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Mouse Motion Handler

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MouseMotionHandler is a MATLAB class that uses a MATLAB figure's WindowButtonMotionFcn callback as a hook to extend button motion functionality to all handle graphics child objects of a figure including axes, lines, surfaces uipanels, uicontrols etc.

MouseMotionHandler provides an alternative to chaining callbacks or having a lengthy switch block in a WindowButtonMotionFcn callback to manage mouse motion effects. MouseMotionHandler puts its own callback into a figure's WindowButtonMotionFcn property. This callback manages the servicing of callbacks for other objects in the figure. It actively determines what is beneath the mouse then invokes a user-specified callback for that object, if one is set.
Specify these objects and their mouse motion callbacks using the MouseMotionHandler add and put methods as described below.

A WindowButtonMotionFcn object is created simply by calling its constructor with the figure handle as input:
>> obj=MouseMotionHandler(hFig);

Button motion callbacks can then be assigned for child objects of the figure (and for the figure itself) using the MouseMotionHandler class add or static put method:

obj.add(hObj, {@MyFunction, arg1, arg2 });


MouseMotionHandler.put(hFig, hObj, {@MyFunction, arg1, arg2 });

where hObj is the target object's handle (or a vector of handles) and {@MyFunction, arg1, arg2 }) is the standard MATLAB cell array construct for setting up a callback (strings and function handles can also be used as usual).

The user-specified callback will be invoked whenever the mouse moves over the target object (pressed or not).

Callbacks can also be assigned according to the Tag and Type properties of the objects (in which case the objects need not have been instantiated at the time of the add or put call).

Any number of add or put calls can be made for each figure and these calls can be made at any the point in your code. Most typically they will be made in the functions that create the relevant objects. This should greatly aid code readability and maintenance with complex GUIs and it avoids the need to have a separate cumbersome WindowButtonMotionFcn callback dealing with all objects in a lengthy switch block.

MouseMotionHandler also extends the functionality of the standard WindowButtonMotionFcn callback: its internal logic discriminates between mouse entered, moved and exited calls (see the help text for details).

MouseMotionHandler works alongside the standard MATLAB FigureToolManager. You can pan/zoom/rotate graphics as usual. It has no affect on any callbacks other than the figure WindowButtonMotionFcn. Other figure callbacks, and all HG child object callbacks , are unaffected as are mouse event callbacks from any Java objects incorporated into the figure.

For illustration, the code includes a static method that can be called to illustrate its use. Type:
>> MouseMotionHandler.demo();
at the command prompt.

This code was developed as part of Project Waterloo, which itself is part of the sigTOOL project at King's College London. (http://sigtool.sourceforge.net/).

Free download from Shareware Connection - MouseMotionHandler is a MATLAB class that uses a MATLAB figure's WindowButtonMotionFcn callback as a hook to extend button motion functionality to all handle graphics child objects of a figure including axes, lines, surfaces uipanels, uicontrols et

Publisher: Malcolm Lidierth | License: Shareware
Version: 1.0 | Size: 10 KB | Platform: Matlab, Scripts
Released Date: 26-06-2013 | Rating: 0 | Title: Mouse Motion Handler

Author Url: http://sigtool.sourceforge.net
Program Info Url: http://sigtool.sourceforge.net
Download Url: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fx_files/29913/4/MouseMotionHandler.zip

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