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Detects and removes rootkits, hijackers, keyloggers and Trojans and provides. By constantly monitoring your system, BoClean provides real time protection against identity theft and data corruption.

Operating Systems

* Windows For Workgroups 3.11 (Win32s required)
* Windows 95, 95A, 95B, 95C (Winsock 2 required)
* Windows 98, 98SE
* Windows ME
* Windows NT4 (SP2+ required)
* Windows 2000
* Windows Server 2003
* Windows XP (any, including 64)
* Windows Longhorn Server
* Windows Vista (any, including 64)


1. If you already have a copy of any earlier BOClean on your machine, UNINSTALL it first! If you have BOClean running on the tray bar, right click it, select "shut down BOClean". Should you forget to do this the remover will complain and tell you to do so. There is no harm done if the old BOClean were to be left running, however you'll have two BOCleans running and that will waste resources. The two will not interfere with one another, but you only require one.

2. In order to properly install COMODO BOClean, you *MUST* be logged on as an administrator/owner. A reminder screen will appear when started to warn that it must be installed under the administrator/owner. It's NECESSARY to ensure that the kernel driver is properly loaded that the installation be done by administrator.

3. Once installed, BOClean will NOT reboot the machine - this is done in order to protect any "works in progress" on the user's machine from accidental loss. However, the kernel driver once installed MUST start at boot-up and without a boot-up to kick it off; it will not be present until the machine has been rebooted. BOClean will also start automatically after a reboot; it is NOT started by the installer based upon the need for its kernel driver to be present. Without the kernel driver, any "test nasties" will not be detected until the "10 second recalibration flash" on the tray bar icon whereas with the kernel driver running, it will do so instantaneously. This is the reason for the reboot requirement rather than just starting BOClean straight away.

4. Note to Vista users: If the installation reports "not responding" the install is proceeding and will be back to you in a few seconds. This is the result of Vista losing track of the window.

Internet trojan horse programs, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, pseudorootkits, hijackers, adware, annoyware, email relays, spam proxies, spam relays, scam downloads and email/spam robots ("bots") are perhaps the greatest security threat to individuals and institutional networks in existence. By installing malware (short for MALicious softWARE) on a machine, computer crackers can go anywhere, see and do anything they want with your computer, including banking records and your most intimate and personal documents. In addition to wreaking havoc with your machine and pillaging your personal property, some malware, specifically trojan horse servers, can even record your personal conversations if you have a microphone connected to your computer. Malware can invade your system without you ever knowing it and are designed to elude firewalls by using ports which are not blocked by network "firewall" security software or proxy servers. Many of them disable the most frequently used antivirus and software firewalls

BOClean Features

* Destroys malware and removes registry entries
* Does not require a reboot to remove all traces
* Disconnects the threat without disconnecting you
* Generates optional report and safe copy of evidence
* Automatically sweeps and detects INSTANTLY in the background
* Configurable "Stealth mode" completely hides BOClean from users
* Update automatically from a network file share
* Protects itself from malware tampering or shutdown
* FREE daily malware database updates from our web site
* Update file can be shared/pushed on a server for easy maintenance
* Optional rollback of update to an earlier version
* Full spectrum malware coverage and protection

Malware can be placed on your machine in a number of ways. You can download what looks like an innocent program which carries malware inside it invisibly. You can receive a "greeting card" or other file from a buddy that contains a game or joke animation or it can be sent to you by exploiting security holes in Microsoft and other email programs. Malware can also be downloaded to your machine as an ActiveX control as part of the content of a rogue web page or can infest your machine by the simple act of opening up a compromised Microsoft Office file. If your machine is in an accessible area, malware can also be copied onto them by disk or over a network directly. It is imperative that all clients on a network be protected, as malware installed on one single client can compromise the entire network to the full extent of that client's permissions.

Once malware is installed on your machine, the perpetrators can then either connect to your machine, go anywhere they want, read, delete, download or upload any file, anywhere on your machine at will, or simply wait until your computer connects out to its clients, accessing or transmitting your personal documents, banking information or other personal, private files on your computer. Some malwares also give the perpetrators the ability to delete, change or damage any part of your machine invisibly without you ever knowing. They can download, edit and modify any of your files and then put them back.

We have located and studied over 1,000,000 malware programs and new ones are appearing daily. The vast majority of them are modifications to older, existing malware. We only count unique malware in our "effectiveness count" and do not include renamed, repacked or variant malware in our listings. BOClean will simply detect those, eliminating user worry over so many "zero-day" warnings seen from other software manufacturers that turn out to be a repack or variant.

Port-scanning and traffic analysis software are less than an optimum solution because the malware is already in operation, transmitting data before packets can be detected and analyzed to set off a warning often after data has already been looted from your system and the perpetrator has already disconnected. Many of these malwares gather data for a period of time before they activate and transmit data as the assumption of their authors is that they're likely to be detected and thus they're now designed to "store and forward," needing only a few seconds worth of connection time to ship their stored data. Most analyzer programs, in addition to failing to protect you, generate bogus warnings and report incorrect locations as the source of the attack. File scanners can only detect fixed patterns and if the malware has been compressed, encrypted or modified, it cannot be detected by pattern matches since it will no longer match the pattern and will thus elude detection. BOClean watches memory, registry, and the file system waiting for malware to load up and then shuts it down before they have a chance to operate. This is the ONLY method which ensures that malware cannot steal your data since it never got a chance to do its dirty deeds. In addition, we remove all of its hooks and restore your system to its original condition AUTOMATICALLY. No removal instructions to look up and apply manually, no down time.

Antivirus software frequently fails to detect, and more often fails to effectively clean most malware. BOClean runs automatically in the background without interfering with your work and kills malwares INSTANTLY the moment they activate without giving them the chance to invade your machine. BOClean also eliminates the need to stop what you're doing to secure your machine after it's too late. BOClean works with all versions of Windows 2000 and XP (with or without service packs). Unlike antivirus programs, BOClean will actually shut them down and destroy them without the need for you to seek out the method of removal or risking dangerous editing of your system's innermost configurations. BOClean requires no technical skills and handles detection, removal and repair of your system automatically.

BOClean was designed by Kevin McAleavey, creator of NSClean - the original anticookie software - and IEClean internet privacy software and consultant in counterespionage technology since 1974. BOClean now protects schools, universities, corporations, government and individuals across the world. Our anti-malware technology can protect you as well.

Our BOClean software protects you against a full spectrum of malware, automatically removing these programs from memory, your hard disk and your registry without the need to reboot or drop your internet connection. BOClean safely neutralizes these threats instantly without any risk of damage to your files or computer. Updates are FREE, and the update download and installation process is (or, in the case of network deployment, can be) completely automated.

BOClean can be setup to update automatically from a network file share. It can also be hidden on a desktop to protect against tampering by end users. Because it is automatic and runs in the background, there is no need to depend on user training or vigilance to secure your network. It is also excellent for individual users and "home" networks. BOClean will shut down an intrusion long before the person on the other end has a chance to so much as "ping" the victim's machine, much less start grabbing data. When an intrusion occurs, BOClean will stop it instantly. No other security program from any other manufacturer works this way.

BOClean will SAFELY remove malware without the need to reformat and reinstall the operating system as has been recommended by some "security experts". BOClean is designed for both single user and network scenarios and can be customized for any network or institutional situation. It can be run continuously as a background application to watch and wait for malware to appear (recommended) or it can be configured to run once, permitting manual scans (not recommended) from a desktop icon.

BOClean is designed to run quietly without intrusion if no malware "attack" exists and will scan through any suspicious files with signature analysis to preclude false alarms or possible damage to valid configurations.

BOClean is designed to install itself into the system if installed using the SETUP program provided with it. Should malware attempt to install, BOClean will stop it instantaneously.

Fixes and enhancements to Excluder:

* Fixed incorrect saving/disappearing of icons for excluded programs
* Fixed "always on top" problem which sometimes obscured display screen
* Quicker access to excluder upon warning of changed or missing excluded item
* Better explanation of why excluded item may have changed and instructions
* Now remembers display mode and any sorting of display in excluder
* Restart of BOClean no longer required after changes in excluder

Fixes and enhancements in manual and automatic updater:

* Fixed memory leak which caused BOClean hang after a few weeks continuous use
* WEB downloading instead of FTP to resolve firewall connectivity problems
* Removed "rollback" button with automatic re-download if download is corrupted
* Added new tray bar icon status indications (downloading/success/problem)
* Added detailed messages to manual updater notifying of problems and solutions
* Downloads automatically checked upon downloading rather than at load time

Fixes and enhancements to BOClean itself:

* Faster access to excluder and manual update checking
* Clearer, more specific alert messages and recommended actions
* Detected items must be either deleted or excluded or BOClean will re-detect
* Status icons for updater now visible on traybar when automatic updates occur
* Spread scanning to reduce CPU spiking with NAV/KAV/NOD32 antiviruses

Fixes and enhancements to BOClean installer:

* Clarified first screen to indicate need for "clean install" and instructions
* Automatically sets requirements for administrator mode and installs or complains
* Permissions for databases, reports and configuration automatically established
* Uninstall now configured to require administrator permission to remove all

BOClean 4.25 Critical Upgrade

A buffer overflow vulnerability has been discovered by our QA team in Comodo in ALL existing versions of BOClean which can possibly be exploited. Therefore we have brought out this version. Please upgrade your copies to this one if you have not already done so.

Installing your BOClean

To install BOClean for the first time, all you need to do is run BOClean setup you downloaded. If you're REPLACING an existing version of BOClean, then you'll want to first double-click the traybar icon and click "Shutdown BOClean" on the button menu which appears. Then UNINSTALL the earlier BOClean from the BOClean program group on the start menu, or from the Windows control panel's "add/remove programs." BOClean should appear on the list. If your previous BOClean cannot be uninstalled, then go ahead and install the latest setup, then UNINSTALL it, and then finally install it again.

Once BOSETUP is finished, you can activate BOClean immediately from the program group on your screen without the need to reboot, or you may reboot and it will start automatically. BOClean is designed to install itself automatically as a traybar icon. If the Setup Program is used to install BOClean, it will be configured for you already. If you double-click on the traybar icon, you can perform additional configuration adjustments if you wish to, as described below in the "Configuring BOClean" section.

BOClean Autoupdate
Our trojan databases are updated whenever new trojans are encountered. This is pretty much DAILY, on occasion multiple times a day. We expect you to set BOClean to collect them automatically so if you want to do so manually, you may want to bookmark the Covered Malware page and check it frequently. BOClean will ALSO warn you if you need a free VERSION upgrade.

Prior to version 4.10 of BOClean, you needed to manually download and install these routine updates. Since this is still possible, instructions to continue to do the manual updating can be found below. In BOClean's Configuration screen are options with respect to the auto-update features of BOClean. Further detail can be found in "Configuring BOClean" below. BOClean by default will now automatically come to our FTP site and automatically download and then install the update if there is one. If you're not online, or you already have the latest update, you will receive a message and the auto-update screen will disappear. If you've selected the "silent" update option, then BOClean will not disturb you about this, and the screen shown above will NOT appear. BOClean will just grab the update and leave you alone. This option can be set in BOClean's configuration screen.

A MANUAL update can be performed by double-clicking on BOClean's traybar icon at any time and when the button bar appears, click on the button marked "Check for update" ... BOClean's updater screen will appear and notify you as to whether or not there is an update. If you prefer to update manually, or you have difficulty performing the auto-update as a result of your firewall or other security software blocking BOClean's access to our FTP site, then a manual update can be done by ftp download from ftp://nsdownloads.comodo.com/pub/boc425.xvu and then moving the file to the location specified in the BOClean configuration screen. The manual update and the automatic update are the same at all times.

Once you have downloaded the BOClean update file from our site, BOClean will handle the proper location automatically. Once the update has been run, the box will close by itself. BOClean will then load, authenticate, and then APPLY the update. The date should appear at the top of the screen with the date and time of the latest update (which will always be "today" or "yesterday." Select "Exit this menu" once you're done. That's it!

In Case of Difficulties

Installation problem: "Failure while copying (file) to (file)"
If you received a ZIP file, you need to move to the folder in which the zip was saved and run BOSETUP from that location. If this problem occurs, it's because Windows is not trying to copy FROM the proper folder where the files are located and thus cannot find them. When doing an install from a network drive, it's best to use a "command prompt" (or DOS) to actually MOVE to that drive and folder, and then invoke BOSETUP.EXE from there.

After installation, BOClean runs 100% CPU
Please note that it is normal for BOClean to run at near 100% CPU when it is first started, as well as after opening and closing the menu button bar. This typically occurs for anywhere from a few seconds to almost a half minute while BOClean is re-examining ALL memory, processes and startups. During this time, the traybar icon will have a blue color before settling back to its normal black with regular ten second interval green flashes. Once the icon turns black, CPU should be near zero usage with an occasional 4% or so spike when the icon flashes. "Stuck at 100" usually indicates that two copies of BOClean are running and fighting one another.

If CPU utilization remains at 100% (50% for Vista) for more than 20 seconds upon startup, then BOClean is being interfered with by another "security" program. To solve this problem, consult the documentation for your antivirus and any OTHER security (firewall?) programs, and see how to EXCLUDE BOC426.EXE and BOCORE.EXE from those programs after they've had a chance to ensure that your copy does not contain a virus and this will solve the problem IF the errant "security" program permits excluding BOClean. If not, contact the vendor for instructions or provide them with information as to BOClean so that they can remove it from their "suspicious" list after examining it fully to THEIR satisfaction.

BOClean runs 100% CPU on LIMITED accounts, OK for administrator OR when limited login occurs first, administrator's BOClean hits 100%

Problem here turns out to be a bug in Windows2000 and WindowsXP permissions as a result of one of their past "security updates" that caused a strange anomoly. In all earlier versions of Windows, the ability to "load and unload kernel drivers" was not granted to "limited user accounts." When a limited account logged in, it was not possible to load or unload a kernel driver. When any such attempt was made, the calling program was returned an "access denied" by the operating system and the driver never started.

Somehow this "expected behavior" has changed and now when a limited user logs in, the kernel driver *IS* loaded and started regardless of permissions, however notification to the caller of the kernel driver loader does not occur. Neither "success" nor "failure" is returned and BOClean was seeing its kernel driver and waiting for an acknowledgement from Windows that it had indeed loaded and was sent into a "wait loop" for a notification that never came. In other words, BOClean had one of its threads held in limbo. This was the cause of the "100% CPU." We fixed it by not waiting for system return at all and now just check to see if the driver is running or not by ourselves. Please note that the "100% CPU" problem is also associated with a noticeable "slowdown" from BOClean 4.12 upon upgrading ... SAME issue!

Cannot get BOClean to update on "limited user accounts"
This is strictly the result of restrictions which Microsoft has introduced over numerous "service packs" and bandaids for Win2000 and XP. The solution requires granting "modify and "write" permissions to the limited user(s) for the BOC426 BOClean folder. This will ONLY work with BOClean 4.25 or later ... This is how to modify the permissions to allow BOClean to be updated while a limited user is online:

First of all you need to be Logged in as an Administrator in Windows XP, this is CRITICAL! "Limited users" and Microsoft's failure to provide a single "common" point for file writes is the problem here. By MICROSOFT'S choice, "limited users" do NOT have the necessary permissions to update BOClean. THEIR choice, not ours! However, there IS a way around this!

Use the "search" feature to locate a FOLDER called BOC426. When you search, a number of "BOC426" items will likely appear, only ONE of them is a FOLDER. It SHOULD appear somewhere under an "All users" folder. Once the icon for BOC426's FOLDER appears in the search window, RIGHT click on the FOLDER icon and select "Properties." Can you SEE the security tab?

If you are running Windows XP PRO and cannot see the SECURITY tab, then you need to enable it which is done by going to Tools->Folder Options on most any open window. On the View tab click the Advanced Settings box; towards the bottom of the list that appears should be an entry "Use simple file sharing [Recommended]", you need to CLEAR the check box. You do NOT want to use simple file sharing. Click OK to close all the windows and follow the instructions above to alter the write permissions. All permissions are inherited from a master template, so doing this for just BOClean does NOT expose you to a security hazard, and in fact gives you FAR greater control over security by being able to make specific folders even more secure than Microsoft's "defaults." As Martha Stewart used to say, "this is a GOOD thing!" Any newly created items will still inherit the highly limited "limited user" settings regardless of this change.

If you're running XP HOME, Simple File Sharing is enforced by default and cannot be disabled. You must boot the computer into Safe Mode and log in with the Administrator account, in order to see the Security tab.

You need to alter the settings on this tab to change the permissions of the BOC426 folder, which should be self-explanatory (just click the box stating that you wish write permission and modify permission to be enabled for the SPECIFIC user(s) you are interested in).

Check the boxes marked "Write" and "Modify" for the BOC425 folder so that it can be updated by "limited users" or whoever happens to be online when an update is available. "Modify" should also enable "write" but if not, check that box as well. This change will ONLY affect the BOC426 folder wherein the BOC426.XVU update exists. No other folders will have their security settings changed. Once this is done, then any "limited user" will be able to collect BOClean updates and place the update where it's available to all.

NOTE: If you uninstall BOClean and RE-install BOClean, these special permissions will be wiped out by Windows. You will need to go back and provide these permissions again ANY time that the BOC426 folder is removed for whatever reason, and then restored should you have this problem. "Modify" and "write" permissions will not be available for updates or exclusions until those permissions exist in the "new" folder.

Program hangs or system crashes
Windows98 and WindowsME (to a much lesser extent) are built on the original Windows95 technology. While Windows95 and WindowsME are QUITE stable, the same cannot be said for Windows98 after years of Microsoft patches and upgrades to its functionality. Windows98 has SERIOUS memory management problems, made all the worse by upgrades from the original Internet Explorer 4.0 which it shipped with as well as its current "OBSOLETE" status by Microsoft. Microsoft is not interested in fixing memory management problems in Win98 since problems only result in sales of newer versions.

Add to this original instability, many programs optimized to run on Windows 2000 and XP at the EXPENSE of Windows98 compatibility can become QUITE unstable with commonly used programs NOT designed SPECIFICALLY for Windows98 and its various "issues" as Microsoft prefers to call "bugs." Because BOClean requires the use of DEEP memory scans, already unstable and poorly behaved programs, including those from the largest, well known software companies could "wedge" ... past versions of BOClean would end up with a locked RED or BLUE icon on the traybar and the entire system itself could wedge under Windows98. Any lockups which occur are the result of bad memory management in Windows or badly written software which is incompatible with Windows98 in particular. These problems do NOT occur with WinME, Win2000 or XP as was determined by over years of experience with BOClean 4.11. We did not see this problem in BOClean 4.12 through to 4.25 thus we don't expect to see it in BOClean 4.26 either.

Unable to get an update at all or "corrupted download" error when BOClean starts or updates
Go to your START button, then select "all programs" then look for "Comodo" on the panel. Go there, then "Comodo BOClean" and then move to "Updater" and then click THAT. This will bring up BOClean's manual updater. Watch the screen carefully as any error messages will only appear for about two seconds before it exits. Make NOTE of the error presented, it'll be one of the following which will all be "check connection" based. Here are the specifics:

Error 103: Means that there is a problem with Internet Explorer itself being corrupted. IE probably isn't working either.
Error 104, 105: You do not currently HAVE an internet connection, network is DOWN.
Error 106: Means that a firewall program is blocking the connection *OR* your Internet Explorer is in OFFLINE mode - run IE and CONNECT.
Error 107: Network data transmission failure with your ISP. Try it again later when the "intarwebs" are working again.
Error 108: Comodo site is down. Try again later.
Error 109: Connection was lost. CORRUPTED DOWNLOAD! Try again now!

Running a MANUAL update will yield one of the above errors, OR "successful download." In the event of BOClean having been fed a defective or corrupted database, doing the above will solve the problem once you're able to download a "good" database. Run BOClean again if it has failed once you have a good download. The previous "rollback" function in BOClean 4.25 has been removed because the rollback was more likely to restore a defective database than collect a good one. By design in 4.26, a corrupted database will cause BOClean to try to get another copy and THEN shut down, permitting you to run it again with a good database to start with being far more likely than with the "rollback" function.

"(Not responding)" during Vista install/uninstall
Install/uninstall completes eventually ... this is a Vista bug. The error message of "(not responding)" is the result of another window stealing focus from the install/uninstall window (particularly the "going around in circles" replacement for the hourglass as the cause) and is the result of Vista forgetting the install/uninstall window is because of the interruption and labelling the window it can no longer see as "not responding" ...

Solution is to wait until the action underway is completed whereupon all is well. If it remains "not responding" for more than 60 seconds, then Explorer has crashed for other reasons.

The BOClean Excluder

SOME programs are SO unstable under Windows98 (especially "internet software") that it may be necessary to EXCLUDE programs from BOClean's deep memory scanning. As a result of this possibility for a FEW potentially affected users, BOClean provides an EXCLUDE screen where you can drag and drop programs into this screen, and BOClean will beadvised NOT to detect it as a trojan, and to be VERY cautious in analyzing it, making sure to clear memory before entering into a deep scan if necessary. A deep scan will be performed on excluded programs ONLY if it appears they've changed, have been tampered with, or have been "injected."

If BOClean should "wedge" along with your machine, SIMPLY TURN THE POWER OFF! You WILL receive that "you've been naughty" message from Microsoft about "shutting down properly" and will need to suffer a disk scanning in all likelihood.

Start the BOClean Excluder from BOClean's configuration screen. There's a button on the bottom marked "EXCLUDES" that will make this same screen appear. To exclude a program, open the Excluder screen first. Then run the Windows FILE EXPLOER, or select "My computer" on newer machines. Navigate down to the folder containing the program's main file, and then DRAG its icon with your mouse (hold left button down on top of icon, KEEP left mouse button down, drag the icon from there and then move it to BOClean's excluder. Let GO of the left button once you've dragged the icon to the excluder) ...The Excluder will take a few seconds to analyze the file, and then the icon from that program (and its title) should appear in the Excluder screen.

Since many troublesome programs are started from a DESKTOP shortcut, BOClean's Excluder will ALSO permit you to drag a shortcut from the desktop or a shortcut from elsewhere to the Excluder screen and will figure out where the actual program is and add it automatically. In this situation, it is not necessary to find the program. If the Excluder can't, then you will need to use the find/search feature on the start menu to locate the program, then you can drag the icon from THAT to BOClean's excluder. Excluded programs will be treated ever so gingerly by BOClean once excluded.

BOClean in normal operation

Once you have installed BOClean, it will appear on your Windows system traybar, near your clock. Unless you wish to customize, no further action is required. BOClean will run in the background automatically, monitoring your system for anything which attempts to startup and run which manages to slip past your various "file scanners." The reason why BOClean does not do "file scans" is that most backdoor trojan horses elude file scanning entirely. The majority of "backdoor compromises" involve FAMILIAR trojans which have been "encrypted," "repacked," "patched," "hex edited" or otherwise modified to obscure them from "pattern matches." This is HOW they sneak by antiviruses and "malware/trojan/spyware scanners." File scanning IS the province of traditional anti-malware software and we consider it ineffective in the "real world." BOClean does not waste time duplicating a systemwide file scan which is what your antivirus is expected to do, and already has done. If it gets past THOSE, then BOClean stands at the ready.

Many antiviruses do well and detect about 90% of trojans in the wild. It's the other 10% which are modified that is the major concern, and known trojans can be easily configured to elude file scans even when they're "known." BOClean doesn't bother. Once they're unpacked or decrypted and go to run, they must shed their "cloaking" and this is where BOClean comes to the rescue. Instantly.

If a nasty gets past your antivirus' file scanning or your firewall, (most modern trojans kill antiviruses and firewalls as their FIRST act of invasion) response to any startup is instantaneous. BOClean also performs a "recalibration" every ten seconds which examines registry and system components to ensure that nothing has changed since its last calibration cycle in order to prevent against injections into already running programs. Response to a startup is instantaneous and is not subject to a "ten second wait" for recalibration. This function merely provides another layer of examination in addition to instantaneous detection of a fresh startup.

A blue or green colored "flick" of the traybar icon will be noted when BOClean does this recalibration every ten seconds. The icon's black vacuum cleaner will turn BLUE when memory is being examined in connection with a program starting, it will flick green when it's doing a routine examination of the registry during a recalibration. Formerly, BOClean would flick RED during the recalibration cycle which confused people, causing them to think a trojan had been caught, or worse, MISSED. As of BOClean 4.12, you will ONLY see the icon turn "blood red" IF a trojan has been caught and an alert is being triggered OR if you open the configuration screen or button bar, during which time BOClean goes "quiet" and you're unprotected. It will REMAIN red until all cleanup has completed, or when you close the button bar, whereupon BOClean will start its examination cycle again with the icon being blue until it has REscanned ALL memory andrecalibrated itself.

You will also see the icon turn blue and remain blue at startup or when BOClean has been stopped for configuration and the menu is closed when you're done with the button bar and configuration screen. Disk activity will be furious as well as BOClean examines not only memory, but all of the files and associated system libraries associated with each process, task, or device driver. This may take a while depending on how many items are currently running on your achine at startup time. BOClean will examine every detail at startup, and this may take some time. BOClean is designed to yield to other tasks with higher priorities, so don't be surprised if the icon remains blue for a decent period of time at startup or "start from zero" recalibrations. This is NORMAL. At any interruption of BOClean, it will discard its internal list of already examined items and start from scratch with a blue icon color. It will REMAIN blue until BOClean has finished all examinations, whereupon it will revert to its green flick every ten seconds when the system is examined and remains "quiet." BOClean will immediately respond as soon as a trojan prepares toactually start running. If BOClean remains quiet, all is well.

Three new additional "states" have been added to the traybar icon - when an automatic update is in progress, a globe will appear which will replace the standard BOClean traybar icon. It will have a green "down arrow" while an update is in progress and once the download is completed, it will flash for one second a "status result" ... if the icon has a green checkmark, a successful update has occurred. In the event of a failed update, it will instead display a red X over the globe. In the event of the red X, it is recommended that a manual update be attempted by right-clicking the traybar icon, and clicking the "check for update" button. A popup window will appear which will attempt to download again and should this fail, a specific error will be indicated over the progress bar which will indicate the cause of failure so that it can be remedied.

If a "trojan horse" or other malware is present on your machine, BOClean will shut it down FIRST, then you'll receive a warning box and you will be prompted by BOClean asking if you want to remove the offending file and clean up its remains. If you are running BOClean in regular standalone mode, you will be able to hit YES to perform a safe cleanup, or you can hit the NO button to delay cleanup if there is some valid reason. If you hit the YES button, the trojan horse will be removed from your hard disk and the windows registry. There is NO NEED to disconnect from theinternet or your network and a reboot is not necessary either. In the RARE situation where you are using a remote control trojan horse or other known malware and INTEND to be using it, you can use the BOClean EXCLUDE screenas described later to tell BOClean to IGNORE any nasties you INTEND to use for whatever purposes. You can ALSO use the Excluder to tell BOClean to be gentle on any poorly behaved programs from other vendors that make themachine crash. See below.

If a program or the desktop itself has been infected by a memory "injection" into another program, BOClean may shut down a legitimate program which is infected, or may reset your desktop, causing it to go blank and then reappear. This permits BOClean to destroy the injection. Under the most EXTREME circumstances, BOClean might even force a system reboot. Only a small handful of trojans are so severe as to require this drastic a step, but in such a situation, BOClean is "smart" enough to know when such a drastic step is required and will do so if absolutely necessary in the rare event that a nasty cannot be stopped by any other means.

BOClean automatically stops the trojan prior to alerting so it's merely a question as to whether you want the remains removed. Once the trojan horse has been removed, you can continue on your merry way without concern! If you've opted for BOClean to generate a report, the incident which resulted in the alert will enter the terse details of what was caught, where and what was done about it to an ongoing report, along with time and date stamp for the incident. The reports are intended to be very brief and terse in order to conserve disk space and will ONLY contain reports of trojan captures and elimination. BOClean will NOT fill the log with various "I was here" messages. By default, the report generation is enabled. You're invited to turn it off in BOClean's configuration screen if you wish to conserve disk space.

Be aware that there are configuration options which will modify the default behavior of BOClean. If your machine is on a corporate or other network environment, the configuration may have been selected by your system administrator and it is possible that you may be denied access to the configuration menu of BOClean as a result of a lockout designed intoBOClean. There are several layers of lockout possible and anyone wishing to use them should contact support@comodo.com for details on proper use.

BOClean Options

To access BOClean's operations menu, simply double click the left mouse button on the BOClean traybar icon (or RIGHT click once) and you will be presented with the seven options shown above. At the top of the screen is the BOClean version you're running, and below that is displayed the time and date of the latest BOClean update you have. Since this will change almost every day, "updated every day" is substituted for the date in this graphic. It should reflect a date and time within a day or two of "today" or you may need to manually check for a BOClean update. If you choose the default "automatic" update, this should change by itself after BOClean has automatically connected to our site and collected your update FOR you. This is just one more "set and forget" convenience in BOClean's design.

If you select the top button marked "Shutdown BOClean," BOClean will instantly close and be removed from the traybar icon. This item is offered in case you run into any problems with BOClean or wish to start it up again. Shutting down theprogram will leave you without any protection and therefore is not recommended.

The second button is marked "Configure BOClean." If you are running BOClean in standalone mode, this will bring up the configuration dialog described in the next section. If you are in a network environment and the system administrator has chosen to exercise the "Prevent any changes" option in the configuration, you will receive an "permission denied" message and will be refused access to the configuration menu.

The third button marked "Check for update" will launch the "BOC4UPD" module of BOClean to allow you to perform a MANUAL update of BOClean. BOClean provides AUTOMATIC updates, but some people have expressed a desire to allowBOClean updates to be MANUALLY performed and don't like "Automatic updates." If you've decided to turn off "Automatically update BOClean" in the configuration screen, pressing THIS button will allow you to MANUALLY download a BOClean update database from our site yourself. When selected, if you are online, BOClean will check our site for an update and if one is available, will download and install it automatically to the location specified in the BOClean configuration settings. It will automatically validate, verify and install without any action on your part. If no update is available since the last one, you will be told that there's no new update to collect at this time and the updater will exit and re-verify your existing update. If you are using a firewall, you will be alerted to the BOClean update module trying to access the internet via FTP (port 21 on the other end) to perform the update. If your firewall blocks the BOClean updater, then an automatic update will not be possible until your firewall is properly configured, and you may need to do it manually. If you encounter problems updating, contact your firewall vendor for assistance in allowing BOClean to perform its autoupdate. We use "PASSIVE FTP" on PORT 21.

The fourth button allows you to import a newly installed update into BOClean without the need to shut down BOClean or reboot the system to accept a new update. BOClean will authenticate the update and will then change the date on the panel to reflect the new update if it passes inspection. It is marked "Reload/test update" but can also be used to import a manually downloaded BOClean update if you choose to collect yours the way you did in the past, as well as to allow you to have BOClean check its current update to ensure that it hasn't been tampered with. This button is unlikely to be used, but it is provided "because it's always been there."

The fifth button allows you to examine a list of malwares which are contained in your present BOC425.XVU malware data file. The list will also remind you where to obtain update files. We STRONGLY recommend that you visit our site at least twice a week, though we have been updating the antimalware data file just about once every day for QUITE some time now. The top of the BOClean selector menu contains the date and time when the antimalware datafile you are currently using was created. We STRONGLY URGE you to use BOClean's automatic updating feature so you won't have to worry about this, and so BOClean can be kept up to date with the very latest database. Once upon a time, updates were rare. With all the nastiness ongoing lately, don't let BOClean get out of date. That's why the automatic update feature has existed for a couple of versions now.

The sixth button will allow you to read any reports generated by BOClean. There will be no report to view until BOClean has been triggered into evaluation mode or has found a malware infestation. If you have not had a malware event, the file will not exist and when you select this item, you will receive an error message about Notepad not being able to find the report file. This is normal and the proper response is not to create one. Reports, where they exist, will have a separate date and time-stamped entry for each event describing what was found and what was done about it. You'll be asked after each viewing if you wish to delete the cumulative report or let it continue to accumulate.

The seventh button will bring up the BOClean Excluder screen which is used to exclude programs which result in false alarms in BOClean's heuristics, or more significantly provides the ability to EXCLUDE programs from BOClean's "deep memory scans" which are unstable, poorly written and tend to cause crashes, particularly in Windows98. See below in the "In case of difficulties" section where we explain how to use the Excluder.

The bottom button allows you to close the menu button bar. In previous versions of BOClean, the menu bar would automatically go away on certain functions. You must now click on this button to close the menu and restore BOClean to operation.

You will note a bar on top which tells you which version of BOClean you have installed. If you grab ahold of the top of this button menu, you can drag it and relocate this popup menu ANYWHERE YOU WISH on your screen and it will remember where you placed it and will pop up in that location until you move it somewhere else. This will allow you to move the menu button bar out of the way should you need to as it's designed to always remain on top of any other windows and might block a window behind it from view. In addition, each of the EDGES of the button bar display can be "grabbed" with the mouse and RESHAPED should part of the menu be obscured or missing. Simply drag it up, down, left or right until the screen is "neat" given varying screen sizes and the foibles of Windows XP miscalculationsof actual display sizing.

BOClean Configuration

Autoupdate Options grouping
A NEW section marked "AUTOUPDATE OPTIONS" as of BOClean 4.12 provides control over the autoupdate feature as well as allows you to set the location for the BOC425.XVU database update file. The installation of BOClean will automatically pre-select the smartest options for your machine and situation by default. It's recommended that you don't change them unless you have a need to. If you wish to change the defaults, please read the possible repercussions below before doing so!

The first item at the top left of the dialog is the option to "Automatically start BOClean at bootup." This checkbox controls auto-startup of BOClean from the registry. When this box is checked, BOClean will start when your system does. This mode is HIGHLY recommended to ensure that BOClean is watching your system from startup when any latent nasties sitting on your hard disk are likely to be started. Many nasties can be downloaded and never triggered when first dropped on your system. Since BOClean is NOT a "file scanner," it will not notice nasties UNLESS they actually try to RUN - this is the point where you're most vulnerable, so it's a good idea to leave this checked. This checkbox also has another useful nature - some "registry cleaners" might remove BOClean's autostart and should that be the case, when you run BOClean manually, UNcheck this box, then recheck it again and it will repair the autostart if necessary without having to reinstall BOClean to get the startup back.

On the top RIGHT, a checkbox marked "Automatically update BOClean as below" is provided. If this box is CHECKED, then BOClean will silently check for updates and apply them if an update exists that you don't already have. If UNCHECKED, then BOClean will pop up a box indicating "Update is available, update now?" with a YES or NO option. The update will wait until you decide. This option is provided to allow people to set BOClean to pop up an "Update available" warning so as to not cause nervousness about internet activity should BOClean be silently updating. HOWEVER, there can be a downside to NOT having this checkbox checked - your firewall or system may time out and when you click YES to collect the update, the update may FAIL. Therefore we recommend that you opt for the automatic update by leaving this checkbox checked in order to assure you that BOClean is ALWAYS up to date. If you turn this off, then you will need to remember to do manual updates on your own. YOUR choice.

The MIDDLE box allows you to configure BOClean's autoupdate feature as you wish. If this box is CHECKED, then autoupdating of BOClean will occur automatically. If it is NOT checked, this entire line and its contents will be grayed out to remind you that you've turned it OFF. The "Automatically update" box in the upper right will ALSO be grayed out as this checkbox is the "master control" for automatic updating. If unchecked, then BOClean will neither autoupdate nor will it check for updates.

You can select how often BOClean checks for an update - the DEFAULTS are check every 24 hours, starting 4 minutes after bootup. You can adjust these settings to a minimum update check of every 6 hours to a maximum of every 48 hours. The time lapse between system startup can be adjusted between 2 minutes and 60 minutes after system startup. Inputting values lower than or higher than these values will result in BOClean setting to one of these minimums or maximums in order to prevent a denial of service attack on our servers for too short a minimum as well as ensure that you cannot set BOClean's update to too high a value to cause BOClean to not be updated frequently enough to protect you.

The bottom checkbox in this grouping allows you to specify a location for the trojan horse datafile (BOC425.XVU) that is different from its normal default location. This need not be changed for those using the Autoupdate feature. It permits the BOC425.XVU trojan horse datafile to be placed in a location of your choice and also permits network administrators to provide a common location on a server so that all users of BOClean on their desktops can all be pointed at a single shared copy of the BOC425.XVU file for a network deployed situation.

In situations where a network administrator needs to deploy the latest BOClean update onto a system, this can be done in a logon script where they check to see if BOClean already exists, and if not, creates the folder and then copies the files out to the workstation with the final act being calling REGEDIT and having it merge the following startup file silently:



Network administrators can prevent user tampering by giving them a BOC424.INI file in the WINDOWS folder with the following items set in the [Prefs] section of BOC424.INI as distributed locally:



These would be =0 otherwise. When "hide=yes" the configuration screen is hidden, as are information screens. If "hide2=yes" as well, then the traybar icon is hidden and no alerts appear. BOClean just nails any malware silently. Updates can be configured to be pulled to the desktops from Comodo BOClean server silently as well or the local copies can be set to point to a shared drive at the location so as to minimize traffic outside the site if desired. What most sites do is distribute all of the files plus the BOC424.INI file once they have things set the way they want them to all desktops.

The location will be automatically selected in order to allow "all users" to use a common location on Win2000 or XP or will default to C:BOC425.XVU for Win95, 98 or ME users. This default location is also the default for the Autoupdater, which we recommend be used. If you change it, be sure to include the BOC425.XVU filename in whatever location you may put in here or it won't be found and BOClean will complain about it not existing, then undoing any changes you make, and reverting backto its previous "I know the file is here" mode.

Configuration Options grouping (lower part of screen)

The first item at the top left side of the dialog is the option to "Monitor System continuously." This is the default mode for BOClean and provides the highest protection. It should be left checked. However if you would rather BOClean ran only once at bootup and then shut down entirely, UNCHECK this item. As a result of it being unchecked, BOClean will run only once at system startup and then will shutdown once it's checked your system. In order to run BOClean again manually, you'll need to run the BOClean program from the programs listing on your start button. We STRONGLY recommend that you do NOT uncheck this box.

The second item on the left side is "Keep copy of trojan as evidence" and allows you to retain a copy of the most recently detected malware, safely disconnected from being operable, for further examination and study. The evidence copy will be named as "evidence.boc" and will be saved to your "My documents" folder or whatever location is specified for the report of malware activity and capture. If you choose to keep the evidence, please move it off your machine and onto a floppy as soon as you can to keep it from being renamed and used to reinfect your machine. It is also possible that another security program might detect it and cause undue panic. This is the reason why we default this to "off" in BOClean.

The third checkbox down is labelled "Unattended cleanup and removal" and can be set to FORCE the machine into a cleanup if malware is found. This option, if checked, always overrides the user option as to whether or not to do a cleanup and will always cause the machine to go into an automatic cleanup without showing any warning boxes to the user. If checked, there is no way to avoid an instant cleanup. The purpose for this specific checkbox is to give the "end user" no choice as to whether or not they want a stopped malware removed, when it's checked, no option is given. In addition, the notification of malware does not appear but will still be written to the report if reporting is enabled. By default, this is off in our latest BOClean versions since numerous customers like to click buttons. If BOClean is deployed on servers or unattended machines, you WANT this item to be checked so that BOClean will function without the need for human intervention.

The fourth checkbox IS DANGEROUS! BE VERY CAREFUL HERE. The option to "Prevent any changes to configuration" settings is a one way street. If this box is checked and the configuration screen is closed, you will not be able to run the configuration dialog again! This button is intended for system admins to protect against user tampering with preconfigured settings. If you are "master of your domain" then you really do NOT want to check this box. Be warned. If you slip up and check this box and then close the configuration dialog, you will have to contact support@comodo.com by email to learn the secret to re-enabling the configuration menu. You will be warned that this is an irreversible decision and given the opportunity to cancel this option before BOClean will accept it as a deliberate choice.

The fifth checkbox is ALSO DANGEROUS. Marked "Permanently hide traybar icon and alerts", this option will allow you to completely hide BOClean from the screen and the end user. This option will also hide trojan warnings on the machine in question and set BOClean so that if malware is found, it will be quietly killed and removed without any indication to the end user that malware had been found and eliminated. This option is particularly useful for sites who do not want their end users to know that malware is being silently defeated and that BOClean is on the job. It is also HIGHLY recommended for unattended sites as it will suppress ALL on screen information, rendering BOClean invisible. Because the traybar icon and BOClean screens are hidden by this option, selecting this will also make BOClean's configuration screen unavailable to the end user and should be carefully considered. As is the case with the "hide configuration" checkbox above, a warning will be delivered that this option is irreversible from BOClean's configuration and the option is given to cancel this mode if selected. The fourth and fifth items, selected together are the recommended configuration for unattended servers. However these two checkboxes are *NOT* recommended for personal use of BOClean.

The sixth checkbox on the left side controls the long obsolete display of BOClean's memory scanning display screen at startup when your system is already overloaded with better things to do. Painting text on a screen is VERY expensive in resources and particularly CPU time and tremendously lengthens the amount of time BOClean will take at startup drawing text. Over the years, the overhead slows down BOClean WITH the screen showing by as much as ten times over the speed with it NOT showing. This item should only be unchecked if you want to see what BOClean is doing, but will SERIOUSLY affect performance if left unchecked. It takes a VERY long time to show all that's going on. We STRONGLY advise that you leave it CHECKED. But feel free to see it once just so you can see what's going on if you must. Then check it back on to stop wasting valuable time. The "scan screen" has no real purpose anymore, but some folks like a "show and tell" which is why it even remains in 4.26. We recommend users leave it checked.

The seventh checkbox on the bottom provides an option requested in order to comply with needs of certain persons with disabilities such as Epilepsy and other similar conditions. It came to our attention that some customers had difficulty with BOClean's flashing traybar icon for medical reasons or simply because they found the flashing distracting. By checking this box, BOClean's traybar icon can be set to NOT flash every ten seconds. Formerly in previous versions, this was the checkbox that turned off detection of the Netbus trojan. However, since the company which distributed it has been out of business for several years, that function has now been removed.

Summary of left side checkboxes: Normal personal users will only want the TOP checkbox of the group of seven on the left side and the sixth (scan screen) checked. The others should be unchecked normally. ADMINISTRATORS might want all of the items selected, and might also want to change the report location to point to a network user's "personal shared" drive on a server. This will allow gathering of report data as well as the last captured trojan if desired for each user. If you want to make BOClean clean the trojan but remain visible and configurable by the end user, then "Unattended" should be checked. Fourth box removes the end user's right to play with the configuration, and the fifth box makes BOClean invisible if the third and fourth boxes on the left side are ALSO checked. "Sequential diminishment of 'appliance user' rights" is what has been designed for, as required by the majority of our industrial purchasers' expectations. Individual users will probably NOT want to take advantage of these design factors.

Right side:
The TOP checkbox on the RIGHT side of the screen allows you to tell BOClean to *NOT* shut down file shares if any are added. Normally this checkbox should NOT be checked as you will want any file shares placed on your machine to be eliminated. In SOME situations however you might NEED file sharing present. This will be the case if you're using "Windows networking" to connect two or more machines on a local network. "Windows networking" uses the incredibly awful NETBEUI networking protocol. A better choice is to use TCP/IP with ethernet cards as provided with cable modems. In this case, more than one machine can access a high speed modem connection to the internet and having file shares turned off will not pose a problem. We suggest you opt for the file shares option to be turned off *ONLY* if you have more than one machine on a home network and they suddenly won't communicate with each other any more. We also strongly suggest that if this situation applies to you that you contact your computer dealer or friendly neighborhood network nerd and find out how to use TCP/IP or other networking protocol between your machines as NETBEUI is a completely insecure networking method. Note: BOClean will NOT interfere with network share access on newer versions of Windows such as Win2000 and XP which no longer use the old "NETBEUI" protocols if this box is checked. However it will prevent the majority of trojans from facilitating access if NETBEUI is available on the machine in question for "X$ shares."

New as of BOClean 4.23 is finer grained configuration of automatic system repair options beginning with the second checkbox which is marked "Automatic reset of security zones." A large amount of malware will change your security settings to allow future installation of malware by setting numerous sites and programs as "trusted." If this box is checked and malware is found, BOClean will automatically reset "security zones" to their default state thus setting ALL sites to "internet zone" in order to prevent reinfection. If this box is not checked, no action will be taken but any changes to your security zone settings will remain as they were, even if infected. We recommend checking this box for your safety.

The third checkbox on the right is marked "Automatic cleanup of HOSTS file." By default this is also checked because once again, the majority of malware will write to the HOSTS file to block access to antivirus and antimalware updates and this file is also commonly used to redirect you from sites you intend to visit to rogue sites instead. Some people and some programs make use of the HOSTS file to block other sites however it is not possible to programmatically determine which sites are safe and which aren't and therefore in the event of malware detected by BOClean, we want to reset the HOSTS file to the Microsoft default of EMPTY in order to prevent reinfection.You should UNCHECK this item ONLY if you actually use a HOSTS file and are willing to check it manually yourself to ensure that all entries are what you intend. We recommend leaving this checked however.

The fourth checkbox is marked "Automatic cleanup of TEMP folder." Windows uses a TEMP folder for each user as a temporary storage location for files until they can be copied to their final location. As a result, the TEMP folder should be empty except during installation of movement of data from one place to another. Some programs fail to empty out the TEMP folder when they're finished copying data and this TEMP location is often u

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Publisher: Comodo Group, Inc. | License: Freeware | Price: 0.00
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