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This 7-day diet plan is designed to BURN FAT and KICK START YOUR METABOLISM.

If you want visible RESULTS in a short period of time, this is the place to get started!

As you decrease your energy intake (calories), you starts burning fat but not for long; your body is a smart machine, and as soon as you stay on a lower calorie diet for a longer periods of time, it receives signals to hold on to that fat and enters starvation mode .

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  • Platform: Android, Windows
  • Publisher: Ravi M
  • Date:
  • Size: 1126 KB

Burn fat with this scientific 7 minute workout that consists of 12 high intensity workouts using only your own bodyweight (High-Intensity Circuit Training). 30 seconds per exercise with 10 seconds of rest in between.

View your progress over the last 30 days to keep you motivated. The app will also remind you of your workout each day (if you want to).

All exercises have video instructions and are all very easy to learn. The entire workout is voice prompted, hands-free!

Premium features include:
* Custom exercise duration
* Custom rest duration
* Randomize your workouts - Get a different workout every time!

The seven minute workout is a 7min full workout that has been featured all around the world.

  • Platform: Android, Windows
  • Publisher: IC Apps
  • Date:
  • Size: 8192 KB

The challenge to the diet in the Lose Belly Fat Diet that can be easily anyone ! ! !

Just do lessons once a day after 7 days diet effect ! ?

It is recommended for such a person!
・Not last long
・for the first time
・Asshole be difficult
・looking for how to diet easily
It is a diet application that can very easily!

It's easy to use.
Lessons will be displayed at the push of a button once a day.
Just follow the content of the lesson afterward!

It will continue the diet without overdoing a little spare time is a big attractive.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: KAWAII
  • Date: 27-09-2014
  • Size: 4710 KB

PDA program to monitor diet, exercise, carbs. Build-Edit-Delete meals and menus. Create-Edit foods. Edit main food database. Track Water, caloires plus seven other values. Build-Edit-Delete Exercises. Complete control over historical data. GRAPHS of your progress. "You shouldn't spend more time recording your diet and exercise information, than you actually spend doing it."Diet PDA program to Lose Weight, monitor diet, exercise, carbs. Build-Edit-Delete meals and menus. Create-Edit foods.

This app will help you choose a diet foods for you.Gives you a nice shape.Not fat anymore.

Ironically, this elephant favorite fights weight gain, slows rises in blood sugar, and curbs hunger. One study from Purdue University found that individuals who added 500 calories of peanuts to their diets for 3 weeks experienced almost no change in body weight and a 24 percent drop in triglycerides -- blood fats associated with heart disease. Researcher Rick Mattes, Ph.D., says peanuts' satiating power helps people eat less overall.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: NyTon
  • Date: 12-10-2014
  • Size: 6144 KB

Do you feel you*re not in good shape and need diet? Do you want to know recipes that can burn fat quickly? If you need tips from professionals and must read articles about fat burning recipes....
Then this Best Fat Burning Foods Recipes APP is totally for you. You will learn lot of information about how to diet and what recipe and foods you should eat to burn your fats and get free gifts once you download this app.
This app includes articles and tips:
- What are fat burning foods? Top 10 fat burning foods not everyone knows
- What are best foods and recipes for weight loss?
- Are protein shakes good for weight loss?
- How about juicing recipes for weight loss and weight loss smoothie recipes (green smoothie recipes for weight loss)*
- Recommended tips for weight loss recipes and diet plan from...


New year, new you! 17 Day Diet Free provides dozens of healthy food recipes to help you burn fat and lose weight in phase 1 of the diet plan.


The 17 (seventeen) day diet has been burning through the Internet ever since the start of the New Year when its creator, Dr. Mike Moreno, was “seen on TV” on Dr.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: FitKit
  • Date: 07-07-2014
  • Size: 5324 KB


New year, new you! 17 Day Diet Pro provides over 90 healthy food recipes to help you burn fat and lose weight.


The 17 (seventeen) day diet has been burning through the Internet ever since the start of the New Year when its creator, Dr. Mike Moreno, was “seen on TV” on Dr. Phil and The Doctors.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: FitKit
  • Date: 26-07-2014
  • Size: 35840 KB

Getting the perfect body has never been easier! With Push Ups - Fitness Trainer you will not only build muscle and burn fat but you will also feel healthier and stronger.

The creators of the widely popular Diet Assistant a* Weight Loss application bring you this awesome fitness trainer app. Push Ups a* Fitness Trainer will get you to do 50, 100, 200 pushups in a row!

Take giant leaps on your quest towards your perfect body with Push Ups a* Fitness Trainer. Simply tap in your target push ups and sit back and allow Push Ups a* Fitness Trainer to present you with a brilliant training plan that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Platform: Android, Windows
  • Publisher: Alportela Labs
  • Date:
  • Size: 2355 KB


Sculpt new muscle, burn fat fast, and build your best body ever! Mena*s Health Personal Trainer Lite provides you with a sneak peek into the exclusive, customizable plans available on our Mena*s Health Personal Trainer website. Select a 7-day workout and diet plan, track your progress and experience our cutting-edge program for yourself!
Become a member of Mena*s Health Personal Trainer to obtain access to:

- Our dynamic workout and tracker pages
- Tools to measure your progress
- Over 20+ exclusive, customizable workout plans
- Over 600 video demos from our extensive exercise database
- Recipes and nutritional...

  • Platform: Android, Windows
  • Publisher: Rodale
  • Date:
  • Size: 8396 KB

The best advice and tips to Build Muscle and Burn Fat from the champion muscle man himself Vince Delmonte!

Muscle Building & Fat Burning Articles and Videos. In this App you'll learn...
Body Building:
Top 10 Tips To Successful Teen Bodybuilding Part 1&2
Six *Little-Known* Muscle Building Tips Part 1&2
Get Big Muscles In 3 Simple Steps
No More Excuses: Diet and Nutritional Planning for 2008
Skinny Guy's/Gal's Guide To Creatine
Biceps in 4 Weeks - Prioritization Table for Download
Secret To 6-Pack Abs .

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: MAAM Apps
  • Date:
  • Size: 1024 KB

Low Carb Diet Planning (30 Working day) has already served scores of people lose their surplus pounds and inches a lot quicker and easier than they at any time imagined feasible.

'Low Carb Diet program (30 Day)' is so highly effective that, dependent on simply how much you are chubby, it will allow you to definitely shed nearly twenty lbs of fats, flab and fluids in just 30 days, and awesome since it might seem to be, it is possible to drop this great number of weight, whilst you remain permitted 3 incredibly filling foods every day!
Serious foods, mouthwatering foods, foods that give you that excellent gratifying feeling that you’ve genuinely eaten any time you get up from your desk.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Sophie
  • Date: 04-10-2014
  • Size: 599 KB

This Atkins Diet Plan Tasty Recipes App is created up of the unbelievable 137 Diet regime Recipes out of your famed Atkins Diet Plan system.

The Atkins diet program plan, officially often known as the Atkins Nutritional Technique, is frequently a low-carbohydrate foodstuff program produced by Robert Atkins from a analysis paper he look through within the Journal from the American Medical Affiliation launched by Gordon Azar and Walter Lyons Bloom. Atkins stated that he used to take care of his possess more than body weight dilemma.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Tweety
  • Date: 11-02-2015
  • Size: 595 KB

Lose fat and gain muscle without cardio. Discover the cardio free fat loss workouts using weight training exercise and interval training to burn fat, get rid of stubborn belly fat, and build muscle.

5 Fat Loss Myths: Why Long, Slow Boring Cardio is not the Best Fat Loss Program to Increase Your Metabolism and Burn Belly Fat. By Craig Ballantyne, Men's Health Magazine Expert, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Author of Turbulence Training

Myth #1 - You Have to Do Cardio in the Morning on an Empty Stomach in order to Burn Fat.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: MAAM Apps
  • Date:
  • Size: 1024 KB

when you are going to be choosing your diet, a part from their menus, you are going to be shown their descriptions and the weight that can be lost following each one.
- Evolution graph of your weight: if you save your weight from time to time, you are going to be able to see your evolution in a graph. It is going to help you to keep motivated and to see how many kg you have to lose to achieve your objective.
- Notifications at eating time
- Ideal weight, body mass index (BMI) and daily calorie intake calculators.

  • Platform: Android, Windows
  • Publisher: STR LABS
  • Date:
  • Size: 1740 KB

Stopwatch for interval cardio training.

A great way to burn fat in a short & intense workout.

Changes: allow music player in background, buzz volume control, remove ads with HIIT ad free!

Thanks for your feedback, vote on new features at our homepage!

For cycling, running, sprinting, weightlifting, circuits, tabata....

The 360 Body Plan Application has so much information on how to Burn Fat and Build Muscle, on The Proper Nutritional Needs of your body, Supplements and Videos that it*ll keep you fit, trim, ripped and pilling on the pounds no matter where you find yourself.

Included inside and updated daily ...
Burn Fat
The Best exercise for Fat Loss
The Fast Way to Lose Fat: 5 Secrets
The Quickest Way to Burn Fat
and more ...

Build Muscle
How to Gain Muscle Fast
How to Gain Muscle Mass Quickly
The Key to Massive Muscle Growth
and more .

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: MAAM Apps
  • Date:
  • Size: 1024 KB

Eat at 3 gone free!

Eating a small meal every 3 hours helps you boost your metabolism, keep your muscles and burn fat. Eat at 3 is a basic tool that let's you track your eating habit. Set your very first meal in the morning and the app will indicate you when to eat again to keep your metabolism in track..

14 day RunSchedule is an running schedule that is based around a 14 day interval system, developed by experts. The app uses a voice guide to guide the user through the short, but intense workout. The best way to burn fat rapidly and seriously boost your ability to perform..

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: SmalTech
  • Date:
  • Size: 1024 KB

This useful application will help you to evaluate your weight and health progress day by day. Don't join any diet program without "Ideal Weight/"

Bu yararl A* uygulama gA?nden gA?ne kilo ve saAYlA*k deAYerlerinizi gA*zden geA*irmenizi saAYlayacak. " A*deal Kilo " suz bir diyet program A*na katA*lmayA*n..

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