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Body exercise at home without using any equipment..

  • Publisher: Tandokazi
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Developed by Akber Ali

Cook with various chefs from armature to professional and become the real chef.

  • Publisher: Akber
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

This is a complete learning tutorial for yoga beginners.
This will provide you the details regarding
1) What is yog*
2) Things to keep in mind before starting yoga
3) Where to start.
4) Sequence of yoga asanas and detail stepwise
explanation of some yoga asanas.

  • Publisher: Parag Shah
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Fitness diary will help you organize your workouts and improve your results. Watch your progress every day..

  • Publisher: zemnov
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

This tool was developed to help woman to get pregnant, however it also can be used as a calendar based contraceptive method.
Ovulation/Menstrual cycle may differ from woman to woman, therefore pay your doctor a visit in order to better calculate it!
In case you don't want to get pregnant we advise you to adopt a birth control method (condom, contraceptive pill, Diaphragm, Cervical cap, Lea's Shield,.

  • Publisher: darkjonas
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Live psychic readings, live tarot readings, daily horoscopes, psychic and tarot news available 24/7 from Kooma. Our free to download app gives you access to 100*s of our gifted psychic and tarot card readers. Whether you are looking for guidance on love, family, relationships, career or finances, we are sure there will be a psychic reader available to support you.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

With this application you can time yourself, have a pedometer, count the distance and calories while you train. All these without the need of gps signal , only with the use of the accelerometer of your smartphone. You can, also, save your your daily training results and preview them as graphs, so you can review your progress.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Hodge Twins app for Windows Phone 8

Your #1 app for all things Hodge. Keep up to date with their latest Twitter and Facebook posts. You can also watch the Hodge Twins latest videos on youtube:

Ask Hodge Twins
Twin Muscle Workout
Fasting Twins

Privacy Statement: http://www.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

This application is a cycling computer for Windows(R) Phone 7.5. You can check, while riding speed, direction, distance, altitude, etc.
Also, you can also know the current location and riding route on the map. During the offline you can also use this application as a compass.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

The Paleo diet is for effective weight loss and prevention of many degenerative diseases. The diet is based on three basic principles:

1. Eat lean proteins, grass-feed red meat, free range fowl, and wild-caught fish
2. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

  • Publisher: SK Todd
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile
  • Carb On
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, you know that the cornerstone of a healthy nutrition plan is controlling blood sugar levels. To keep blood sugar levels in check, count the carbohydrates you consume.Many foods you consume include carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta, rice, fruit, fruit juice, dairy products, legumes, potatoes, corn, sweets and many snack foods.

  • Publisher: EDU Vision
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

The difficulties of maintaining a gluten free diet are doubled when you travel. This app will make your life easier while travelling.

*** now even more countries and languages are provided so you can travel in comfort to even more regions of the world.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Find my Birth Stone is an app that helps identifing your Birth Stone as well, information about it.In order to use it just input your birthday in the provided box..

  • Publisher: Nikos Ch.
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

New in v1.3

- Updated the call to retrieve the weight log, due to a change in Fitbit APIs

New in v1.2

- See your stats and log your weight in metric or imperial measurements
- Lots of stability fixes

Connect to your Fitbit account and quickly view all your daily activities status.

  • Publisher: ThatPaolo
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

The App Help You To Keep Fit,
This application helps you
Know your weight by knowing your height

  • Publisher: pro_ali
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

A great way to keep track of your progress as you try to manage your weight, Weight Log allows you to easily record your weight each day and with a graph, easily see the progress you've made..

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

* Do you snore when you sleep? Do you disturb your family with your noise? Do you force your partner to sleep on the sof* Well, so the solution is Snore Killer.

Thanks to Snore Killer you can turn your Windows Phone 7 into a device that acts as the appropriate stimulation you need in order to change your sleeping position and stop snoring.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

* If you are struggling to decide whether 12 Step Recovery would work for you then explore 12 Step Recovery without having to go to meetings *or*
* If you are looking at how to add the *Emotional Sobriety* component Bill Wilson referenced into your existing 12 Step Program*

* The Pocket Wisdom Recovery PLUS: Emotional Sobriety for 12 Step (which is just one component of the Full Pocket Wisdom Recovery PLUS Series) will provide you the insight and resolution you need to live a life of self-control, happiness and inner peace.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile
  • 5 a Day
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

5 a Day is a simple app to remind you to eat 5 portions of Fruit and Veg every day.

Simply add a live tile to your home screen and it keeps a visual reminder of how much you have had today.
Tap and add Fruit, Veg, Smoothys, Beans/Pulses or Juice.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

** Reminder Feature added

The aim of this application is to provide easy guide to its user over how to perform various exercises.It comprises of over 40 exercises for various body parts.
It also has a scheduler feature where a user could insert/modify/delete set of exercises he wants to perform.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Have you ever wished you could enjoy your favorite treats but with less guilt? If so, "Add This, Not That" is the app for you! This app offers healthy baking substitutions to decrease both fat and calories. Use this as a tool for creating healthier alternatives for your favorite recipes!.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

AntiMosquito is the App that will keep away mosquitoes and insects of any kind!
Version 1.1 is out now, give it a try!

- Timer system to automatically turn off sound playback!
- Two modes: ultrasound and outdoor!
- Amazing graphics!
- Its' FREE!!!

Version 1.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

VitalCheck allows you to store your vital signs including glucose, weight, heart rate, waist measurements, and blood pressure. The vitals can then be sent to anyone you wish, such as your healthcare provider or caretaker through the app via email. Vitals that are saved through the app can also be seen along with graphs at myvirtualhealthcheck.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Quickly and efficiently keep track of the carbs and calories that you eat each day. Use this application with you regular dietary needs to lose weight and build muscle.

V1.8 - Corrected Tile update time reset, must enable background task for tiles to be updated properly.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Welcome to the most precise heart rate monitor available for Windows Phone 8.
Connect your HxM heart rate to your device, and track your heart rate over time!

Do you need one? you can buy it using the links below

United states: http://www.

  • Publisher: Caledos LAB
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Hardest game you'll ever love. The only game that will give back.

Soak Your Head is a hard game. You'll need an hour of frustration, but the payback will be tremendous. The game has been shown to increase both memory and intelligence in as little as eight 20 minute sessions (spaced out one per day).

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Save your phone and save yourself in case of an emergency or lost device. Super easy to use.

Set important information to the lock screen. Customize the background with color or your favorite picture.

Easy to use, clear instructions and fast.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile
  • AyurYoga
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00
  • Rating

AyurYoga is one of those application that you must have in your Windows Phone. Using this Application you are ready to get trained and achieve fit-slim toned body. The App provides you streaming videos of each YogaAsana defined in Patanjali Yoga. The videos are directly from YogaRishi Baba Ramdev's portfolio.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

We often forget what a particular medicine is for. Important details like its expiry date, when to consume and in what amount are even tougher to remember. Here is where Medicines Catalogue comes to our rescue!

New features (Version 2.0)
1) Now you can set reminders for medicine, the most sought feature
2) Categorize medicines into groups
Check the about page of app for more details!

Medicines Catalogue reminds you when to take a medicine and what quantity.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Biorhythm is an attempt to predict various aspects of a person's life through simple mathematical cycles.
These cycles begin at birth and oscillate in a steady sine wave fashion throughout life.
Most biorhythm models use three cycles: a 23-day "physical" cycle, a 28-day "emotional" cycle, and a 33-day "intellectual" cycle.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

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