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OPath.NET is a .NET 2.0 compliant library for evaluating string-based expressions. It leverages the .NET XPath evaluation engine and borrows the XPath API semantics.

It is perhaps best described by an example:

var expression = OPathExpression.Compile("MyVariable = 'Hello OPath.NET'");

var document = new OPathDocument();
document.Add("MyVariable", "Hello OPath.NET");

var navigator = OPathNavigator.CreateNavigator(document);

var result = navigator.Evaluate(expression);


This results in "True" being written to the console.

Let us go through each step in detail.

var expression = OPathExpression.Compile("MyVariable = 'Hello OPath.NET'");

This parses the string expression and builds an internal representation of the expression ready for evaluation. If the expression contains errors then an exception is thrown. The expression object can be cached to improve performance when the same expression is evaluated multiple times.

var document = new OPathDocument();
document.Add("MyVariable", "Hello OPath.NET");

This create an OPath document to evaluate our expression against. An OPath document is a dictionary of named objects.

var navigator = OPathNavigator.CreateNavigator(document);

This creates a navigator object to evaluate expressions against the document containing the named objects.

var result = navigator.Evaluate(expression);

This evaluates the expression against the named objects and returns the result. If the evaluation fails for any reason then an exception is thrown.
Object References

The object references within an OPath expression can contain:

* Properties
* Parameterless methods
* Static string or integer indexers

For example, the following is a valid OPath expression:

StringDictionary["Key1"].Trim().Length > IntList.ToArray()[0].ToString().Length

Object references cannot contain dynamic indexers, i.e. other object references. For example, the following is not a valid OPath expression;

IntArray[IntValue] > 0

Custom Keywords

The OPath evaluation engine is built upon the core XPath evaluation engine and so inherits a number of syntax quirks of XPath. For convenience, OPath offers some more familiar alternatives:

* div - division operator, OPath allows this or '/'
* mod - modulus operator, OPath allows this or '%'
* = equality operator, OPath allows this or '=='
* true() - true function, OPath allows this or just 'true'
* false() - false function, OPath allows this or just 'false'

This means the following expressions are valid in OPath:

10 / 2 == 10 % 2
true == false

OPath also allows testing for null via the custom 'null' keyword. For example:

MyObject == null

XPath contains a 'not' function. OPath offers an alternative of '!'. For example:

!(true) == not(true)

OPath Options

If part of an XPath returns no match then the whole of the XPath returns no match. It is sometimes desirable to have a similar behaviour when evaluating object references. OPath allows you to do this by specifying options when evaluating. For example:

var expression = OPathExpression.Compile("MyVariable.Length = 0");

var document = new OPathDocument();
document.Add("MyVariable", null);

var navigator = OPathNavigator.CreateNavigator(document);

var result = navigator.Evaluate(expression);


This results in an exception being thrown with the following message:

Exception occurred evaluating variable reference MyVariable.Length: MyVariable evaluated to ''.

We can avoid this exception by specifying the ReturnDefaultForNull option as follows:

var result = navigator.Evaluate(expression, OPathOptions.ReturnDefaultForNull);


This results in 'False' being written to the console, as by default the default value is null. We can go a step further and specify a default value.

var result = navigator.Evaluate(expression, OPathOptions.ReturnDefaultForNull, 0);


This results in 'True' being written to the console.

There is another option that can be specified, ReturnDefaultIfException. This works in a similar way to ReturnDefaultForNull, but means that any exception that occurs when evaluating the object reference is interpreted as the default value.

OPath allows you to hook into how an expression is evaluated. This can be invaluable when debugging, as otherwise the evaluation engine is somewhat of a black box. The example below shows how a delegate can be provided when evaluating to output the evaluation of the individual object references:

var expression = OPathExpression.Compile("StringArray[0].Length > Int");

var document = new OPathDocument();
document.Add("StringArray", new string[] { "String" });
document.Add("Int", 0);

var navigator = OPathNavigator.CreateNavigator(document);

var result =
navigator.Evaluate(expression, OPathOptions.Defaults, null,
new OPathNavigator.ValueLogger(delegate(string message)


The result is the following written to the console:

StringArray[0].Length evaluated to '6'
Int evaluated to '0'

Custom Functions

XPath has a set of core functions. The most useful of these cover some string manipulation and numeric operations. The date functions are of no use in the context of OPath, see Custom Data Types for alternatives.

The core XPath classes allow custom functions to be added via an XsltContext object. OPath abstracts this further to allow custom functions to be added by simply registering a delegate with the navigator object as the example below shows:

var expression = OPathExpression.Compile("my-prefix:my-function(String, Int)");

var document = new OPathDocument();
document.Add("String", "String" );
document.Add("Int", 616);

var navigator = OPathNavigator.CreateNavigator(document);

navigator.RegisterCustomFunction("my-prefix", "my-function",
new OPathCustomFunction(delegate(object[] args)
string[] stringArray = Array.ConvertAll(args, delegate(object o) { return o + ""; });
return string.Join(",", stringArray);

var result = navigator.Evaluate(expression);


The result is that 'String,616' is written to the console. As an alternative to registering the functions as shown, the navigator class can be sub-classed and custom functions registered within the constructor of the derived class. This technique can be used to override any of the core OPath custom functions.
Custom Data Types


Free download from Shareware Connection - OPath.

Publisher: Andy Blackledge | License: Freeware | Price: 0.00
Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 40 KB | Platform: Win2000, WinOther, WinServer
Released Date: | Rating: 0 | Title: OPath.NET

Author Url: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/opathnet/index.php?title=Main_Page
Program Info Url: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/opathnet/index.php?title=Main_Page
Download Url: http://nchc.dl.sourceforge.net/project/opathnet/OPath.NET%201.0.1/OPathNET_bin_1.0.1.zip

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