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Brain Damage - fascinating truly three dimensional Direct X enhanced screensaver. Features a very cool 3d background image that was included with a screensaver compiler program and a 3d-desktops.com original three dimensional multiple sphere model. Set to a midi rendition of a Pink Floyd song "Brain Damage".

  • Platform:

Firefly Living Desktop displays a serene living scene of fireflies dancing on the surface of a pond reflecting their glow in the waters mirrored surface. Bring your desktop to life with Firefly Living Desktop! Fireflies dance on the still surface of a forest pond reflecting their glow in the still night.

  • Platform: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

Wild Forest Wallpaper is an animated wallpaper of a beautiful wild forest Wild Forest Wallpaper is an animated wallpaper of a beautiful wild forest.Limitations:nag banner. Smith and Welcome Inc: Animated wallpaper, 3d screensavers, screensavers, desktop themes.

  • Platform: Windows All

This screen saver shows an alien setting around a campfire.. . Our screen savers are virus free adware free and spyware free so you can feel comfortable downloading and using our screen savers..

  • Platform:

Take a nighttime stroll through the Garrison House, the scene of a ghastly murder-suicide. Keep your eyes and ears open... the restless dead haunt the darkened rooms and halls of this screensaver. Pay close attention, and you may see or hear something from beyond the grave.

  • Platform:

This screen saver decorates your screen by laying pieces of pipe.. . Our screen savers are virus free adware free and spyware free so you can feel comfortable downloading and using our screen savers..

  • Platform:

UFO's invade Earth. Thescene is setup as if you are looking from an alien planet with the Earth inview. The UFOs spin, wobble, and zoom off towards Earth to complete theirinvasion. 5 realistic space sounds and each is separately controlled.Include a custom message.

  • Platform:

This screen saver has a motorcyclist riding his motorcycle.He'll even pop the front up and ride on his back wheel.. . Our screen savers are virus free adware free and spyware free so you can feel comfortable downloading and using our screen savers..

  • Platform:

Legends come to life on your screen and dragons are reincarnated just for you! In the after-battle sky, the dragon makes a battle turn above the Guard tower of the city scaring the local crows. Few people succeeded to see it and to survive. That is a really fascinating sight for all eyes.

  • Platform: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP

Enjoy a fireworks display on your desktop. A 3D screensaver displaying different explosions and colors on top of a background of twinkling stars and a full moon. Choose to dsiplay fountain of particles that burst into the air and change colors.. Screensavers for your Windows desktop.

  • Platform:

This space screen saver has meteors that fly across your screen.. 7art-screensavers - 3D and free Clock screensavers to raise your spirits!. Best free screensaver collection - screensavers to rise your spirits!.

  • Platform:

If you have a passion for crazy hairstyles and wacky hairdos, this is the screensaver for you. See hairstyles like youOCOve never seen before from tall styles to barely there styles, this screensaver has it all. Many celebrity hairdos are featured along with other hairstyles of interest in this 3d environment that moves you through the crazy hair cut showcase allowing you to see them all one at a time while the 3d camera keeps moving on to the next one.

  • Platform: Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, WinME, Windows Vista

Occasionally, you need to put distance between you and the Earth to really appreciate its beauty. A beautiful, high quality true 3D earth screensaver, slowly spinning and complete with moving cloud layers. Occasionally, you need to put distance between you and the Earth to really appreciate its beauty.

  • Platform: Windows All

"Who Else Wants a Screen Saver That Will Boost Their Vocabulary And Skyrocket Their Success?" How to immerse yourself in 1000 of the hottest vocabulary building words recommended by experts today! Minimum System Requirements: Windows XP / Windows 2000 You have probably been judged by your vocabulary many times this year without even knowing it! Whether you realize it or not, every time you speak, people use your language to instantly "tip them off" about how educated, competent, and successful you are.

  • Platform:

Water Mill - Animated Wallpaper that brings a piece of nature to your desktop In its product range the Elefun Company has released a new theme "Water-mill" for the Animated Desktop Wallpapers and Screensavers. Preserving photographic quality of the picture "Water-mill" is full of vivid colours and those who enjoy watching the water flow will like it very much.

  • Platform: Windows All

The Matrix - menace that George Lucas did not expect! Recall and experience the most exciting moments of the Matrix trilogy with this breath-catching high-quality clock.. Parallaxis Software - Cuckoo Clock, WinClip and iAlbum..

  • Platform:

A great image slideshow for your computer desktop. Free Angels Screensaver. 40 pictures of angels to decorate your screen while you're not busy. Watch these angels as your screen saver changes the pictures for you. You can add your own background music selection.

  • Platform: Windows All

Meditate and go into the alpha state of mind with this screensaver.Pictures of majestic waterfall and rainbows fill your screen in a slideshow presentation while you relax to ambient background music with nature sounds and alpha brainwave vibrations. Experience peace of mind.

  • Platform:

This screen saver rotates photos that were taken around Glacier National Park.The registered version plays music.. . Our screen savers are virus free adware free and spyware free so you can feel comfortable downloading and using our screen savers..

  • Platform:
  • Snow #1
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $6.95
  • Rating

This snow screen saver has a 3D backdrop with snow falling on it. The sounds is a gentle wind sound going through the mountians.. ..

  • Platform: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

4t Tray Minimizer lets you run applications minimized as System Tray icons, which helps free up space on your taskbar. To minimize an application to the task bar, simply left click the minimize button as usual or press keyboard shortcut. You can configure 4t Tray Minimizer to automatically hide/restore specific applications by pressing specific keyboard shortcut.

  • Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Gyrotron Screensaver - awesome truly three dimensional Direct X enhanced screensaver. This screensaver features an absolutely fantastic background image with multiple 3d objects spinning, floating, and twisting thoughout the screen. The included background tune can be replaced with your own midi, wav, or mp3 music files.

  • Platform:

Screensaver set in a grassy green pasture with pond surrounded by majestic mountains and emerald green trees. The water in the pond ripples as beautiful and colorful butterflies fly around your screen to the background music of The Moody Blues " I know your out there somewhere".

  • Platform:

You can spend years waking up at dawn and trying to keep inspired and keep yourself motivated. But why not simply skip the learning curve?If you answered "Yes," and you want to snowball the growth of your business, relationship, or anything else, starting right now, with a proven method to keep on being inspired by what you create.

  • Platform:

Halo 3 Screensaver (GloryShotSS) is the ultimate custom screensaver download and is like an engine that brings your Halo 3 screenshots to life on your PC as a screensaver.GloryShotSS is different from static slideshow screensavers and even other Halo 3 screensavers because it is designed to be dynamic by using your hi-res screenshots instead of a few low-res static images.

  • Platform: WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista, Windo

This screen saver rotates photos of different birds as an animated leaf rotates around the photos creating a frame.You can also hear the birds chirping in the background.. . Our screen savers are virus free adware free and spyware free so you can feel comfortable downloading and using our screen savers.

  • Platform:

100 SuperCharced 640x480 Wallpaper Collection contains 100 different images in 10 groups of subjects - Abstract, Animals, Birds, Critters, Landscapes, People, Space, Transportation and Water. This is a collection of 640 x 480 JPG images for your desktop.

  • Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Pinnacle - Absolutely fantastic Direct X enhanced screensaver. The background image created with Bryce depicts a metallic object embedded in an alien landscape. Awesome colors and spectacular truly three dimensional objects floating throughout the screen.

  • Platform:

Free Flight 2 Screensaver - updated version of this truly awesome screensaver. Features an enhanced truly three dimensional hot air balloon floating over an amazing metallic 3d landscape created with Bryce. This saver utilizes Direct X technology. A trial version is available at 3d-desktops.

  • Platform:

This screen saver has coins and dollar signs falling from the top of your screen.. ..

  • Platform:

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