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Discover Boston National Historical Park, home of the Freedom Trail®, and Boston African American National Historic Site, home of the Black Heritage Trail®, with this official National Park Service app. See the premier historic sites associated with the colonial struggle for independence and the birth and growth of the nation.

On your next visit to Boston, use it to explore many of the most important cultural and historical sites in the United States— Old South Meeting House, Old State House, Faneuil Hall, Old North Church, Paul Revere House, Bunker Hill Monument, Bunker Hill Museum, Dorchester Heights, and the Charlestown Navy Yard including USS Constitution, the USS Constitution Museum, and USS Cassin Young.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: National Park Service
  • Date: 26-02-2014
  • Size: 10240 KB

It is a hill climbing optimization algorithm for finding the minimum of a fitness function in the real space. The space should be constrained and defined properly. It attempts steps on every dimension and proceeds searching to the dimension and the direction that gives the lowest value of the fitness function. It stops if all the neighboring function evaluations give a larger result than the lowest estimated one. The user is able to define the precision (i.e. the step) that the algorithm will use.

About William Hill BingoWilliam Hill is a Public Company that has been around in the UK since the 30's. There isn't a High Street in the UK that doesn't have a William Hill on it, much the same with Starbucks in the States (...and the UK for that matter). All in all, it means that William Hill has a presence and a resonance in the UK mindset, even if you have only been in there to make a bet on the Grand National, William Hill 'the brand' already comes equipped with a sense of British tradition and confidence.

Best-selling author Napoleon Hill teaches you the 17 success principles used by the great success stories of the early 20th century. Napoleon Hill interviewed with William Wrigley, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie & 500 others. He shares with you the secrets that helped all of these great leaders rise to the top in their respected industries. Many of today's top achievers credit Napoleon Hill's work as being the blueprint for their success.

In this multi-action game, Col. Ranseier must save the Confederation from an alien invasion, and he must do it all on his own, as the complete forces are already in an offensive war. And that means some things will certainly go wrong. The game consists of several acts with alternating sub-genres. At times the Col. beats his way in a classic platform style, later he finds himself in a space shooter. Fortunately there is a password feature..

In diesem Multiactionspiel darf Col. Ranseier ganz alleine die Konföderation vor einer Alien-Invasion beschützen, denn sämtliche Streitkräfte führen bereits einen Angriffskrieg. Klar, daß da nicht alles nach Plan läuft. Das Spiel ist in verschiedene Akte unterteilt, in denen das Sub-Genre immer wieder wechselt. Mal ist der Col. im klassischen Plattformstil unterwegs, später folgt ein Weltraumshooter usw. Zum Glück gibt es eine Paßwortfunktion..

Cairn Hill is an RPG designed to allow the player a great deal of control over his character's personal development. Set in Wales in the 1920s, it draws its references from traditional folklore and mythology..

SHOPS is an approximate acronym for Squirrel Hill Point of Sale. It is a perl-mysql based system for tracking sales, suppliers, product requests, jobs, accounts and customer feedback; managing inventory and reordering; and agenda for the hardware domain..

A simple algorithm for minimizing the Rosenbrock function, using itereated hill-climbing..

  • rgb.m
  • License: Freeware
  • Rating

rgb(col) returns a Matlab RGB colour triplet [R G B] converted from 'col'. 'col' can be: an [R G B] triplet (unchanged) a colour name, e.g. 'pale orange' a matlab colour char (k,r,...) a QBASIC colour code (0-15) a DWORD colour code (0-0xFFFFFF) a DWORD BGR colour code.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • Publisher: Ben Mitch
  • Date: 27-03-2013
  • Size: 10 KB

Bunker is a multiplayer, cross-platform 3D "Scorched Earth"-style game where you try to blow up enemy bunkers before they blow up yours.
Bunker License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: Bunker
  • Date:

Mossy Hill is a free software point-and-click game. It takes place in an abandoned asylum called Mossy Hill, thus the name of the game.
Mossy Hill License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: Mossyhill
  • Date:

Program simulating in the real time the life of the ant hill by modelling the behavior of each ant. It will show how the large number of simple AIs can form a complex system without a central control.
Ant Hill License - MIT License.

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: Ant-hill
  • Date:

With the Mars Hill app you'll always be only a tap away from the Mars Hill Church media library and blog. You can view sermons by series and featured topics easily accessible in audio and mobile optimized video formats, and listen to music from Mars Hill bands. Then share sermons you watch with friends via email too.

Stay up to date with the latest Mars Hill news from the Mars Hill blog with the blog reader.

Mars Hill is all about Jesus, making disciples and planting churches.

Please leave us feedback at http://marshill.

Beautiful Hill Climb Racing HD Live Wallpaper
3 background and many bubble
Very beautiful,
Download it
TO USE: Home->Long Press->Live Wallpapers

Hill Climb Racing HD,Hill Climb Racing HD Live Wallpaper,HD Live Wallpaper.

  • Platform: Android, Windows
  • Publisher: Sx Reader
  • Date:
  • Size: 1126 KB

Mini Climb Racing is an amazing physics-based racing game with kid-friendly graphics. Enjoy the ride throughout puzzle hill mountains and bumpy kitchen hills. Hit the gas or brake button to balance your car and try to go as far as possible. Collect as many coins as you can and use them to upgrade your car and go even further.

What are you waiting for? Try Mini Climb Racing now!!!.

Get ready for Truck Racing Hill, over 800,000 users are already playing.

The goal is to get as far as possible to get her car. But that will not be so easy!
You have to constantly watch out not to fall down or holes in the rock walls, if you crash, it is fatal!
As if that was not enough, they calculate the behavior of the truck and operate it safely with the accelerometer (tilt) the level. Driving up steep hills or slopes and control the truck with the accelerometer certainly up. With Gas & Breakfast you can also in the air influence the behavior of your truck and take him to safety goal.

  • Platform: Android, Windows
  • Publisher: GOPRASOFT
  • Date:
  • Size: 9932 KB

Do you like hill racing ? So Gangnam hill racing is made for you !

*****Very fun Game
*****Simple game play
*****Speed and exciting
*****The greatest hill racing game
*****More than 30 levels

Travel 30 beautiful and difficult level with you car, but beware of not running out of gas.
Try to make some flip and air time to make big score
Mutliplayer scoring with your friends on Heyzap.

Try to reach the stars with big jump !

This game should work on low specs devices and we tested it on

-Samsung galaxy S4
-Samsung galaxy S3
-Samsung galaxy S2
-Samsung galaxy note 8.

  • Platform: Android, Windows
  • Publisher: Studio 3wg
  • Date:
  • Size: 17408 KB

King of the Hill brings you to the base of an infinitely challenging Hill.

The goal is different based on one of the many modes available, but the general challenge is the same a* conquer the Hill!
You conquer the Hill by maneuvering an incredibly detailed and physically accurate dirt bike using your Android phone or tablet as the controller.

King of the Hill features:

* An in-game level editor allows you to create and submit your own levels
* Four game modes delivers endless hours of highscore-chasing addiction:
o Unlimited: Hillclimb a* This truly endless mode generates an increasingly difficult track as you play.

This soundboard is devoted to everyone's favorite down to earth guy Hank Hill, of King Of The Hill!

The trial mode includes:
- 10 free quotes
- Single background art
- 6 locked panels

The full paid version includes:
- Over 60 quotes total!
- 7 rotating backgrounds every 20 seconds
- Unlocked panels with 10 quotes each!
- Shake the phone for random sound clips.
- All Clips panel unlocked with 'Save As Ringtone' in the PAID Mango version only.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: Passive Apps
  • Date:
  • Size: 4096 KB
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Vivaldi for Windows 32

Vivaldi, a browser that does
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