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A free simple To Do list template is provided in WORD, Excel and PDF formats. Instructions are included. The To Do List Template is easy to learn and use. A free one page action plan template is also provided to make identifying To Do's easier. Many To Do list templates and many one page action plan templates can be synchronized using web software. Web software can keep all users informed about other peoples? changes that affect them.

Instructions are included on how to complete an action plan in less than 10 minutes.

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: TASKey Pty Ltd
  • Date: 08-08-2011
  • Size: 323 KB

"Food Store List" is a simple and intuitive application aimed to organize your grocery shopping needs.

In addition to directly adding items to the shopping list, you can also add frequently purchased items to the favorites list. Using the favorites list, adding grocery items to your shopping list is a snap! Simply select the items that you need from the favorites list and copy them to your shopping list with a click of a button.

I've also added live tile support and category/aisle based jump lists to enhance the user experience.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: Chad Wessel
  • Date:
  • Size: 1024 KB

With this grocery list software it takes just a few minutes to print an easy to read list of groceries with all the items arranged in the correct order to match your shopping route. All you have to do is to tick the items you require on a checklist, which contains all the items you normally buy. A checklist of grocery items is supplied with this software, and you can add, edit, or delete, items on this checklist so that it meets your own requirements. By re-arranging the order of the items on the checklist you can ensure that your grocery list items are listed in the correct order.

A collection of ASP templates for Lockwoodtech's Proc-Blaster Code Generator that helps to dispense with redundant coding for managing data of your tables in SQL Server. It enables you to generate code quickly & also includes client-side validations. Searching and browsing through records is made very simple. The interface can also be customized as desired..

  • Platform: Asp, Scripts
  • Publisher:
  • Date: 18-09-2011

TemplateTool was developed as a small and lightweight piece of software that enables you to easily build product lists. The projects you create can be presented using ROES.

TemplateTool allows you to easily set up your products. All you have to do is drag the DP2 layout file or Pic Pro unit file onto the template tree. TemplateTool was created with the help of the Java programming language.


Create templates for equipment inventory lists in MS Excel. Excel 2000 or higher required.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: Sobolsoft
  • Date:
  • Size: 860 KB

- Multiple data sources, from a single list to all lists of a certain type
- Locate lists by base type, list template or even by name
- Specify template view to defined columns and even filtering
- Supports SharePoint native full item context menu
- Supports sorting, filtering, paging and grouping
- Caching and delayed loading for performance
- ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX support, when available
- Localized into English, French, Spanish and German,.

Do you know all the ingredients of the food you eat?

Learn about this from the best application "E Numbers"

A large part of food additives is dangerous to health, and some of them are prohibited. With this application you can quickly see what is in store.

The app includes more than 500 food additives. Each entry contains
number of additive
its status (safe, suspicious, dangerous)
health hazards:
(allergic, hyperactivity, carcinogenic, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the origin of the animal, dangerous for children)
assigned to the category:
Colours: E100-E199
Preservatives: E200-E299
Antioxidants & acidity regulators: E300-E399
Thickeners, stabilisers & emulsifiers: E400-E499
pH regulators & anti-caking agents: E500-E599
Flavor enhancers: E600-E699
Antibiotics: E700-E799

  • Platform: Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Cygnus Software
  • Date: 30-01-2015
  • Size: 2048 KB

The fast food mastered chef is serving delicious mega sized bacon ham burgers. Make some beef fajita burger and delicious sandwich to entertain the food lover customer’s snacks at your restaurant for dinner, lunch or breakfast. The salad leafs and onion, cucumber with all kind of sauces to choose fast food & finish the order of serving clients with specific recipe requirement. Amazing time management game to make some fabulous outdoor meals in your kitchen. Get more orders from customers and unlock more fastfood recipes and order snacks services to customer from professional masterchefs outdoor kitchen.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Digital Toys Studio
  • Date: 08-11-2014
  • Size: 14336 KB

Print Switch for Windows is a revolutionary printing assistant for Microsoft Windows. The print switch provides a way to quickly change the default Printer or Fax driver. With Print Switch for Windows the shortest distance between printer or fax selection is one click. Print Switch for Windows will place a white printer icon in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop. The printer icon sits idle in the windows task bar until you click on it. A pop-up menu will appear with a check mark next to your current default printer or fax driver.

Recipe Wizard offers a quick and easy way to organize and track your favorite recipes. It uses a series of self-descriptive icons to guide you through the selection process. Choose from a variety of cuisines or categories. You can also search for specific recipes by name, ingredients, category, occasion, preparation method, or a host of other choices. A glossary offers brief descriptions for a wide range of cooking terms. The program interface is well designed and easy to navigate. The complete recipe and preparation steps are displayed in the same window, and space is provided for your own personal notes.

Costing Templates Plus Cost Database helps you make quick estimates of the full cost of supplying or manufacturing any unit (or units) of production, service or intermediary stage product. Incorporates material costs, support activity costs and targeted allocation of fixed costs.Costing Templates Plus Cost Database Main Features: All indirect support costs are costed from the list template of employees, departmental costs, salaries plus other expenses.The program consolidates departmental or cost center expense budgets, and calculates cost per employee hour, cost per indirect activity and costs per unit of output.

HelpDesk OSP connects Outlook and SharePoint or Office Live and takes advantage of the best of the Microsoft products. This help desk application from Business Solutions can be used for many kinds of issue tracking and user support.

The software is partly web based, but note that this is not an ordinary web based helpdesk but a helpdesk based on SharePoint/Office Live, environments that Microsoft is favoring strongly. That makes this application safe for the future, and users get a lot of features and possibilities.

Accountbot multi-platform compatible. A secure multi-user authentication and membership management program. Uses a form based login method, instead of the .htaccess method. Includes automatic admin approval, mailing list, template based for easy design, ban usernames, protection for any existing page, cookies are enabled or disabled, automatic password encryption, logout, and more..

Smart Rollup Pro enables SharePoint users to explore their site collection files and to apply certain strict conditions.

One can find a specific list by filtering files by name, base type or list template. Due to Smart Rollup Pro, users can also group or page their items.


Turn any document or event into a full-fledged project! Assign related tasks, items and documents and manage their lifecycles, and all that from within the parent item itself. No more clicking through pages to view workflow task status, see it all at once and make your business decisions on the spot.

-Works with all content types
-Display a functioning list of items related the current item
-Automatically generate tasks for all users specified in User/Group column
-Can operate stand-alone (using the included content types) or together with a lookup field, built-in or Connected Field
-Create new related item for an item straight from the new/edit form
-Use summary columns to generate summary value of any column of your related items (e.

KWizCom's SharePoint Discussion Board Feature will provide a full set of familiar internet Discussion Board features that you can easily customize to match the look & feel of your SharePoint implementation.

SharePoint forum is just another type of list template which enables saving posts and replies. The gap between the SharePoint forum lists and real Discussion Boards services (like those available on the internet) is quite big, and includes some very basic and critical missing features such as:
- There is no discussion board index that enables managing multiple discussion boards under groups/subjects.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: CodePlex
  • Date:
  • Size: 9318 KB

NOTE: The language of the application is Tamil and targeted audiences are who are interested to learn Tamil Cooking Recipes.
NAMMA VEETTU SAMAYAL is listing collection of 150 dishes which is usually preparing by Tamil Nadu (India) State.
It has purchase and schedule list, these features are more useful for plan and preparing the foods.

1.*Collection of 150 dishes available in both Veg and Non-Veg, it will grow in feature releases.
2.*No internet connection is required and no ad-free version.

ExpressMRP is a MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software for planing material demands for production. It is simple and intuitive, yet powerful tool for ad-hoc MRP calculations often needed in process industries. With it\'s user-friendly and highly interactive interface, it provides tools for fast simulations of different production cases and timely procuring required materials. Main features of the ExpressMRP software are: -Powerfull interface for data improt from various external business systems and spreadsheets -Simple and fast ad-hoc, independent analysis of material availabilites and shortages for a single product -Flexible and powerful MRP calculation of individual and total material reqirements, availabilities and shortages for list of production orders -Result of MRP calculation is...

  • Platform: Linux, Windows
  • Publisher: Zlatko Matic
  • Date: 20-03-2014
  • Size: 14826 KB

Are you on a special diet? Just want to eat healthy? Want to know how much potassium is in a banana without reading 10 books?

Answer these questions and more with your Android phone. Nutrition Explorer's database has 583,957 nutrition elements associated with 7,906 food items. Generate a Food Facts label, list a detailed nutrition list, and read any associated LanguaL Factors and Footnotes.

Do you like sushi? There are 102 entries for 'raw' in Finfish and Shellfish. Wat's for breakfast? There are 14 food entries for high potassium, low sodium, and sugar free in Breakfast Cereals.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Hodson\'s Software, LLC
  • Date: 13-05-2014
  • Size: 311 KB
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