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  • pso
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Easy-to-use MatLab function for PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization). Limited to optimization problems of nine variables but can easily be extended many variables. xbest = pso(func) xbest - solution of the optimization problem. The number of columns depends on the input func. size(func,2)=number of xi variables func - string containing a mathematic expression. Variables are defined as xi. For instance, func='2*x1+3*x2' means that it is an optimization problem of two variables. [xbest,fit] = pso(func) fit - returns the optimized value of func using the xbest solution. [xbest,fit] = pso(func,xmin) xmin - minimum value of xi.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

PGFHIST2D(X, Y, W) will save a PNG file representing the 2D histogram created from data points specified by X and Y with weights specified by W. The vectors X, Y, and W must have the same number of elements. The text to include in a Latex file to produce the histogram is displayed. Valid options include: 'minX' - the minimum value for X in the histogram (default: min(X)) 'minY' - the minimum value for Y in the histogram (default: min(Y)) 'maxX' - the maximum value for X in the histogram (default: max(X)) 'maxY' - the maximum value for Y in the histogram (default: max(Y)) 'binsX' - the number of equally spaced bins for X in the histogram (default: 100) 'binsY' - the number of equally spaced bins for Y in the histogram (default: 100) 'filename' - the name of the file for the PNG image (default: 'test.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

Needs a custom kernel that has "lulzactive" cpu governor.

Based on "interactive" governor
Inspired by erasmux's "smartass" governor (included in Flykernel)

cpu work load >= [inc_cpu_load]%
cpu frequency changes from (Lx) to (Lx - pump_up_step)
up sampling time = 24000us (from smartass governor)
eg )
(L0)1200 - (L1)1000 - (L2)800 - (L3)500 - (L4)200
inc_cpu_load=60%, pump_up_step=1
cpu_load = 60%, current frequency = (L2)800 >> frequency = (L1)1000
cpu_load = 60%, current frequency = (L1)1000 >> frequency = (L0)1200

(L0)1200 - (L1)1000 - (L2)800 - (L3)500 - (L4)200
inc_cpu_load=50%, pump_up_step=2
cpu_load = 50%, current frequency = (L2)800 >> frequency = (L0)1200
cpu_load = 50%, current frequency = (L4)200>> frequency = (L2)800

cpu work load < [inc_cpu_load]%
cpu frequency keeps the current...

  • Publisher: tegrak
  • Date: 30-07-2014
  • Size: 67 KB
  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x

Default Printer is an utility which helps you to switch your active printer fast. There are many different printers - black and white laser, color ink-jet, color laser and others. Even fax is present in the system as usual printer. The idea behind this tool is very simple - after installation, Default Printer's icon appears in your system tray and lets you choose your default printer (the printer you are about to use) with just one mouse click. Other advantages of this software are the following: an option that allows you to switch fast using floating window and the capability to setup printing preferences by right-clicking on printer icon in floating window.

  • Publisher: Adolix
  • Date: 20-03-2004
  • Size: 972 KB
  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

This example shows how to perform a variety of statistics on your data using simple SQL such as Sum, Average, Max, Min, and Count. It uses stock trading performance of EPOS as an example..

  • Platform: Asp, Scripts

Computes the min and max values within the input array, convert to 256 values, and apply a colormap to produce a color image (RGB). It is possible to specifies the range of values to consider, as well as the background color (used for NaN values). Example: % Display a default matrix subplot(1, 2, 1); imshow(peaks(128), []); title('as double') % display the coresponding RGB image subplot(1, 2, 2); imshow(double2rgb(peaks(128), jet, [-8 8])); title('as RGB');.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This function is to calculate the implied default probability from the DOC model. Source: Brockman and Turtle (2003). <<<<< Function Output >>>>> Default probability (%) <<<<< Function Inputs >>>>> [1] Barrier level (%) [2] Market value of the firm's assets (%) [3] Continuously compounded riskless rate of interest (%) [4] Asset volatility (%) [5] Firm's lifespan (years).

  • Publisher: David Wang
  • Date: 26-04-2013
  • Size: 10 KB
  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

In MATLAB™ 7.7 the default layout was changed. Choosing "Default" from the Desktop Layout menu now arranges desktop tools in three columns where previously they appeared in two columns. If you prefer the old, two column, layout follow the steps below to add a "Classic Default" item to the Desktop Layout menu. 1. At the MATLAB prompt issue the prefdir command 2. Copy the attached file into the reported directory 3. Restart MATLAB 4. Choose Desktop -> Desktop Layout -> Classic Default from the menu bar.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This module will allow a site administrator to set a default image when using the image_attach module. The image being picked must already be uploaded as an image node..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Default Screensaver provides you with a lightweight and easy to use application that you can use to load your screensaver much easier.

For instance, you can place a shortcut of Default Screensaver on the system startup folder and your screensaver will be activated each time the computer restarts.


  • Platform: WinOther

Default Accounts Picture Changer for Windows 8 is a handy and reliable application designed to assign pictures for default or guest accounts.

Here's how it works: choose the type of account you wish to tweak, select a picture from your local folders and press the Change button. The Restore button reverts the changes.


  • Platform: Windows 8

The Default Programs Editor application was developed to be a powerful file association utility for Windows.

It is a context menu editor, an autoplay editor, and default programs association editor; essentially, the settings in the "Default Programs" Control Panel page.


  • Platform: Win7 x64, Windows 7, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64

Windows 2000 Default Group Policy Restore Tool is a utility that was designed in order to help you with the restoration of the Default Domain and Default Domain Controllers policy files, in case of accidental deletion. This tool is for use exclusively on Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server, and DataCenter Server. Do not use this tool on Windows Server 2003; use Dcgpofix.exe instead (included in Windows Server 2003).

This tool is intended for use only in disaster recovery situations, where either the Default Domain Policy, the Default Domain Controllers Policy, or both have been damaged or deleted, and no other backup is available.

  • Platform: Win2000

Using PrinterExpress, you only have to click once on the PrinterExpress icon located in the system tray (next to the time), and you can easily make any printer on your network your default printer. So when you need to print a document, or many documents, you can simply click on the Print icon in your favorite program instead of going through the tedious process of File->Print…-> (select printer) ->OK..

  • Platform: WinOther
  • DeskBar
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: 19.95
  • Rating

Finding and launching a program isn’t really difficult in Windows. Most users use built-in Windows Explorer, Quick Launch menu and Start Menu and Desktop. The option of quickly launching an application from Desktop icons is not useful and quick enough, if your desktop is cluttered with icons. Furthermore, Quick Launch bar and Start Menu can hold only a few items. To make launching task easier, Barefoot Productions has introduced a tiny app that holds shortcut to programs to facilitate quick launching.

Installation is quite similar to other programs, but it is quite lengthy, that is it involves more number of steps than it ideally should.

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

Probability of Default Calculator allows estimating probabilities of defaults according to Basel II requirements using five-year historical data on frequencies of defaults for different risk classes, sub-classes, and portfolios.. smart tools for smart people,affiliate program management, software, mlm, viral marketing, risk, bond, idea, poker, blackjack, forex, calculator, car, women, health, troubleshooter, password, dynamical. smart,tools for smart people.

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

Checks that your default printer is the one you want and not that one in the Business Centre where you were working yesterday, so the confidential report you are about to print need not be read by all your colleagues or competitors.. InSync Software. InSync: digital image management and utility software as shareware/trialware. DefPrin Default Printer Check. CataMalin Photo Catalog..

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

Use this script to automatically clear the default value of any form's input field when the mouse sets focus on it. This script intelligently distinguishes between default and user-entered text, and clears only the former on mouse focus..

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

This software offers a solution for users who want to set the default e-mail client to Outlook or Outlook Express. With this software every time the user clicks on an e-mail link the compose window of the chosen service will open automatically..

  • Publisher: Sobolsoft
  • Date: 15-09-2012
  • Size: 760 KB
  • Platform: WinOther

This software offers a solution for users who want to set their default e-mail to one of the popular webmail services. There are options for Gmail, Yahoo mail, Windows Live Hotmail and AOL Mail. With this software, every time the user clicks on an e-mail link the compose window of the chosen service will open automatically..

  • Publisher: Sobolsoft
  • Date: 12-10-2012
  • Size: 761 KB
  • Platform: WinOther

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