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This is the first half of an OpenGL RPG. It contains most of the graphics processing code, and also walking and also tile-based collision detection. There is suppost for complex quadratic objects (spheres, cylinders, cones) and for normal triangles. It contains texturing, and implements the particle engine. In the top left corner is the Frames per secons, and there are 3 modes of movement/graphics. When you press 'M', it changes the mode between constant FPS, variable FPS and constant movement, and variable FPS and movement..

  • Platform: C and C plus plus, Scripts

moonpos calculates the moon position using the method in the book Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus, Chapter 45, pp 307 - 313. The algorithm used is accurate to about 10 arcsec in longitude and 4 arcsec in latitude according to the book, although the time range is not mentioned. The periodic terms used in this algorithm are based on the Chapront ELP-2000/82 lunar theory, including the later improvements by Chapront. The results of this theory are referred to the mean equinox of date, but moonpos converts these to the apparent geocentric position of the moon referred to the true equinox of date.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

The HGSETGETPLUS class allows the user to: * Implement a handle class with a get/set interface. * Define validation criteria for properties that are checked when the method SET is called. * Display those criteria for a given property or all the properties. * Set defaults for the properties. * Allow a variety of input types in a consistent manner. Example: >> h = hgsetgetplusTemplate h = hgsetgetplusTemplate handle Properties: length: 0 unit: 'm' Methods, Events, Superclasses >> set(h) length: 'double -and- scalar' unit: '[ {m} | cm ]' >> set(h,'unit','kg') ??? Error using ==> setOneProperty Expected kg to match one of these strings: m, cm The input, 'kg', did not match any of the valid strings.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

The advantage of the function compared to hgtransform objects is that it operates directly on the XData,YData and ZData of the object which allows ButtonDownFcn callbacks to execute even when the object was moved. Moreover the applied transforms can be undone or redone stepwise as well as objects can be reseted. The transforms are stored as a structure in the 'UserData' of the graphic objects The function supports line, surface, patch and text objects Usage: transform(obj, tmatrix) [M step]=transform(obj, tmatrix) applies the transform matrix 'tmatrix' to the graphic objects obj. Obj can be line,surface, patch, text or group objects.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

Displays the contents of a displayed draggable rectangle on one axis of a source figure into an axis in a target figure. The difference in the screen size of the target axis and the size of the rectangle represents the magnification factor that the contents of the source rectangle will appear in the target figure. Backwards compatible to R12.1 at least. Much smoother under R14x though. Update of 3/29: 1) Put in arrow keys to have individual control over rectangle width and height 2) Saved size state of rectanglebetween drags and added 'r' key to restore default rectangle proportion (20% of axes) 3) Added 'm' key to toggle between maximizing target axis and having it be the original.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

A marker tool where data is presented in a separate window. Actual data is presented together with several other quantities derived from the current point and a reference point, see screenshot. Simply type markertool to start the tool and associate itself with the current figure and axes. Press 'M' in plot window to set reference marker. Press 'A' in marker window to reassociate to the (new) current figure/axes. Comments and suggestions highly appreciated..

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

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