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Message Application.NET is a script for a website that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Features: post tweets without loggin, Better Commenting, Admin Panel, RSS Feeds, SEO, Text Catcha, IP BlackList, Spam word filter, etc..

  • Platform: Asp.Net, Scripts
  • Publisher: DevTheWeb.NET
  • Date: 03-06-2011

Add hidden text to your photos! Picture Message app adds private or secret notes to your pictures in your phone. Send pictures to your friends with hidden messages, only they can read. Select a picture from your phone's photo library and encode it. Decode to test and then save. Get a picture from 'saved pictures' and decode to read the message. Using your phone's 'Pictures' app, select an encoded picture and tap on Share. Then select Hotmail and send it to your friend. Using 'Picture Message' app, he/she will decode it and see the message you sent.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher:
  • Date:
  • Size: 1024 KB

-How to Draw Anime, Manga
-Everyone Can Draw Manga
This Application Content's :
One Piece,
Dragon Ball,
Fairy Tail,
Death Note,
Marcrilley Drawing Video Lessons
and A lot of Other Drawing Lessons...

Listen to Online Music.

And Favorite Video Lessons Share your Friends.

  • Platform: Android, Windows
  • Publisher: mx Inc.
  • Date:
  • Size: 2150 KB

This is an Instant Message Application that helps you to continue your conversations on the go with all your contacts. It is very fast, light and easy to use, just type your account details and you are online. Your session can remain online after you close the application or you can close the session before closing the application. It provides connectivity to any service running on Jabber protocol (like GTalk for example).

The application features include:
- Display of your contacts status.

This Recover All My Deleted Message application guide you how to Recover deleted or lost messages from your phone.
If you mistakenly deleted all your messages from Android mobile phone or sometimes while reading any of those messages you pressed Delete All or might be your little kid is playing with your Android mobile phone and deletes all messages accidentally or due to unawareness then how would you handle this situation? Do you want to recover all deleted messages?
Do you know how to Recover All My Deleted Message from your Android mobile phone?
Learn the best ever method to Recover All My Deleted Message with help of this app.

Photo and picture editor application is designed especially to edit your Photos, photos. Photo Editor is very fast and powerful Photo editing software for the Windows operating system. With its intuitive and beautiful Graphical User Interface, a great collection of painting tools, and simple-to-use photo correction tools Photo Editor is an excellent tool for Windows users who don’t quite need the features of Photoshop and other expenssive tools. With the Photo editor You can retouch or edit your pictures & photos, change colores to pictures or just make simple edits and Photo adjustments to your pictures like make color picture to black & white, make your picture blur or shiny, picture crop, picture resize, add text to a picture and a lot more.

  • Mica
  • License: Freeware
  • Rating

MICA is a simple straightforward instant message application. Well, the name of the software MICA stands for My Internet ChAt (but it's also the name of my kitty and if you speak czech you know it actually means "cat"). MICA is an chat application that allows you to send instant messages to your friends over any TCP/IP network (including but not limited to internet). Looks familiar? Yes, it is something like ICQ but you and your friends connect to your own server (MICA Server). Here are some key features of "Mica":Easy to use - MICA is a simple straightforward instant message application.

well, tkshowprj is an open source project aimed at create an instant message application. it support video conference , multi servers and peer to peer connection
tkshowprj License - GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: Tkshowprj
  • Date:

*Trial is the complete app, but with ads.

New in 2.0
- The ability to draw a message. There are now 4 app bar icons on the main screen. Tap draw and use your finger or stylus to write a message quickly. Then tap the clear button to write another message. Use the phone's back button to return to the main screen.

Talk for Me is a WP8 app for those that have speech issues. It takes advantage of the built in Text to Speech engine and allows you to type in a sentence and then have the phone speak it on your behalf.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher:
  • Date:
  • Size: 3072 KB

Fastest Instagram(no loading fonts and themes, instance sharing)

Over 3.000.000 Photos Shared via Instagram

Create beautiful graphical text messages, picture message to be saved to picture hub and share to 6tag, social network

* 60+ Great Backgrounds
* 40+ Cool Stickers
* 20+ Nice Fonts
* 35+ Creative Frames
* Save to Photo Album
* Share to 6tag, facebook....
Follow us in Instagram : @jusgramm to get lastest news
We will be adding new free text themes all the time so check back often

Thank you for using Jusgramm!.

Spam Blocking Community Pro is a 100% ad free, cutting edge Android Call, Text Message (SMS) and Picture Message (MMS) blocking app. SBC is different from other call blocking apps. in that our users form a community that work together to block unwanted numbers.

If you want the best in Hassle Free Call and Message (MMS/SMS) blocking, then Spam Blocking Community is the call and sms blocker for you.

Our users can inform us about numbers like emergency services that should never be blocked, so our app.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Mapdevco (Pty) Ltd
  • Date: 21-07-2014
  • Size: 4915 KB

SMS Text Auto Responder FREE is an SMS away message application for your Android mobile device.

- Localization language Swedish
- Widget (Free version has limited functionality)
- Works with GOSMS Pro
- Multiple custom responses
- Delay(5 minutes) when responding to the same recipient multiple times
- Create up to three contact profiles where you can customize whether or not an auto response is sent to that particular contact
- Create up to three custom contact auto responses
- Start SMS Text Auto Responder after reboot
- ACRA crash reporting
- and much much more.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: JMaRStudios
  • Date: 21-12-2014
  • Size: 1228 KB


Love connects, surprise your partner with dynamic messages of affection and love. With scheduled sending and adjustable - frequency, level, confirmation request and others - be present.
Be love, passion or a flirt, the app has more than 3000 messages appropriate to many situations of the day, in 5 levels: flirting, make out, relationship, engagement e married.

More than 1500 phrases, connecting feelings.
Check out the pictures and see for yourself! = D
Enjoy it while it is free!

  • http://www.

  • Platform: Android
  • Publisher: Contra Labs
  • Date: 05-11-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Yapea
  • License: Freeware
  • Rating

Yet Another Picture Encryption Application. A small and simple application for image encryption. Yapea is free and open-source (GPL v2). It was developed at TIX11 R&D lab.

Encryption Algorithms used in Yapea:

Symetric encryption:

- AES (CBC/PKCS5Padding)
- Blowfish (CFB/NoPadding)

The Initialization Vectors are generated based on unique data from the smartphone.

Encryption key used in Yapea:

- Length: 256 bits

Generated through key derivation (from user-defined password) with PBKF2 algorithm.

  • Platform: Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Jose Damico
  • Date: 01-10-2014
  • Size: 484 KB

User Picture Tuner is a handy and reliable application designed to customize the appearance of the user picture in Windows' Start Menu.

Aside from allowing you to change the picture, the application also enables you to configure the delay and fade in / out properties of the animation. The defaults can be restored at any time.


Bonrix SMS Server 4 HTTP API is desktop software application for group/bulk SMS through Internet. This software can be used for various purposes such as marketing through SMS and election campaign through SMS. It is compatible with almost all SMS Gatway (SMSC) which supports HTTP API (URL GET/POST HTTP Protocol). It can be used to develop SMS system such as Bulk/Group SMS system, SMS-Alert system, Web SMS system, Corporate Intranet Web SMS system, Email2SMS. It can be also used for developing any other customized SMS system.

Photo retrieval application is cost effective tool that retrieves all your misplaced family album, lost digital snapshots or deleted pictures from Windows hard disk drive, memory cards (including Mini sD, xD picture card, compact flash, MMC card etc.), digital camera of any mega pixel resolution and other removable USB storage media. Erased picture recovery utility is GUI based that supports restoration of all major file formats including jpg, mpg, jpeg, gif, riff, tiff or bmp. Retrieval software for digital images unerase erased digital photo files even if system generated error messages like 'Drive Not Detected' or "Drive Not Formatted' are being displayed on your computer screen while accessing media.

Paintribbon is a drawing and picture editing application for Windows which imitates the Windows 7 Paint interface, utilizing the ribbon first seen in Office 2007. Paintribbon offers basic drawing capabilities including: line, circle, square and star shapes; different line widths; a variety of fill and stroke color options; and the ability to move drawn shapes. It's a small application packed with first-class features including layer support, filters, social media integration and a whole lot more! All common filetypes are supported (including JPG, BMP, PNG etc).

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: Bluuur
  • Date: 09-11-2012
  • Size: 983 KB

Image Drawer is a simple software application that manages to redraw the images you select.

Image Drawer lets you select a photo from your personal computer or by using Google image search.

Developed in the Python programming language, Image Drawer takes control of your mouse and starts redrawing the chosen picture.


  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: Marius A
  • Date:

FontGenius is an application that can analyze a picture and suggest possible fonts of any text in that picture.

The application tries to recognize possible font matches and generates character previews. Thus, you can use it to easily identify fonts in a picture.


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Active@ KillDisk

Active@ KillDisk provides the
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