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VizBookplus is a versatile FREE-to-use-as-is-only guestbook list style cgi script written in Perl. All managed from an Administration Page, you can readily change backgrounds, colours, name, font, table colors and width, switch the input boxes on and off, receive but not display input, include up to three Banner Ad displays, and set up an extra input box or drop down list for your own purpose - plus more. Also via the admin page, VizBook can accept and easily install small Photos of visitors that submit to the list..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

Bestdam Logger is an CGI script written in Perl that compiles hit counts and detailed information about visitors to your Website and automatically e-mails this information to you. It executes "in the background" and is completely invisible to those who visit your site (except for the optional display of the hit counter). It compiles counts and detailed information about visitors to your Website including: their IP address, their host domain, the make and version of the browser they used, the operating system they are using, the pages they viewed, the URL of the site that referred them to yours, and the date and time of their visit.

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts is a CGI script written in perl. It displays statistics and lease entries for ISC DHCPD by parsing the dhcpd.conf and dhcpd.leases files. version 2 supports version 3.0p1 and above of the ISC DHCP distribution..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $15.00
  • Rating

The eSEARCH is a CGI script written in Perl designed to do a keyword search of all the web pages in a directory.It is designed to be easy to install and is for small to medium sites. You can easy change the search result template, resultpage length, body length etc.Working in Unix and Windows based Web Servers.. Outlook Express Email Saver! download outlook express or evidence eliminator and archive Outlook Express file wiper. CLICK HERE! archive outlook express backup: download outlook express backup software. Outlook Express tool to save email in a secure password protected archive. Keep your Outlook Express mail safe.

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther

Htgrep is a CGI script written in Perl that allows you to query any document accessible to your HTTP server on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis. Htgrep is a generic front-end to, a Perl package that makes it relatively easy to implement simple search engines for the WWW. Htgrep allows you to pass all parameters to the search package as part of the URL, so a forms interface can be used to set the parameters..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

This is an online quiz CGI script written in Perl. It includes multiple question support, simple scoring subroutine, ability to go back to the previous question and change the answer, result are presented in percentage with the correct answer for each question..

  • Publisher:
  • Date: 18-08-2011
  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

This is a small cgi script, written in perl, which can generate character statistics for player characters in the online game Final Fantasy XI. This is a continuation of Japanese code released under the new BSD license..

  • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, WinOther

SquidStat is a cgi script, written in PERL, designed to analyze squid access.log and show which users visited what on the internet..

  • Platform: Linux, Unix

This is a CGI game script written in Perl that provides the cards for a card game. It deals the punishments and rewards for the players. It can also be used as an adult game but that is not what it was writtten for..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

FirstProductions Dining Guide, a CGI script written in the Perl language, can give your web site a comprehensive worldwide dining guide, including restaurant information, reviews, and direct links to even more reviews. Now includes support for Regional Dining Guides for localized web sites. FirstProductions Dining Guide is FREE for non-profit and personal use and is easily customized with HTML templates..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

This German-based site features a large collection of many useful and free CGI scripts written in Perl. Applications include discussion board, guestbook, site search engine, Web site traffic analysis tool, form-based redirection, CGI library script and more..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

NiftyLinks is a cgi-based script written in PERL that allows users or an administrator to list and rate links to other websites. The script is highly customizable and easy to setup. We will be setting up an FAQ section and more documentation for this script very soon. The trial version (ver. 2.0) is free for download and use while the pro version (ver. 3.0) is $19.95. Version 3.0 allows adding and deleting links while version 2.0 only allows adding links to the site..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

This script written in perl is designed to setup a basic firewall rules to protect your linux box on the Internet. It's use perl and iptables. Work fine with dial and permanent connections (cable/dsl). People don't have any experience with iptables..

  • Platform: Linux, Unix

The e-Classifieds Basic Edition is an affordable classified ads script written in Perl. It includes such powerful features as: support for fee-based ads, easily configurable categories and appearance, e-mail address harvesting, automatic expiration notices and purging of old ads, support for optional banner ads, easy setup with dynamically generated HTML pages that automatically incorporate your configuration settings, ad counters, logging, Keyword Notify personal search agent, and Privacy Mail..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

Merchant-Store is an easy to setup and maintain shopping cart script written in Perl. Features include: an integrated product manager, backend order manager to build your online catalog, setup your store's preferences and view your orders, password protected Web-based admin control and real-time credit card processing through our Merchant CGI gateway..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

This is a classic Tic Tac Toe game script written in Perl. Also includes cross and circle gif images..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

This is a multilingual guestbook script written in Perl. Features: 7 layouts, Uses clever logic to check info and to hide unfilled fields, Automatically generates previous-next pages, Visitors can rate your site in the scale of 1-5, Visitors can include picture link, Sends e-mail notifications to both parties, You can Allow/Deny which domains or IP can use the script (remotely), You can ban certain free e-mail accounts by domain ex. home, Adjustable time difference from servers local time, Badwords filter, Does not allow duplicated entries, Visitors with the same IP can't make more than one entry per hour, Collects all possible info about visitors who use this form, and Easy to customize HTML form (generated on fly by CGI).

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

WebScripts features a set of high-quality CGI scripts written in Perl. Some of its most popular programs include WebAdverts - an advanced banner ad management, WebBBS - a Web-based bulletin board bystem and WebLog - a Web site log analysis tool..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

Toplist (rank) script written in PERL. This one is a little different from traditional toplists in that sites are listed in the fashion they are received (not by hit sent in). User signs up and is given a unique URL to place on all their webpages. If someone clicks that users unique URL, they are sent to the list and the url from the site the referral came from is counted in. Webmaster admin available to add html or affiliate banners to list network. Users have the ability to create new Rank pages to start fresh (Unlimited Rank Pages)..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

Simple to install and use Weblog/Journal/News script written in Perl. Uses XML to store data. Completely customizable appearance, and easy to use web-based configuration/update..

  • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, WinOther

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