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vectline is "vector field line plotter". Depending on the dimension of coordinate axis, vectline can plot both 3D and 2D vector field line. Example for 2D field >> syms x y >> F = [-y, x]; >> vectline(F,[x,y],[-1,1,-1,1]) Example for 3D field >> syms x y z >> F = [x*y^2, x*y, z]; >> vectline(F,[x,y,z],[-1,1,-2,3,1,3]).

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • Publisher: Rentian Xiong
  • Date: 18-04-2013
  • Size: 10 KB

VECTGUI is an esay-to-use 3D vector field simulator with a friendly GUI. It can visualize the vector field, calculate divergence and also plot the curl of the field, all in one single GUI. All you need to do is to enter the symbolic expression for x,y and z component of the vector field, specify the ranges for x, y and z coordinates and push the Draw button. Example: >> vectgui % Simply opens GUI but does not return anything to workspace. >> H = VECTGUI; % Opens GUI and also returns a cell array H to workspace.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • Publisher: Rentian Xiong
  • Date: 22-06-2013
  • Size: 10 KB

Generate the diffusion gradient vector field as in Xu and Prince 1998 dgvf_calc is the three dimensional extension of the 2D version described in Equation 12 Xu and Prince 1998,"Snakes, Shapes, and Gradient Vector Flow", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Vol.7(3) Input: I: three dimensional image (matrix) miu: the smoothing parameter (more smoothing -- higher miu-- for noisy images) niter: number of iterations dt: time step dx, dy,dz: pixel spacing, set all to one for isotropic images Output: un, vn, wn: the gradient vector field Example usage: [un vn wn] = dgvf_calc(I,sqrt(numel(I)), 0.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • Publisher: Khaled Khairy
  • Date: 02-05-2013
  • Size: 10 KB

I spent some time working out how to export data from Matlab (specifically a 3D vector field) in a way which could then successfully imported into ParaView ( I made this tutorial to summarize the method I found - which I hope others will also find useful..

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • Publisher: Daniel Gallichan
  • Date: 11-05-2013
  • Size: 676 KB

The files in this package comprise two Matlab functions that create visualizations of 2D vector fields. cquiver renders a vector field as a grid of unit-length arrows. The arrow direction indicates vector field direction, and the color indicates the magnitude. Color is taken from the current colormap. vfcolor renders a vector field as a grid of colors. Hue indicates the field direction, and saturation indicates the magnitude. The current implementation uses a fixed color coding..

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • Publisher: Nicholas Howe
  • Date: 05-04-2013
  • Size: 10 KB

[ur,vr] = uvcurv2orth(x,y, u,v) rotate curvilinear vector field to orthogonal vector field the output is calculated for the original curvilinear locations. input: x - a 2D array with x locations (long) y - a 2D array with y locations (lat) u - curvilinear direction u vector field v - curvilinear direction v vector field (1,1 is south west corner for all arrays) output: u and v arrays of the input array size with the vector components on orthogonal grid (long and lat).

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • Publisher: yair suari
  • Date: 18-06-2013
  • Size: 82 KB

A vector field is a field which associates a vector to every point in the field space. Vector fields are often used in physics to model observations which include a direction for each point of the observed space. Examples are movement of a fluid, or the force generated by a magnetic of gravitational field, or athmospheric models, where both the strength (speed) and the direction of winds are recorded.

The effect of vector fields can be easily calculated by applying difference equations to all points of the observed space.

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: Epina GmbH
  • Date:
  • Size: 327 KB
  • PPIV
  • License: Freeware
  • Rating

PPIV is a parallel software application used in Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) analysis. The software will compute the vector field for one image pair or multiple image pairs. PPIV can run on a single desktop machine or in a cluster environment..

Vistools is a set of tools to easily visualize some scientific data, without need to learn difficult API, so you can see your 3d results very quickly. Also some sci tools for which we made it, including vector field tracing and simple optimization..

This function plots a slice of a 3D vector field by using the pixplot routine to denote the out-of-plane component. The magnitude of the longest vector arrow is displayed in the title. The function returns a handle to the title so it can be edited directly using 'get' and 'set' on it's 'String' property..

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • Publisher: Samuel Lazerson
  • Date: 17-01-2013
  • Size: 10 KB

TCAD2002 help you writing vector application, save your time.¡¤ Easy to create VECTOR shape in your application developing , only controled by mouse; ¡¤ Draw, Drag, Resize the Shapes that is Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Sector, Line, RuleLine, Polyline, Polygon, Image.Arc. ¡¤ Can delete a shape or all shapes, Can add shape by code.¡¤ Allow save to file or database field, easy to recall it. and more function, Please visit

Zoner Draw 4 is a powerful vector graphics editor with an intuitive user interface. Use it to create internet graphics, illustrations, leaflets, price lists, greeting cards, postcards, maps, building plans, business cards, letterheads, and more. Main features: tools for creating curves, rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars, tables, barcodes, and text; bitmap import; fully editable object styles - pen, fill, shadow, and transparency..

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: ZONER software
  • Date: 20-9-2001
  • Size: 15378 KB

<br>TCAD is a component that will help you write vector graphics applications. Shapes can be interacted with by mouse or code. It is easy to use, effective and powerful. It will save you valuable time. <br>¡ñDrawing shapes on the designer canvas by mouse actions or code. <br>¡ñModifying the drawed shapes. <br>¡ñSupport multi-layers, printing/deleting/visible invisible layer(s). <br>¡ñUsing all colors possible. <br>¡ñUsing different style of pens ,different style of brushes if you need.

<br>TCAD is a component that will help you write vector graphics applications. Shapes can be interacted with by mouse or code. It is easy to use, effective and powerful. It will save you valuable time. <br>Drawing shapes on the designer canvas by mouse actions or code. <br>Modifying the drawed shapes. <br>Support multi-layers, printing/deleting/visible invisible layer(s). <br>Using all colors possible. <br>Using different style of pens ,different style of brushes if you need.

gfDraw, which is actually short for Geometry-Free Draw is built as as accessible and handy vector drawing software.

gfDraw is a cross-platform, Qt-based tool that allows you to draw in the hyperbolic, Euclidean, and spherical planes.


TCAD is a component that will help you write vector graphics applications. Shapes can be interacted with by mouse or code. It is easy to use, effective and powerful. It will save you valuable time. Drawing shapes on the designer canvas by mouse actions or code. Modifying the drawed shapes. Support multi-layers, printing/deleting/visible invisible layer(s). Using all colors possible. Using different style of pens ,different style of brushes if you need. Creating text objects with any font installed in the system.

  • Platform: Linux, Windows
  • Publisher:
  • Date:
  • Size: 2160 KB

It is a desktop draw tool, can lock desktop,and draw line on it free,you can set line's color or width.Clear the points(lines) that you drawed(when you clear on Desktop,it will be magic)!,for education,demo,explaining,for doodling too..

DrawScribe is a useful and reliable Illustrator plugin designed to improve your vector design workflow.

DrawScribe provides you with intuitive functions in order to gain more freedom and improve your creative workflow. The plugin allows you to access two important tools (namely Dynamic Sketch and InkScribe) that enable you to easily draw interesting objects.

You can use the InkScribe tool if you want to replace the pen and draw precise shapes. With a wide range of settings and options, InkScribe is extremely flexible.

Planar Vector Fields is a small, simple, Java based application specially designed to help you plot planar vector fields.

All you have to do is enter the needed data and let this simulation compile them.
for WindowsAll


One of the few weak points in MATLAB is its low speed when displaying 3D vector plots. Paraview is an open source visualization tool that seems to work pretty well. This contribution shows how the MATLAB 3D flow example is written to a binary VTK file. In Paraview follow these steps: * CTRL+O to open the generated VTK file * Hit Apply in Object inspector * Click Glyph and hit Apply: The 3D vector field is displayed..

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • Publisher: W Thielicke
  • Date: 26-06-2013
  • Size: 10 KB
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