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Simple Rock, Paper, Scissors game to resolve disputes between you and your friends or when you have a decision to make that is just too close to call. You don't even need another person to be present for this to work, it's completely random and completely fair. No longer will you lose your games to someone who is not on beat with your hand gestures! Enjoy..

This script allows the player to bet in game money and play he famous rock paper scissors game. If the player wins they are rewarded with in game money. This script is very easy to custimize, you can change the amount the player wins, the look and even add pictures. This script has many possibilities even for beginners..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
  • Publisher:
  • Date: 26-01-2011

This script allows the player to bet in game money and play he famous rock paper scissors game. If the player wins they are rewarded with in game money. This script is very easy to custimize, you can change the amount the player wins, the look etc..

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
  • Publisher:
  • Date: 19-03-2011

The classic Stone-Paper-Scissor Game!

The rules of the game are very simple:
You play with your phone as your opponent.

On each try, you may choose either stone, paper or scissors. Paper traps stone, scissors cut paper, stone breaks scissors.
Both you and your phone try to achieve the target and whoever achieves it first, wins the match!.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: Sourav Ghosh
  • Date:
  • Size: 1024 KB

Byakhee is a character generator for the Call of Cthulhu pen and paper roleplaying game including the 1890s setting, modern day/Deltagreen..

This is an implementaion of the pen and paper strategy game "lines/dots and boxes" or "squares". The object of the game is to occupy more squares than your opponents. It includes an editor, you can play it against the computer and over the network..

This is a player vs. computer game.It is an adpatation of a paper pencil game in which two players, alternatively, join the dots in a grid. The player who makes the maximum number of boxes at completion is the winner..

Massah rpg - pen and paper roleplaying game, using d20 system and translated to finnsh. Uses some advanced gaming aids in web-enviroment. Adaptation to Play-by-Email also.In finnish: Massah roolipeli, d20 snnt suomeksiknnettyn..

JCharacterManager is a program for managing characters of the Pen&Paper roleplaying game Shadowrun. It is only avaiable in German at the moment.
JCharacterManager License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Publisher: Jcharmanager
  • Date:
  • Size: 8797 KB

ViaAventurica is a Pen&Paper RPG Game Master's tool to create visual routes on a map and measure their length. Saving and Exporting Routes as well as adding custom maps to the application) are supported. Official German Website: http://viaaventurica.sou
ViaAventurica License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

  • Platform: Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Publisher: Viaaventurica
  • Date:
  • Size: 2941 KB

character editor for the pen&paper roleplaying game "the black eye 3"
Charakter-Editor fA?r das Pen&Paper Rollenspiel "Das Schwarze Auge 3"
Custos Animae DSA3 License - MIT License.

Multiplayer fantasy rpg game based on paper & pen game Temny Mesic.
Temn Msc License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

RvF-bot is an mIRC script that enables you to play a "Wheel of Fortune" game on a chatbox on IRC. Languages available: - Dutch - Spanish. This project is discontinued, but it works.
RvF-bot License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Other License.

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: Rvfbot
  • Date:
  • Size: 1569 KB

ShamBo is a rock-paper-scissor game for the Windows Phone. Also known as Roshambo.

The user shakes the Windows Phone for three times and a random selection of rock, paper or scissor will be displayed..

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: GernotKnesIT
  • Date:
  • Size: 1024 KB

Developed by MOSTEFAOUI Mohamed Anes

JankenDz is a Rock-Paper-Scissors game (A.K : Janken), which is a classic hazardgame.


I guess the card you're thinking! Do not believe me? Download WHERE 'MY PAPER! A game FULL and FREE! No inApp!

A game to amuse the children maybe even friends!

Contains 3 CLASSICS of hidden cards and magic!

the magic cat will tell you what card you're thinking! Unbelievable but absolutely true!

Find the pair of identical cards ... but attention to every level there are more and more cards!
Climb the ranking of the best players!

Guess where the hidden card between the three!
Each level faster and faster!
Can you climb the rankings!

Full game for free and does not ask you any money!

Have fun with your kids or friends!
A game simple and clean, with lots of colorful cards!

Search our official...

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Smallthing
  • Date: 03-04-2014
  • Size: 5529 KB

Need rules for classic Rock-paper-scissors game?

The twist:

Gun option:You always win no matter what. AI/Computer getting on your nerve?!!!! GO ON MEAN IT WHEN YOU HATE THE AI/COMPUTER.
Question Mark option:It randomly chooses one of the Rock,paper or scissors for you. Have fun with that too!

Ohh yeah, also check out the cool sound effects.


  • Platform: Android 1.x, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Vegantaram
  • Date: 03-10-2014
  • Size: 471 KB

Play the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game on your mobile device..

  • Platform: Android
  • Publisher: Andrei Ichim
  • Date: 04-03-2015
  • Size: 1024 KB

Do you like the rock-paper-scissors game? We suggest this autumn (and especially this Halloween) you play Pumpkin-Spider-Broom instead!

Here is how the game goes: you choose one of the three objects (Pumpkin, Broom or Spider), meanwhile your opponent does the same. Then both your choices are revealed, and you see who wins! The rules are quite straightforward: Pumpkin beats Broom, Spider beats Pumpkin, and Broom beats Spider.

It’s all about luck. But if you are able to figure out your opponent’s strategy, you’ll have an edge!

This is a perfect two player game you can enjoy with your friend.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Ultralab
  • Date: 07-09-2014
  • Size: 10240 KB

“Paper folding game without paper” Let’s fold

The latest chapter of “Halloween” updated

What is Let’s fold?

The first origami puzzle game in the world

You can enjoy an origami anytime and anywhere you want.

Everyone can easily enjoy regardless of age


Simple one-touch play

Over 50 diverse characters in 7 different themes

New chapters and stages will be updated

Earn your own certificate of mastery and share it with your friends after you collect every character in each theme

Printing version of Let’s fold coming soon(so you can print real characters in Let’s fold)

Are you ready to enjoy the new version of Let’s fold?

If you love Let’s fold, please become a fan of Let’s fold: https://www.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: FiveThirty, Inc.
  • Date: 16-01-2014
  • Size: 27648 KB
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