of data and perform regular backups, or are particularly bad at keeping your system clean, tidy and organized, you may find that your computer starts to get a little clogged up with duplicate files. In my case, this is most obvious ...

Convert Image to PDF

Apex Images to PDF Converter is the simplistic and easy to use application that’ll turn raw image files, such as .jpegs, into PDF documents that will open in Adobe Reader.

It’s really easy to get started with this ...

Arctic Quest Game

Arctic  quest game (referred to in game as simply arctic quest) is a free ware downloadable game by free ride games, a game development website with a variety of games also downloadable from this site. Arctic quest is a very interesting puzzle ...

Funny Photo Maker

It happens a lot of times that you capture a photograph, it is good enough but you still want to play with it and improve it. There are lots of programs available for photo editing and some might say that you should use Adobe’s Photoshop. Yes, ...

Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor is a freeware classic arcade game with the general gameplay mechanics taking their routes from the very classic mobile game, snake. The game, however does not attempt to fit into the “snake clone” market, and does ...

Age of Kingdoms

Age of kingdoms is an interesting mix of turn based strategy game with a small amount of war and micro management elements added in to make it more unique, and is a spiritual predecessor to another game from the same developer, castle wars. In Age ...

Public PC Desktop

More and more, access to a computer and the internet is becoming easier and easier to find. Many libraries, hotels, cafes and so on may have computers available for use by the general public. However this poses a problem to administrators, that ...

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Secure Hunter Anti Malware

Secure Hunter Anti-Malware PRO
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PC secure - even if that means
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FeyConverter is must-have
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USB Flash Security

\'USB Flash Security\' is
security software that
protects data in a USB Flash
Drive by a password. It locks
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Free ISO Create Wizard

ISO Create Wizard helps you
create ISO image from files or
folders. With Free ISO Create
Wizard, you can easily create

Carambis ScreenShooter

Easy and feature-rich program
to taking screenshots. Using
ScreenShooter you can share
your screenshot with another

LimeWire Ultra Accelerator

LimeWire Ultra Accelerator is
an addon application for
LimeWire that automatically
speeds up the download process
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MacX Free DVD to PSP
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Looking for a solution to
convert DVD to PSP for free?
MacX Free DVD to PSP Converter
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Property Search India-

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India- Making Property
Transactions Fast and
SimpleDownload the FREE Real
Estate App and ...

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