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Validates links and shows report. It very useful and fast tool for those who wants to check all links in an URL for validity. It aso founds and displays emails. It shows position of a link an a page. So you can easily find broken links on it. Also it is possible to export reports in txt files for further use. If you wish to wiev full report regrding last checked URL, just click 'view report' button, you will see all information about the site..

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: Oksima team
  • Date: 04-05-2005
  • Size: 228 KB

The Links Package is a multi-module set for managing URL links in a master directory, and attaching them in various ways to your content pages. It includes both an API for developers and user-visible content modules. This package is released for Drupal 4.7, Drupal 5.x, and Drupal 6.x. Links offers the following features: * An API for managing URLs in a generic way, and for associating these links in a many-to-many relationship with nodes. Each link is "normalized" internally, to try to merge references to the same URL in the database.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
  • Publisher: Scott Courtney
  • Date: 08-04-2013
  • Size: 655 KB

Use the Dead Link software so you can quickly and easily discover and replace dead links. Have a website with hundreds or thousands of links? Not a problem! This software can sniff out as many broken links as you can throw at him! This bloodhound can sniff out as many broken links as you can throw at him! check your weblinks automatically! Are All Of Your Website Links Working Nothing is more aggravating to a potential customer than to visit your website and find broken or dead links. Money Management Online, save 70%.

SiteReportCard provides free website optimization, promotion and analysis tools to help you improve your website. Our tools help you find broken links, validate HTML, improve meta tags, check spelling and much more..

Surfpack Startpage is a real lifesaver for people who know what they want on the Internet and regularly visit the same web sites. Basically, Surfpack Startpage builds a single HTML page that contains all your favorite web resources displayed in whatever way, form or shape you might like - favorite URL links, newsfeeds, entire web pages, etc. The page you create also comes with search tools, horoscopes, current weather conditions, LiveJournal diaries, humor, and other web modules. There are dozens of tools to make your online experience with Surfpack much more enjoyable than simple web surfing cluttered with unwanted banners and pop-up ads.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: Softshape
  • Date: 23-06-2004
  • Size: 1176 KB

Find how many links your domain has on the most common search engines. Plus total number of back links. The results will provide you details of your listings in three different search engines:.

  • Platform: Misc Scripts
  • Publisher: Keyur Parmar
  • Date: 14-02-2011

Snap2Tell Alive! provides convenient and quick access to information via an image. By simply taking a picture of an item, relevant multimedia contents (video, audio, URL links) about it can be presented to the user.

This app leverages on the Snap2Tell image recognition technology developed at the Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR, Singapore.

Many interactive applications such as mobile advertising, marketing, and training can be enabled with this platform.


  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Knorex Pte Ltd
  • Date: 18-02-2014
  • Size: 5632 KB

MusicBee Remote is an application that allows you to remotely control MusicBee using your Android device.

It is a third party application and thus it is not affiliated in any way with MusicBee or Steven Mayall.

You can find help and links to the plugin required for the application to work on

** For nine months starting 2014-03-11 I will be doing my mandatory army service this means that there will be probably a lack of updates.

Both the application and the plugin are open source and distributed under the GPLv3 License.

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: Konstantinos Paparas
  • Date: 02-07-2014
  • Size: 1945 KB

Doctor X is back in the game with this all new sports challenge for kids! Treat young athletes with awesome medical tools at the hospital! Find broken bones with the X-ray machine and ice injuries! It’s your chance to be a school sports superstar! Play your favorite school games, like baseball, tennis, soccer and more!

Let The Games Begin!
Start by selecting a young athlete from 4 popular school sports — baseball, dodge-ball, tennis & soccer — and get in the game! Be the MVP of the tennis team! Hit a homerun on the baseball field! Score a soccer goal! It’s your chance to be a school sports star!

Fun Sports Games!
Score goals, hit a baseball, serve some tennis balls! Watch out though, your young athlete might get injured and need some help from Doctor X!

Doctor X Courtside Clinic Treatment!
They've shown off...

  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: TabTale
  • Date: 15-02-2014
  • Size: 30720 KB

Sopcast Football App help us watch football match on link sopcast. The App will help us find the sopcast links as quickly as possible.
- Collect sopcast links about matches weekly
- Watch match with sopcast link direct on Android devices.
- Get and share sopcast link to watch on PC.

To watch dierct on Android devices, required devices must has installed Sopcst App. Homepage sopcsat:



  • Platform: Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x
  • Publisher: ASF
  • Date: 23-02-2015
  • Size: 2560 KB

Sometimes you'll find links on websites that aren't clickable. Use Open Selected URL to select the link, right-click and then select the choice to open the non-functioning link in the current tab, a new tab, or even a new window..

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Publisher: MuvEnum
  • Date: 21-05-2012
  • Size: 105 KB

Are All Of Your Website Links Working? Nothing is more aggravating to a potential customer than to visit your website and find broken or dead links. Use the Dead Link Bloodhound software so you can quickly and easily discover and replace dead links..

"Grep! Facebook", is an application to find a word or phrase from the comments or messages related to the account you are logged.
In addition to specifying a search word or phrase to set whether or not including regex, case sensitivity, type, URL links, and ID to search for.

Facebook account is required to use this application.

Improved login process.

Made for rotation of the browser.

Providing a real alternative to P2P software like Limewire and Bearshare, Clickster easily finds and downloads mp3 files from the Internet and NOT from other P2P users. Because tracks are downloaded from the Internet and NOT over a P2P network, with Clickster there are no associated poor connection problems and the downloads are normally received at speeds not seen on P2P.With over 25 million mp3 tracks (and growing) for you to search and download, there are no broken/dead links. Tracks can easily be previewed/played without any need to download the track first.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Publisher: Remlap Software
  • Date: 03-07-2009
  • Size: 5980 KB

QuidProQuo automatically scans through your site to locate your link partners. It then spiders through your link partners sites to verify reciprocal links back to you. It will find the link cheaters (those to whom you are linking but are not returning the favor). With multi-threading it allows you to speed up the process by spidering multiple sites at the same time (the lite version has a maximum of 2 threads). The software checks links through the Yahoo search engine first to find the reciprocal links to accelerate the process.

If you like watch movies online, then this screen-saver for you. We present new screen-saver with screenshots from the best movies 2010. You can watch online all movies presented in this screen-saver on developers site. You can also find there movies links on your favorite movies. Screen-saver contains only 26 posters from movies and this is only 0,1% of content we have on site. Installing Screen-saver “Best Movies Online 2010″ | Watch movies online wherever you want and enjoy new releases.

  • Platform: Mac, Palm, Windows
  • Publisher: TopMovieLinks LLC
  • Date: 24-06-2011
  • Size: 14882 KB

PPC Mixer provides an easy-to-use method of creating keyword or domain name specific URL's for pay per click campaigns.

It works with a list of keywords which you provide, and automatically creates the keyword specific links.

The application also takes a list of domain names you provide and creates alternative spellings for those domain names. It then formats keyword specific URL links for your PPC campaign.

PPC advertisting is much more efficient when using the right tools. Companies offering PPC management software will charge high monthy recurring fees when all that is needed is the right PPC managements tools.

Sitereportcard: Website Optimization is multi-platform compatible. SiteReportCard provides free website optimization, promotion and analysis tools to help you improve your website. Our tools help you find broken links, validate HTML, improve meta tags, check spelling and much more..

WikkiTikkiTavi is a wiki engine --- it is a PHP script that runs wiki sites. Basic Features: - Wiki pages stored in a database rather than in flat files. - Versioning supported, both indefinite (all versions stored, the default) and transient (old versions stored for n days) - Difference-between-versions supported. - Unicode support is optional through UTF-8 encoding. - PageDeletion. - Title works as a BackLink. - Individual page lockdown by administrator. - Site-wide lockdown by administrator. - Edit-rate limiting scheme.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
  • Publisher: Even Holen
  • Date: 09-02-2013
  • Size: 102 KB

The Explorer for Microsoft Excel can become your irreplaceable assistant in managing Microsoft Excel worksheets. This handy add-in for Microsoft Excel visually organizes all opened spreadsheets in a tree-view catalogue so that you can easily navigate between your Microsoft Excel workbooks, drag sheets throughout workbooks, rename, delete, resort them and insert dozens of worksheets with a click.

Explorer for Microsoft Excel
With Explorer for Microsoft Excel you can:

* Navigate through Microsoft Excel worksheets and workbooks.

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