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New Downloads

DiskGenius Free

DiskGenius is powerful data
recovery software and supports
file recovery and partition
recovery. It is also handy ...

Video Rotator

Video Rotator is a freeware
Windows application for
rotating video clips 90 degree
clockwise, anticlockwise,
horizontal ...

JPEG Lossless Rotator

Free tool for rotating digital
photos and JPG images to the
correct orientation. JPEG
Lossless Rotator also offers
shell ...

WinTools.net Professional

A suite of tools for
increasing MS Windows
operating system performance.
WinTools.net Pro contains
tools: Clean ...

Manage Folder Now

Manage Folder Now allows you
to hide folder or quick jump
your folders.You can keep your
personal data away from ...

Chris-PC CPU Booster

Chris-PC CPU Booster puts you
in control of your CPU by
enabling those programs that
need priority in CPU usage to

System Mechanic

System Mechanic Pro keeps your
PC fast, stable, and secure.
It fixes errors and boosts
performance, recovers deleted


MindView is a professional
mind mapping software that
allows you to visually
brainstorm, organize and
present ideas. With ...

System Mechanic Trial

System Mechanic Trial provides
complete Windows maintenance
and repair using advanced
patented tools. It works to
speed ...

Isoo Backup

User-friendly Windows backup
software. It has a
step-by-step wizard which
makes it easy to backup
Windows and image ...