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A diagnostic tool for one's emotional and expressive outlook on life MB Free Enneagram Software is principally a diagnostic tool for one's emotional and expressive outlook on life, which empowers to understand better about self and others. It is based on testable thoughts about motivations and emotions of humans. It allows you to identify which type of passion dominates your personality.The enneagram is one of the prominent personality judging methodologies in use and ponders on psychological stimulus. The Enneagram is one of the world s oldest models for understanding how humans relate to each other and the divine. Fundamently its been derived from the Greek words ennea ( nine ) and gram ( model ), the word refers to the nine innermost passions that persist in spiritual traditions.Though this may not cure all the problems of life, but it will show the correct path or the direction for the individual. This tool is widely used in many fields, be it self help and personal growth or other occupations like therapists, educators, psychologists, managers, and business people.MB Free Enneagram Software plots the 9 distinct personality types and depicts how these types move during stressful and under flourishing situationsFollowing are the 9 Personality types generated from an Enneagram:The PerfectionistYou are always in search of perfection. Nothing is ever good enough for you. You are highly compulsive and driven by your inner critic. Your main goal is to reclaim a sense of serenity for true perfection. Somewhere you fear of being wrong, bad evil or corruptible. You are highly idealistic and purposeful in life. You may be self controlled and too prim and proper. You are highly energetic and have high social ideals.The HelperYou like being associated with humans. You are always ready to help others. You possess a high level of feeling of importance. You desire to be loved by all. At the same time your basic fear is being unloved. You are highly emotionally expressive. You are supportive and care for people. You reclaim your sense of humility in service to a higher will. You go an extra mile to help others in need. You do your duty expecting nothing in return. You are generous but may be possessive.The PerformerThese are the world values of a champion. You are the real player of life. You would like to avoid failures at all cost. You like being admired and accomplish your goals. You always try to give your best and like to be competent and finally successful. You like winning and are good at it. You are very conscious of your image and are highly focused. You are an extrovert and have great networking skills. The RomanticYou are the sensitive withdrawn kinds. You think of yourself to be special. You aim to achieve a sense of emotional equilibrium to reconnect with the original source. You value individuality, creativity and beauty as well. The negative side is that you maybe envious, jealous and prone towards melancholy and a feeling of abandonment. You are temperamental and dramatic by nature. You are highly interested in arts.The ObserverIn hunt of the omniscience and knowing, the concentration of the Five goes to observing, hiding and withholding. You are in search for true realization and spirituality. You may be prone to loneliness but possess enough tendencies to be independent. Sometimes you may feel social awkward. This can be easily overcome by maintaining public attachments. You have a sharp intellect and need your privacy. You are independent and self motivated. You are secretive and isolated.The TrooperYou are very loyal and may react strongly to betrayal. You suffer from phobias and are generally very cautious, fearful and insecure. You suffer from fear and anxiety. You are not trustful of people unless they have proven themselves. You tend to stay away from things that cause pain and sorrow. You are self-contradictory at times but other wise responsible. You have a suspicious and anxious nature.The EpicureYou are always in the search for clear-cut effort and focused awareness, which goes to preparation, imagination, and manifold options. You are easily distracted. Your main goal is to salvage wisdom of clear-headedness for precise work. You are extremely lively, exuberant, multitalented and diverse. You may be childish at times. You may not be organized but always manage to get work done. You are spontaneous and versatile. You are generally restless and always full of plans.The ProtectorYou believe in fair dealing, supremacy and influence. You fear being mortified, controlled, powerless or defenseless. Your goal of life is to repossess your intellect of virtue in order to concede a higher truth. You hate being controlled and make your own decisions. You are strong willed, practical and blunt. You maybe be dominating and always believe in having your way. You do not shy away from confrontations. You can be generous and caring.The MediatorYou love developing good relationships with everyone as the name itself suggests. Though 9 are peace lovers but still you may have to face conflicts, disputes and complications in life. You are adaptable, patient and good listeners. You need to assert you own feelings and not always let others decide for you. You tend to avoid fights and confrontations at all costs. You are easy going and good company.Note: In order to support the development of this product, please register it for free (nag screen otherwise) within 45 days. Free Astrology, Tarot, Free, Psychic, Astrology, Mystic Board, Psychics, tarot reading, free software, download, forum, Numerology, astrologer, daily horoscope, horoscope, Sun Signs, Zodiac, Divination, Chinese Zodiac, Zodiac, Reiki, Palmistry, Feng Shui,. Free Astrology, Tarot, Free, Psychic, Astrology, Mystic Board, Psychics, Tarot reading, Numerology, astrology, Software, free, astrologer, forum, download, Daily Horoscope, horoscope, divination, Palmistry, Numerology, Planets and Houses, Gemology, Vaastu

Free download from Shareware Connection - A diagnostic tool for one's emotional and expressive outlook on life MB Free

Publisher: mysticboard.com | License: Freeware | Price: -
Version: 1.0 | Size: 1249 KB | Platform: WinOther
Released Date: 01-07-2009 | Rating: 0 | Title: MB Free Enneagram Software

Author Url: http://www.mysticboard.com
Program Info Url: http://www.mysticboard.com
Download Url: http://www.mysticboard.com/mb-free-enneagram-software/MBFreeEnneagramSoftware.exe

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Shareware Connection periodically updates pricing and software information of 'MB Free Enneagram Software' from company source 'mysticboard.com' , so some information may be slightly out-of-date. You should confirm all information before relying on it. Software piracy is theft,  Using 'MB Free Enneagram Software' crack, password, serial numbers, registration codes, key generators is illegal and prevent future development of MB Free Enneagram Software.

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