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Keep track of your blood pressure measurements
* Quick and easy entering of new measurements.
* Graphical visualization
* SkyDrive Backup and Restore
* Export to ODS/Excel on SkyDrive
* Live Tile support
* Send measurements by email
* Morning and evening measurements can be separated

More Features:
* Color-highlighting for high or critical values
* Optional comments for each measurement
* Edit or delete old measurements
* Customizable (daytimes, critical levels)
* Help pages
* Minimal phone rights required (no GPS, no identity, *)

Please Note:
- Full functional trial limited to adding 20 measurements
- This app does not measure blood pressure because this is NOT POSSIBLE with a smartphone (you need an inflatable cuff).

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Use Hearing Range Tester to take our unscientific hearing test.

When exposed to loud sounds which damage our ears or as we age we gradually lose our high-frequency hearing.

Use the 50Hz to 18000Hz tones (Humans hear frequencies) generated by the app to find where your hearing cuts out!

Try it out - Trial version is fully features & unlimited.

  • Publisher: ESK4U
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile


easyHeartRate is a very-easy-to-use camera-based heart rate meter: turn your phone's camera on, cover the lens by your fingertip and wait for around 10-20 seconds, your heart rate will be measured.

  • Publisher: wsoftvn
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Developed in cooperation with a professional trainer, Eat Burn Learn allows you to understand, define and track your daily calorie intake to help you achieve weight goals. It features an always-visible "CalorieBar" that provides a visual representation of your daily calorie balance.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

The Total Couch to 5K Premium app helps you go from the couch to running a 5K in 30 minutes in 9 weeks.

-Complete 9 week workout plan to achieve your 5K run
-Post your progress to facebook
-Map your runs with tracking each interval
-Track your progress and timings
-Get stats on your total distance, pace, speed, projected 5K times, and etc
-Get audio or voice cues as you run
-Ad free.

  • Publisher: Six Bars
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Drug Pro is a mobile database of 20k++ entry of drug brands. The feature of the app includes search drug by name, brands and category. the app also provides information such as: drug name, description, indication, synonyms, pharmacology, toxicity,dosage,brands, price, mechanism of action, affected organism, drug interaction, drug
category,and bookmarking facility.

  • Publisher: Algo Studio
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 4096 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Calculate and store your history for your US Army Physical Fitness Test score. Find out what the min/max for each exercise and what your min/max weights are. Supports extended scale as well.

1.4 - Bug Fixes
1.3 - Added the ability to use and score alternate cardio events
- Added Red/Green pass fail text for test score

  • Publisher: 13Shamrocks
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

* One of the best rated white noise machines on the market.

* Superior in sound contents: 24 scenes, 83 different sound effects and more than 300 different sounds ensure that everyone will find an ambience matching their needs.

Sleep Bug Pro is an ambient sound mixer that produces a variety of scenes and music with random sound effects.

  • Publisher: Panzertax
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 335872 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

DeekFit Gym Pro is the ultimate tool for anyone that goes to the gym!

Pro has all the great features of DeekFit Gym, no ads & syncing/backups with DeekFit.com! Trial version has the same functionality as the free version.
Enter & track workouts, view stats, build routines, auto-countdown timers, tabata intervals, monitor your weight, set goals, keep daily notes, add custom exercises, calculate your BMI, BMR, Wilks total, estimate one-rep max, and more!

Don't go to the gym without it!

Changes in version 4.

  • Publisher: DeekFit
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 5120 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

AA Companion is the ultimate Alcoholics Anonymous companion application!

AA Companion includes a sobriety calculator which displays detailed real-time statistics on how long you've been sober, and includes a portable copy of The Big Book!

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Basic Abs Exercise contains those abs workouts which must be done by a person in order to reduce the belly fat and shape out the belly..

  • Publisher: Adioenix
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

new in V2.0
*Live Tiles
*interface redesigned
*fixed bugs

Banish gym boredom and get fitter faster by incorporating intervals*short, high-energy bursts of exercise interspersed with lower-intensity exercise*into your cardio regimen.

  • Publisher: LPWP8
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 3072 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Update Users can now use Weight Chart in Imperial units. Links added for Pregnancy Genie Facebook page and blogs.

When you are pregnant, every day brings a new challenge. Your body changes every week, new symptoms need to be made sense of, your weight and diet need attention etc.

  • Publisher: Aaltovation
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 8192 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

build bigger arms in 2 weeks.

++an easy to follow program that will help you to add extra centimeters to your arms.

* training section : a 14 - day arm assault program
* detailed description of each exercise with images and videos
* news section : read some awesome articles from bodybuilding.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Stop your thoughts with help of sound, fall asleep easier or simply relax.
Bring inner silence, joy, power and creativness into your daily life using this app.

Sound Meditation let you create compilations containing sounds like water, rain, waves, birds, crickets, .

  • Publisher: sunbeam
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 41984 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Are you trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy? Fertility Tracker will calculated and estimated your important dates (including menstruation/period days, fertile days, ovulation days) based on custom settings of your own cycle. Just enter the First Day of your last menstruation cycle and adjust the length to match your cycle and the app calculates the best dates to conceive or when to use protection.

  • Publisher: EggBlox LLC
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 7168 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Relax Melodies Premium, the leader in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance , is now available for your Windows Phone! No more insomnia for you, tension is a thing of the past at any moment. Just custom mix your favorite high quality sounds from a selection of 82, then slip naturally into a relaxed state or a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Livescape (previously known as Life Tracker) is an activity and nutrition journal for Windows Phone that features GPS tracking and the ability to count steps. Keep a log of your daily activities. Calculate the number of calories burned. Track your weight, calorie intake, and monitor your Nutrition Facts from day to day.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Important notice:
Kegel bootcamp is now ad supported. The trail edition (fully functional) will show ads and the full version removes the ads (I have to pay bills).

Kegel Bootcamp is a fun and easy way to gain the benefits of Kegel Exercises.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Discover the Secrets of Body Building! Get Maximum Fitness with the Best Results!

Are you looking for a way to build muscle? Would you like the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger without buying all kinds of expensive equipment?

This book covers everything there is to know about body building and it's easily understandable to the average person!

Discover how to setup your own workout plan.

  • Publisher: KoolAppz
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Want to train and take better care of your body?
Now you can with an app that offers challenging fitness routines.

* The PLAYCOACH app Physical Fitness is designed for men and women who want to get back in shape, stay healthy and maintain a nice physique.

  • Publisher: playcorp
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 3072 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Now enjoy Jerry Cahill's CF wind Sprints, presented by the Boomer Esiason Foundation (BEF) with this convenient app. With this app you get an inside look at how Cahill maintains a healthy and active lifestyle.

This app contains the following features:

* Always updated with the latest episodes- and an archived back catalog
* Favorites (mark the episodes you want to return back to over and over)

(Please note, not all features are available for all episodes.

  • Publisher: Libsyn
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 2048 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Here at Paleoaholic we are dedicated to giving people the recipes and tools and information they need to fit the Paleo, Primal and CrossFit Lifestyle. We are so excited to share our paleo recipes with you and our Goal is to help you along the way.

The Paleo Diet, or better known as the Caveman diet is pretty straight forward*.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

This is the most convenient and reliable way to access Ask The Podcast Doctor. You're always connected to the latest episode. Instant access, just touch and play! Ask The Podcast Doctor app contains the following features: Streaming access to play episodes from anywhere, always updated with the latest episodes- and an archived back catalog, download the episodes and play them when offline, favorites (mark the episodes you want to return back to over and over), and more! With great features like these, if you are a fan of the show, you won't want to be without this app.

  • Publisher: Libsyn
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 2048 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Finding the time to stay healthy and in shape can be difficult for anyone. But when you*re an entrepreneur who*s work seems to follow you around everywhere, it*s a task that seems nearly impossible. As business owners, it*s easy to forget that you have to take care of yourself too.

  • Publisher: mobileBeez
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 3072 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile


It's easily treated with simple stretching and muscle exercises. Following a simple exercise routine is an effective solution to relieving constant back pain, keeping you healthier and happier.

  • Publisher: playcorp
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 3072 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Fitness guide is a powerful tool to maintain your health

It's known that being in shape need alot of investment. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. But the only constraint is to know how to keep a regular rythme of exercise.

Fitness guide contains various types of exercise and personalized workout.

  • Publisher: Esprit
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

A Reference for the most common trigger points and referral patterns for over 70 muscles. Features 100+ trigger points with their corresponding referral patterns. Each muscle includes the visual referral pattern and point location, plus a written muscle action, referral and comments for each muscle.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile
  • Ocazou
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: 0.99
  • Rating

Ocazou est une petite application qui peut vous A?tre utile en cas d'accident. Enfin, plus aux secours, qu'A vous !

Si vous tournez de l'oeil, en cas d'accident, Ocazou permet simplement d'avoir les informations nA*cA*ssaires pour vous porter assistance : nom+prA*nom, date de naissance, groupe sanguin (!), don d'organes (!), allergies, maladies.

  • Publisher: ZRABx
  • Date: 22-04-2014
  • Size: 1024 KB
  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

*keep a daily log of your blood glucose Levels, iinsulin, carbs intake, weight and A1C (eAG) .
*write down all your results in your smartphone, as they come from your meter.
*take steps to monitor your condition, prevent serious complications, and feel better while living with diabetes.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

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