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Glitch is an all-round crypto toolkit for your security needs. It relies on a Plug-in interface to access its Cryptography functions, allowing the user maximum customisation, thus allowing them to download what they want, not bloated software.
Glitch Security License - BSD License.

  • Publisher: Gsec
  • Date: 04-10-2013
  • Platform: WinOther

INNOBATE AntiVirus Business provides Realtime On-Access Anti Virus Resident shield against virus, worms, trojans, and malware. Also provides on-demand scanning on all of your computers drives. A clean and simple user interface, that enables users to scan drives on their computer system.

  • Platform: Win7 x64, Windows 7, WinVista, WinVista x64

NetallBox is the simple sandbox which can run other programs with time, memory, security and other limitations.

This program can be used in ACM contest systems to automatic restricted running solution programs received from contesta

Features :

Following limitations can be set for running program (all limitations are optional):

maximum time limit (measured as process' user time)
maximum memory limit
maximum real time limit (measured as clock's time, set it to prevent program hang up with Sleep() function or reading from console)
prevent to create processes

Following features can be enabled:

redirecting input, output and error standard streams to/from files
setting home directory for running program
setting user for running program...

  • Publisher: quyse0
  • Date: 03-10-2013
  • Size: 10 KB
  • Platform: Windows 7, WinOther, WinVista

Protect your privacy, data and confidential information with Spyware Eliminator.Quickly find and eliminate all traces of harmful programs: spyware, adware, data-mining scum-ware, key-loggers, trojans, premium number dialers, browser hijackers, surveillance programs, tracking cookies, worms, malware, P2P, nukers, browser "helper" objects, unwanted browser toolbars and downloaders.

  • Platform: Win2000, Windows Server, Windows Vista, WinOther, WinVista

Cryo Login Center also known as cLc is currently an ASP and ASP.NET based control panel interface for websites. It allows you to control many aspects of a website easily even for the novice web developers. Upload, Edit, Create, and more with cLc.
Cryo Login Center License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Publisher: Clc
  • Date: 03-10-2013
  • Platform: WinOther
  • DHCP Fix
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

This program permits you to stop nasty hackers from listening in on all your packets.

DHCP Fix permits you to stop nasty hackers from listening in on all your packets.

Windows is a very 'open' system; not open in the sense of Microsoft giving people access to proprietary information, but open in the sense that the system is very trusting of other systems.

  • Publisher: AnalogX
  • Date: 03-10-2013
  • Size: 317 KB
  • Platform: WinOther

Security issues have been identified in Active X controls that could allow an attacker to compromise a system running Microsoft Internet Explorer and gain control over it. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

  • Platform: WinServer

PC Screen Watcher is a handy application designed especially for parents or tutors who want to be constantly informed of the actions their children perform while in front of the PC.

The utility can be used to restrict computer usage to a certain period of time, as well as receive reports regarding the programs the youngsters accessed.

  • Platform: WinOther

This is a community effort to study and improve security of WPA protected WiFi networks.
Distributed multiplatform client, Uses aircrack-ng, pyrit or oclHashcat-plus as engines, Low resource usage in server, Lightweight web interface
Distributed WPA PSK auditor License - Adaptive Public License; GNU General Public License version 2.

  • Platform: WinOther
  • EnigWeb
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

Enigweb is a firefox extension similar to the Thunderbird Enigmail extension. It will encrypt or sign textareas, and decrypt/verify OpenPGP data. Additionally extensions will be provided for major webmail providers.
EnigWeb License - Apache License V2.

  • Publisher: Enigweb
  • Date: 03-10-2013
  • Platform: WinOther
  • GaimPG
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

GaimPG is a plugin for the Instant Messanger Gaim, which provides Signing, Encryption and Decryption of messages via the gpgme library.
GaimPG License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Publisher: Gaimpg
  • Date: 03-10-2013
  • Platform: WinOther

7th Sphere 1.0 Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all 7th Sphere 1.0 entries running on a scanned system. It will also make sure that malicious processes are no longer running and that they won't return when you reboot your computer. Clean your computer now from the 7th Sphere 1.

  • Platform: Windows 7, WinOther, WinVista

Remove Viewpoint, remove Viewpoint Media Player, AIM Adware

ViewpointKiller does exactly what it's name says: Kills Viewpoint Media Player

Viewpoint Media Player is an adware that displays bandwith eating popup ads in IE and on your desktop.

  • Platform: Win2000, WinOther, WinServer, WinVista

ThorsenCode is a client-server system, that allows you and your buddies to share files in a safe way. It features encrypted filetransfers and encrypted chatrooms.
ThorsenCode License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

National Ukrainian standard of digital signature based on elliptic curves (DSTU 4145-2002).
Ukrainian standard DSTU 4145-2002 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

The Microsoft Project 2002: COM+ Settings Tool is an operating system-level extension to standard COM that allows for numerous specialized security and performance settings on a standard COM object.

Using Dllhost.exe, COM+ can also force the component to run in its own process space instead of running in the same process space as the caller (which, in many cases, is Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) for Microsoft Project Server).

  • Platform: Win2000, Win7 x64, Windows 7, WinOther, WinVista

Digital-Fever Hash Computer is a very lightweight application that was created in order to help you quickly calculate the checksums of any files on the spot.

Digital-Fever Hash Computer supports the following hash types: MD5, MD2, SHA1


  • Platform: WinOther

A giFT (http://gift.sourceforge.net) plugin to connect to the MUTE (http://mute-net.sourceforge.net) network.
giFT MUTE Plugin License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

bitmessage is an experimental anonymous p2p encrypted messaging service. A client is used to create addresses which can be used to receive messages. Messages are encrypted and sent to a message pool shared by all users, but can only be decrypted by the user that has access to the receiving address.

  • Platform: WinOther

This project will provide a library for using the AES round 3 cipher candidates (Mars, RC6, Rijndael, Serpent, and Twofish) in an easy to use API. Support for MD5, SHA.
Advanced Encryption Library for Linux License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Publisher: Aeslib
  • Date: 02-10-2013
  • Platform: WinOther

Blue Coat+eT* K9 Web Protection is a content filtering solution for your home computer. Its job is to provide you with a family-safe Internet experience, where YOU control the Internet content that enters your home. K9 Web Protection implements the same enterprise-class Web filtering technology used by Blue Coat's Fortune 500 customers around the world, wrapped in simple, friendly, and reliable software for your Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista computer.

  • Platform: Win7 x64, Windows 7, WinVista, WinVista x64

Screen Logs is an application designed to record the PC screens of users' employees at chosen intervals. With the help of this utility, they can monitor their workers at any convenient time.

In order to use the application, you have to create an administrative account on the website and install the utility on the employee's PC.

  • Platform: Win2000, Win7 x64, Windows 7, WinOther, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64

As the world moves into new digital era, producing software, especially Internet software, becomes more and more profitable. The future looks bright, even for small software development companies, except for one fact. Software piracy (usage of stolen non-licensed software) is becoming one of the major headaches, these days.

  • Platform: Linux, Win2000, Windows Server, WinOther

"Mirracrypt - Encryption for Outlook" integrates seamlessly with Outlook 2003 & 2007 to provide powerful Sender-to-Receiver Email Encryption that is convenient and easy-to-use. Mirracrypt is the perfect add-on program for any Outlook user who requires confidential and secure Email.

  • Platform: Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows Server, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64

Mail Snoop Pro is the ultimate, user friendly, anti-spam and email notification program. Designed to monitor any number of mailboxes, finding and destroying spam without disturbing you and alerting you when there is new mail you need to see.

The filter system rapidly checks new emails for any suspicious items.

  • Platform: Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64

Use different Encryption methods with parameters and add them to a list. The input text is then beeing en- or decrypted through the list

With downloadable source-code since 1.3

You need to have 32-Bit JRE 7 installed

  • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, WinOther

Password Vault Manager is a product used to manage all your passwords and your sensitive information.

Keep your credit card numbers, your bank accounts, your serial numbers or your alarm codes in an organized and secure database. Share with your team members only what they need to know and keep your data safe.

  • Platform: Win7 x64, Windows 7, WinOther, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64

MyTraveler is Kingston's DataTraveler Secure tool, enabling you to create and access a password-protected secure area, called a Privacy Zone, on your DataTraveler.

With MyTraveler you'll be able to easily create a secure space where you can keep your files onto the Kingston DataTraveler Secure device.

  • Platform: Win2000, Win7 x64, Windows 7, WinOther, WinVista

OSHI Cleaner is designed to help user to free up disk space, improve system performance and startup time and increase general system stability by searching and cleaning up junk and redundant files and registry keys, uninstalling old or unwanted applications and cleaning your system startup and restore points.

  • Publisher: Oshi
  • Date: 01-10-2013
  • Size: 3276 KB
  • Platform: Win7 x64, Windows 7, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64

Encrypted encrypts the content of your files. It can be embedded in Explorer and give you professional encryption to your files. It support compression of encrypted files which makes the file occupies very small space. It support encrypt file name.


  • Platform: Win2000, Windows Server, WinOther

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