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Classical Physics Pack

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Classical Physics Pack consists of 134 Physics Calculators & 54 Physics Converters.

** Available in English, Français, Español, Italiano, Deutsch & Português **

Physics Calculator:
• Force
• Kinetic Friction
• Static Friction
• Centripetal Force
• Centripetal Acceleration
• Gravitational Acceleration
• Angular Acceleration
• Work
• Total Work
• Power with Work
• Power with Displacement
• Power with Velocity
• Displacement or Distance
• Differential Pressure
• Density
• Water Density

• Kinetic Energy
• Potential Energy
• Elastic Potential Energy
• Einstein Mass Energy
• Gravitational Potential

• Velocity
• Circular Velocity
• Average Velocity
• Escape Velocity
• Drift Velocity

• Newton's Law of Gravity
• Newton's Second Law of Motion
• Archimedes' Principle
• Kepler's Third Law
• Hooke's Law
• Pascal's Law
• Poiseuille's Law
• Darcy's Law
• Stokes Law
• Souders-Brown Equation
• Podmore Factor
• Coulomb's Law
• Mirror Equation

• Cavitation Number
• Euler Number
• Fourier Number
• Knudsen Number
• Mach Number
• Nusselt Number
• Reynolds Number
• Weber Number
• Froude Number
• Prandtl Number
• Schmidt Number
• Brinell Hardness Number

• Doppler Effect - Wavelength Front
• Doppler Effect - Wavelength Behind
• Doppler Effect - Approaching Source
• Doppler Effect - Receding Source
• Doppler Effect - Approaching Receiver
• Doppler Effect - Receding Receiver

• Projectile Motion for Vertical Velocity
• Projectile Motion for Vertical Displacement
• Projectile Motion for Horizontal Displacement
• Projectile Motion for Range

• Impulse with Velocity
• Impulse with Time
• Momentum with Velocity
• Momentum with Time
• Moment
• Torque
• Moment of Inertia

• Transverse Strength
• Standard Surface Factor
• Rectangular Tank Capacity
• Cylinder Tank Capacity
• Apparent Porosity
• True porosity
• Kinematic Viscosity
• Mass Flow Rate

• Seismic Geophone
• Weight in Planets
• Wenner Spacing - Soil Resistivity
• Luminosity of Stars

• Temperature
• Thermal Conductivity
• Thermal Diffusivity
• Thermal Linear Expansion
• Thermal Volumetric Expansion
• Thermal Linear and Volumetric Relationship Expansion
• Heat Flow
• Heat Transfer Rate
• Specific Heat Capacity

• Sound Pressure Level
• Sound Intensity Level
• Sound Power Emitted
• Sound Wavelength
• Sound Speed
• RMS Noise
• Noise Pollution Level

• Simple Pendulum
• Physical Pendulum
• Leaf Springs
• Radar Range
• Coincidence
• Helical Spring Rate
• Helical Spring Axial Deflection
• Helical Spring Index
• Amount of Substance
• Metric Weight
• Millspindle
• GSM of Paper
• D Exponent
• Bend Allowance

• Physics Constant Table

• Inductive Reactance
• Capacitive Reactance
• Resonant Frequency
• Inductor Sizing Equation
• Capacitor Sizing Equation
• Resistance
• Battery Life
• Battery Charge Time
• Kva
• Potentiometer
• Voltage Divider
• Electrodialysis
• Electrical Harmonics
• Horsepower
• Voltage (Ohm's Law)
• Power (Ohm's Law)
• Resistance (Ohm's Law)
• Current (Ohm's Law)

• Shear Modulus
• Bulk Modulus
• Youngs Modulus
• Stress
• Strain

Unit Converter:
• Acceleration
• Angle
• Area
• Astronomy
• Charge
• Cooking
• Data Transfer
• Density
• Current
• Potential
• Capacitance
• Conductance
• Conductivity
• Field Strength
• Inductance
• Resistance
• Resistivity
• Energy/Work
• Flow Rate (Mass)
• Flow Rate (Volume)
• Fluid
• Force
• Frequency
• Fuel Consumption
• Hardness
• Length
• Light (Illuminance)
• Light (Luminance)
• Magnetic Flux
• Mass
• Memory (Computer)
• Metric Weight
• Metrology
• Moment of Force
• Moment of Inertia
• Permeability
• Power
• Prefixes
• Pressure
• Radiation
• Sound
• Specific Heat Capacity
• Specific Volume
• Temperature
• Thermal Conductivity
• Thermal Expansion
• Time
• Torque
• Typography
• Velocity
• Viscosity (Dynamic)
• Viscosity (Oil & Water)
• Viscosity (Kinematic)
• Volume

Physics Dictionary

Free download from Shareware Connection - Classical Physics Pack consists of 134 Physics Calculators & 54 Physics Converters.** Available in English, Français, Español, Italiano, Deutsch & Português **Physics Calculator:• Force • Kinetic Friction • Static ...

Publisher: Sparkle Solutions | License: Shareware | Price: 4.12
Version: 3.0 | Size: 1228 KB | Platform: Android 1.x,Android 2.x,Android 3.x,Android 4.4,Android 4.x
Released Date: 10-02-2014 | Rating: 0 | Title: Classical Physics Pack

Author Url: http://www.sparklesolutions.net
Program Info Url: http://www.sparklesolutions.net
Download Url: http://www.sparklesolutions.net

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