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FTPFS Mac, Allows you to mount ftp with read and write capability for use with mac os x finder.You need to have macfuse installed to use this program
FTPFS Mac License - Public Domain.

  • Platform: WinOther

A flexible client for highly automated FTP crawling. The application is able to handle FTP server listings in various formats, includes a mini IRC client (with DCC receive) and does (queued) downloading on multiple threads. Now includes distributed ..

  • Platform: WinOther

The most comprehensive file renaming utility available on Win, Mac, and *nix based platforms, ever. Not only does this application rename files, but it also integrates with various metadata information formats such as EXIF, XMP, and OGG clip info formats
Ner - file renaming application License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Qt Public License (QPL).

  • Publisher: Ner
  • Date: 04-09-2013
  • Platform: WinOther

Peter's Updater is a program to synchronize local directories automatically with FTP-Directories or other local directories. Peter's Updater supports proxies, gateways, filters and binary-/text-mode depending on the file extension.
Peter's Updater License - BSD License.

  • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, WinOther

SecureFTP project aims to provide a free, open source and user-friendly SFTP library for Java.
SecureFTP License - BSD License.

  • Platform: WinOther

Programs to test the possibilities of the dotnet framework
Bureaupack License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

WideStream Download Manager is an extensible and feature-rich download manager and FTP Explorer. It works as a download accelerator, supports multiple downloads, can resume broken downloads, download from YouTube, RapidShare and much more.
Download Accelerator, open security project , open passwords, xdd
WideStream Download Manager License - Artistic License.

  • Publisher: Widestream
  • Date: 03-09-2013
  • Size: 307 KB
  • Platform: WinOther

A linux lightweight ftp server in c/c++.
Lightweight FTP server License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2).

  • Platform: WinOther

With GideonFTP you can efficiently and reliably fetch and transmit files to any kind of Internet server using FTP or SFTP under windows, mac os x and unix.
GideonFTP License - BSD License.

  • Publisher: Gideon
  • Date: 03-09-2013
  • Platform: WinOther

Der Logo Uploader ist ein Programm, mit dem du deine Terrapin Logo-Dateien hochladen und sie spter auch wieder downloaden kannst.
Logo Uploader License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

FTP client. Makes work with FTP servers easier
EmphasisFTP License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3).

  • Platform: WinOther

Its a project something like ms power point and it could be use in any collage for study
Virtual Black Board License - Apache License V2.0; BSD License; GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL); MIT License; Public Domain.

  • Platform: WinOther
  • ftraq
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

FTraQ ("File Transfer Queue") is a platform-independent FTP client written in Java. Its goal is to allow queue management across different platforms as well as sophisticated segmented (threaded) downloading.
ftraq License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Publisher: Ftraq
  • Date: 01-09-2013
  • Platform: WinOther
  • tinyftpd
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

This project is a tiny ftp server .
tinyftpd License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

A pure Java-based FTP server with a complete security structure, virtual directories/roots, object-based internal representation of files, and designed to be seemlessly cross-platform. Additional wish-list items will be posted shortly.
Wrabbit FTP Server License - MIT License.

  • Publisher: Wrabbitftp
  • Date: 31-08-2013
  • Size: 68 KB
  • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, WinOther
  • StarFTP
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

StarFTP is a powerful, full-featured, cross-platform ftp server. Using python.
StarFTP License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Publisher: Starftp
  • Date: 31-08-2013
  • Platform: WinOther
  • gsfdm
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

a gnome internet downloader, plugable
gsfdm License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Publisher: Gsfdm
  • Date: 31-08-2013
  • Size: 221 KB
  • Platform: Linux, Unix

this project is created to test rth as my needed
BJIT Test License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther
  • pMover
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

Perl Mover is application which manages the delivery of files to multiple destinations from multiple sources. A number of options are giving with regard to source, destination and archive locations along with support for encryption and virus scanning.

  • Publisher: Pmover
  • Date: 31-08-2013
  • Platform: WinOther

FileZilla Portable is the popular FileZilla FTP client packaged as a portable app, so you can take your server list and settings with you. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or on a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind.

  • Platform: WinOther

ShareMole is an FTP indexer and search engine. It provides a central web-based search engine which can be updated using distributed clients.
ShareMole focuses on user access rights : different users can have access to different servers.
ShareMole License - GNU General Public License version 2.

  • Platform: WinOther

Command line application written in Java useful for automation of downloading process and filtering contents of downloaded files. jDownloader uses simple script file to configure downloading and filtering processes.
jDownloader License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, WinOther

ftpwebAdmin is a tool written in Perl, intended to handle remote administration of Serv-U daemons. It will provide management of Serv-U FTP domains, users, and groups and monitoring of current activity, bans, access lists, etc.
MassFTP Web Admin License - BSD License.

  • Platform: WinOther

TransferPlanet refers to our unique online network infrastructure that enables the integrated, collaborative use of high-end computers, networks, databases, audio and video servers owned and managed by multiple organizations and individuals worldwide.

  • Platform: WinOther

The goal of this project is to create an alternative to HTTP/SMTP due to outdated trends in the protocols and the need to rework protocols to be more efficient. To do this TransferServer seeks to become the first server to support these new protocols.

  • Platform: WinOther

Patch for openssh that allows an administrator to set the umask during sftp sessions and to control whether the user may issue chown and chgrp commands in an sftp session. Formerly known as the sftplogging patch; same patch without logging functions.
sftpfilecontrol License - BSD License.

  • Platform: WinOther

Programa escrito em PHP para download e upload de arquivos em FTPs e servidores grtis, download de Torrents e verificao de status de links em servidores grtis.
Central do Uploader License - BSD License.

  • Platform: WinOther

This project aims in implementation of openpipeline in python.
openPipeLine in Python License - Academic Free License (AFL).

  • Platform: WinOther
  • backmood
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

integrated my skil , brain and killing, just try and error for this create my expereience, explore your brain and extrack into tar.gz,export anouncement number on the hole and kill all network service, heeeeyy for all i can explore your mine
backmood License - GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Platform: WinOther

Curl is a tool and libcurl is a library for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting DICT, FILE, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP, LDAPS, POP3, POP3S, RTMP, RTSP, SCP, SFTP, SMTP, SMTPS, TELNET and TFTP. With many features.
curl and libcurl License - MIT License.

  • Platform: WinOther

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