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The consequence of deadly hl2.exe error is that your system shuts down without any command. The situation is annoying. There are certain reasons responsible for the error hl2.exe. The error might be due to the driver problems or may be your driver too old. As such, you need to update your driver. Driver software is capable tool and efficient enough to fix the driver related issues. In the registry, files of your system there might be any kind of corruption or inner conflict that is responsible for the hl2.

If you are getting an error message of application error 0xc0000142 when you start your computer and the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 is running, you are in for some serious problems. The error is caused when the DLL files, needed for the execution of many applications, is missing, corrupt or has been added with some malicious code. To resolve this issue, it is essential that you fix application error 0xc0000142 as soon as you get it on your system. If the drivers on the system are corrupt, outdated or incompatible with the system, then update drivers with the one of latest version.

It is very necessary to remove 1036.dll error, as it is a threat to your PC. This error is dreadful as it can harm your system and make it unusable. The possible reason behind this error is that may be your driver is of old version or there is problem in the installation of your driver. To update your driver you need professional software. Download driver software to update your driver. Other than driver, issues there may be registry files corruptions. Any wrong entry or virus attack results in corruption of registry files.

You might see the following error messages while launching several applications, booting Windows or starting gaming apps.

Apphelp.dll Not Found
This application failed to start because apphelp.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
Cannot find [PATH]apphelp.dll
The file apphelp.dll is missing.
Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: apphelp.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.

This error might prevent you from accessing or downloading the various components online.

When oleacc.dll file gets damaged or deleted then you may encounter various system issues as application not responding, booting problem of PC and various kind of error message while run any application like ?Cannot Find [PATH]oleacc.dll?, ?The file oleacc.dll is missing?, ?Cannot Start Application?, ?Oleacc.dll Not Found? etc.

It is necessary to fix this error immediately otherwise it might harm more application as well as OS. This issue occurs because of incorrect or corrupted registry entries.

Windows user encounter Taskmgr.exe error message when the Taskmgr.exe files gets corrupted. The only possible way to resolve this error is to repair the problem related with Windows task manager files. Registry repair is the most effiecient way to resolve this error problem. As all your files and application info are stored in Windows registry so any problem with the regictry causes this error. Corruption to the registry occurs when an unwanted or invalid entry takes place. This causes Taskmgr.exe error issue.

If you have encountered with msxml4.dll error then fix this error instantly as it continues to harm your PC until it becomes unusable. Among the reason one is may be your driver old or there is any issues with the installation with your driver. As such, you need help of professional application to update your driver. Download driver software to update your driver. May be the most complicated file of your system that is registry files are corrupted. Any corrupted entry in your registry files can damage your registry files.

Are you encountering the Comres.dll error while launching an application or game? Just after the startup of your PC, are you also getting the Comres.dll error? It means your PC is encountering from the critical dll issues which need to be fixed immediately. When system encounters problem because of corruption of Comres.dll file then you might get one of the following errors:

'Comres.dll Not Found'
'This application failed to start because comres.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Npptools.dll errors are very common errors that appear on the computers of millions of Windows users all over the world. The error occurs while installing an application or even while running it. It also appears while system startup or shutdown. Npptools.dll error fix is extremely important as its presence on the system acts as the cause of the occurrence of many more errors. It also hinders the computer's optimal performance. The error appears when the npptools.dll file gets damaged or removed from the system.

The reason for occurring of the owl252.dll error is the issues with your driver. May be your driver old version as such you need to update your driver. Download driver software to update your driver. Other than driver, related issues there may be corruption or kind of damage in your registry files. To repair such corruptions and damages use a registry cleaner application. Download registry repair software to repair the corruption of registry files. The application is efficient enough to repair the corruption of registry files to remove owl252.

If you accidentally deleted your comdlg32.dll files or any kind of damage and corruption can result in comdlg32dll error. Your old driver can also give comdlg32dll error, any application installed can have conflict with your old driver. As such, you need to update your driver by using driver software. Any kind of corrupted or wrong entry can corrupt your registry files. Corrupted registry files can give comdlg32dll error. To repair the corruptions and damages of registry files download registry repair software.

The reason for the avifil32.dll error is the old driver. If you are using old driver then installing any new application can cause avifil32.dll error due to incompatibility with your driver. To update your driver use driver software which is a powerful and efficient application. registry files are the most complicated files of your PC. Any kind of damage or corruption in the registry files can result in avifil32.dll error. As such you need any professional registry cleaner application. Download registry repair software to repair the corruption of registry files.

Winhttp.dll not found error is closely related to Winhttp.dll file which makes enable the browser to load up the webpage and various applications. Corruption of this file can prevent various web based application from running properly. This file gets corrupt because of various reasons but some reasons are most common that can corrupt this file. Spyware or viruses infection is the top most cause which damages the Winhttp.dll file. To fix this issue remove spyware from your PC with spyware removal tool.

usbcheck.dll error occurs due the issues in the usbcheck.dll files. These files are the important file as they account for the accessing of the applications of USB. Any corruption in the usbcheck.dll files can give the message as the ?usbcheck.dll is missing?. If we consider about the reasons responsible may be your driver old or there is problem in the installation issues with your driver. To fix the driver related issues download driver software, the application is efficient and updates your driver efficiently.

Some important reason for this Windows 3343 Error is use of old drivers in your Windows operating system, so fix this error message you must use latest version of drivers, otherwise old drivers will not be compatible with other application and lead to corruption. Then check the registry of your system if there is any problem in it then use registry repair tool to fix this error. On the other hand spyware attack is one of the greatest reason for this error message so it is recommended to use anti-spyware software and fix Windows 3343 Error and maintain the integrity and security of operating system.

  • Platform: Tablets, Windows
  • Publisher: 3343 Error Fix
  • Date: 13-07-2011
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Ole32.dll are common Windows errors that appear on the screen during installation, while uninstalling, starting up or shutting down Windows or even during Windows installation. It s caused because of the removal, corruption or damage to the ole32.dll file. It is also caused because of outdated, corrupt or incompatible device drivers or because of invalid entries in the registry. The registry of the system is extremely important for the proper functioning of the system because it acts as the central repository of all settings needed for the execution of applications and programs.

If you want to fix Openal32.dll error completing without leaving any trace of it then you will have to check the drivers that are being used in your operating system. If the driver is old then it will become unable to support other applications that are used in it and sends Openal32.dll error. So to resolve this you are required to update the drivers to latest version. Even after performing this step the problem remains unresolved then you will have to check the registry, if it is corrupt then use registry repair tool to fix the corruption and error message.

Windows Live Messenger is a part of Windows Live Essentials. When you try to install Windows Live Messenger 2010 beta on your system if it has any version of Windows 7 in 64bits installed on it, then it is possible that you would get the error 0x80040609. It is caused mainly because of hardware failure or because of problems in the registry of the system. If any of the drivers on the system are outdated, corrupt or incompatible with the system, then it is advisable that you update drivers and get rid of the error.

5001 error is a runtime error that occurs when you try to access programs like Microsoft Project Web Access, Micorsoft Project Professionals, Microsoft Project Server. It might also occur when the dll files are found missing from your system. This error problem can cause several problems in your system like poor system performance, installation errors, programs locks up, system freezes etc. Therefore to prevent your PC from such kind of severe damages you need to perform 5001 Error fix operation in your system.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: 5001 Error Fix
  • Date: 26-07-2011
  • Size: 3 KB

Xinput1_3.dll error is one of the most common errors that Windows users encounter on their computers. When the file is missing or damaged, you get the errors. The .dll file is an important file of Microsoft DirectX that is used for various games and applications. When it gets corrupt, Windows is not able to load the file resulting in the non-execution of various graphics applications. The file can get corrupt when there are invalid entries in the registry of the system. As the registry is extremely important for the proper functioning of the system, any problems in it can damage the system severely.

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