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The Electronic Advertiser 2000??? is a powerful combination of electronic information, computerized advertising, the shareware concept, and network marketing makes it a unique and a very much coveted program. The Electronic Advertiser 2000??? has a very nice point and click user interface and is very easy to use. We are sure that you will see that there is nothing quite like it out there. There are many wonderful features to The Electronic Advertiser 2000???. At the heart and soul of this program are over one-hundred informative reports.

IP Broadcast Advertiser delivers your message directly to the users' screen in a window, which pops up on top of all other applications and windows and ensures that your product will get seen. Additionally, while e-mail often takes several days to get a response, IP Advertiser provides real-time interaction, and a user can respond to your advertisement almost immediately. With IP Broadcast Advertiser's low cost service, you can: Send messages right to the desktops of 1000 potential customers with one single click of the mouse.

Advertiser Helper Home Business Software - Small Home Business Advertising

Advertising with Organization

- Have you ever tried posting classified ads for your small business and tried to keep track of which sites you have posted to?
- Have you tried keeping track of which online classified sites are sending visitors to your site?
- Have you tried keeping track of print advertising methods such as flyers, along with online advertisement methods?

It can be A LOT OF WORK! Even if you are handy with spreadsheet software, it can be time consuming.

PicLink Advertiser Professional includes all the features of PicLink Advertiser plus: Admin control panel for easy deletion of postings, Admin can set his/her own encrypted password for high level of security to admin Control Panel, Problem posters can be IP Blocked from posting again, Mass mailing to all posters, Banner or other Advertisements can be placed within the links, Can program in "KEYWORDS" to be added to each generated link page, Can define the number of postings before the oldest one is deleted, User receives an automatic reply/thank you for posting, Admin (option) receives an email notice upon each posting, User signups to receive notices via email of new postings, Users can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves at any time, and Page view count next to each link, to peak curiosity of visitors and keep them clicking.

PicLink Advertiser allows you to create hundreds of pages of links and advertisements completely hands-free. With PicLink Advertiser, you don't have to scan any images, you don't have to create any web pages. Visitors to your website can fill in a 5 line form that will allow them to give a URL for their photo, a link back to their own website and even include a link to their banner or logo. It also adds your own banners, graphics, text, advertisements, etc at the top and bottom of each web page generated.

This complex links directory management script allows you to have links directory where link ranking in category and in search results is based at advertiser bids. It contains all advertiser features script for work with advertisers such as create profile, edit profile, add/modify/delete link, change bids, view stats, and payment form..

AirCorder is a program used to record (archive) radio station broadcast on the computer hard drive. Archiving can be useful for example in disputes with the advertiser as a fact of advertising being broadcast or be useful for various checks. Recording can be performed 24 hours a day or in specified time intervals. The program uses leading sound compression technologies so the created files have very small size.

 - automatic start/stop of recording in specified time (scheduler)
 - encoding into mp3, ogg or other codec on the fly (without intermediate WAV)
 - low CPU load
 - keeping history of records
 - automatic deletion of old records
 - flexible configuration options
 - multilanguage interface
 - records can be split into parts.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: djSoftware
  • Date: 31-07-2008
  • Size: 786 KB

The software can support a large volume of traffic. Optimized for SQL Server, the script can also use Microsoft's free version, MSDE. The script is secure, has proxy bidding, affiliate stats, advertiser stats, etc. FREE ONLINE DEMO!.

  • Platform: Asp, Scripts
  • Publisher:
  • Date: 08-06-2011

Simple Ad is a simple ad management program written in Perl. It allows you to rotate ad banners, have advertiser's pay for impressions, and comes with detailed stats. It requires SSI..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts
  • Publisher:
  • Date: 20-03-2011

WebBanner is a Random Banner Generator used to display a random advertisement within an HTML document to provide a link to the advertiser. This application allows site administrators to sell advertising space on their Web pages and track the usage for their advertising partners..

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts
  • Publisher:
  • Date: 15-01-2011

Feature: Affiliates (html/xml/js feeds wizards, co-brand, referrals etc); Advertiser programs (listings, premium, box, banners, premier etc); Directories; Plug-ins (image/audio/video/news/article search, spellchecker etc); Security settings (protection based on: country, ip, proxy, bot, time, referrer etc); Fully template-based system + WYSIWYG editor; More than 80 XML feeds; Deposit/Withdraw through more that 14 Payments Systems; Detailed statistics..

Digi-ads is a complete advertising package, which allows you to sell advertisments on your website. Are you still adding advertiser ads manually to your site? Stop, by using the Digi-Ads. With Digi-ads you will be able to setup advertising packages, add advertising zones through out your pages and sell advertising like you should. You can sell advertising such as banner ads (all sizes) and/or text ads from your site and allow advertisers to manage all their ads conveniently from their advertiser area.

Sponsor Boxes is a new advertiser program, which allows advertiser to add a box for a certain period. Admin configures price and a period of showing Box. When Sponsor Boxes is added, advertiser enters a keyword. When this keyword is searched, Sponsor Box will be shown until the period configured by admin is expired. Period will start after Sponsor Box is added. The feature of the box is that advertiser pays once during campaign, and it can be clicked unlimited times without advertiser's balance being decreased.

Premier Listings Plug-In ?it's new advertiser's program that allow advertiser to add listings for a certain period of time. Admin configures price and a period when listing will be shown. When Premier Listing is added, advertiser should enter a keyword. If this keyword is searched, just non-expired listings will show up (period can be configured by Admin). Period will start after Premier Listings were added. The unique feature of that kind of listing is that advertiser pays once during campaign, and it can be clicked unlimited times without advertiser's balance being decreased.

Features: Paid-To-Click section. Automated Member Signup. Automated Member confirmation email. Automated welcome email to members. Automated member password recovery. Advertiser signup script. Complete fully-functional interactive website. Automated member information editing. Automated member cancellation. Automated member crediting. Gold Membership program. Automated Advertiser confirmation email. Rotating banner scripts for easily adding advertisers to the website. All website pages (privacy, terms, etc.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
  • Publisher:
  • Date: 22-01-2011

Feature: Affiliates (html/xml/js feeds wizards, co-brand, referrals etc); Advertiser programs (listings, premium, box, banners, premier etc); Directories; Plug-ins (image/audio/video/news/article search, spellchecker etc); Security settings (protection based on: country, ip, proxy, bot, time, referrer etc); Fully template-based system + WYSIWYG editor; More than 80 XML feeds; Deposit/Withdraw through more that 14 Payments Systems; Detailed statistics..

Feature: Advertiser program (Classical Listings with management); Affiliate program (XML Feeds); Referral program; Adult filter; Top Keywords; Search Bids Tools; Personalization of settings for any member; Bytecity and Gogiga XML feeds + Google; Search Members; Deposit/Withdraw through PayPal, E-Gold; News management; Bulk email; Template based customization; Detailed statistics for Administrator and Members: (searches, clicks, affiliate earnings, advertiser spends)..

Our Coupon Delivery Software allows you to sell local coupon advertising to businesses in your market. Our system is state of the art and packed with features. This program was designed with the advertiser in mind. Every objection from a sales standpoint has been overcome by hundreds of features.

Disco provides web publishers and advertisers easy, affordable and powerful Flash banner administration, serving, tracking and reporting services. Some features: Flash ads are enabled with one line HTML code; 14 different formats are supported; up to 10 ads per account; banner priority option (weight); banner expiration date/views/clicks; detailed daily and monthly statistics; advertiser access. Free trial..

Word of mouth is still an advertiser's best friend - both offline and online. With our free tell a friend tool, your visitors can recommend your web site directly to their colleagues' inbox..

  • Platform: Misc Scripts
  • Publisher:
  • Date: 26-11-2011
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