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Welcome to Best and Best bubble tea, we cater foods and beverages to all ages from student to elderly. Back in 2010, when we first establish, we started to innovate new products to suit the mass. So now, we have over 100 foods and beverages for you to choose from. We guarantee the best quality in our product. Most importantly, our store has halal and egg-milk vegetarian foods. So come on and try our traditional tea, ice blended or Oreo mix!

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Your customers use their mobile devices to find the information they want, as soon as they want it. But they aren’t finding it with the web browsers on their phones—that takes too much time, especially on the go. Instead, they depend on the instant accessibility of mobile apps to quickly tell them what they need to know, so they can get on with what they’re doing. Just think about how you use your mobile device to access information.

Your customers are no different.
Smart business owners understand the power and importance of mobile marketing to their bottom line. They use mobile apps to connect with customers, share relevant news, offer great deals, increase foot traffic, take reservations, and boost their revenues. Whether they deliver a service, sell products in a store, or run a successful restaurant, they know that...

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Full Yee is a big company in focusing renovation and at the same time, they are also the construction contractor which has equipped with best and excellent experience for both renovation and construction for more than 20 years. With the great performance in renovation, they are given many prizes as well as those unique licenses such as BCA, HDB and RADAC. Mr Tey, the boss and the director of Full Yee, working together with his large number of workers to make sure everything is perfect for them and their customers.

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This lady started treating hair problems as a favor of helping her friends with their hair loss problem. She was once traveling overseas when she chanced upon this 100% chemical free Chinese Herbal Herbs Treatment. She went home and realized she could use this Chinese Herbal Herbs Treatment to help her friends with their hair loss problems and thus, she went back to Hong Kong and managed to convince the Shifu to teach her the formula and brought it back to Singapore. The rest they say is history…

Certified with TQCSI, Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment surpassed the stringent criteria of the ISO standards and demonstrates consistent ability to enhance customer satisfaction and assurance to deliver quality service.

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The official shop for Hays Shoppe apparel for men, women and kids.

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  • Lam Huat
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Lam Huat was set up with the objective of providing quality wine and liquor at an affordable price.

Xiao Li, one of the owner of the family-managed business started drinking at the legal age of 18 and subsequently her interest and passion for wine and alcohol grew.

Her satisfaction comes when she made recommendation of wines that customers are happy with.

On top of that she is always willing to share her experience in wine knowledge and tasting notes with her clients, whom she has become friends with.

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Established since 1968, Lam Tak has been in the animal feed industry for close to 50 years. Headquartered in Singapore and with branch office in Shanghai, China, we provide raw materials to feed millers and farms in Asia.

Since its founding days, we have been tier 1 distributor for wheat bran and wheat pollard for Prima Flour Mills in Singapore. Today, it has grown to provide a wide variety of raw feed materials, such as soy press cake, spent grain, vegetable oil, feed grade dairy products (whey powder, lactose powder milk powder and etc.).

We take pride in our on-time delivery of high quality products, and at competitive price. Because of our consistent performance, our products are widely used in many major feed millers and farms in many Asian countries, especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Korea.

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Luxurious Design Pte Ltd is a young and rising design firm based in the northern part of Singapore. Our practice produces high quality and innovative solutions through the synthesis of interior design and project management. The team from Luxurious Design includes interior designers, graphic artists and carpenters whom all share a common passion for design.

At Luxurious Design, we operate on the methodology of a discreet and personal service. This is coherent with the multidisciplinary structure of the company as our approach is flexible and patient to the changing needs of different client

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Property Agent Registration No:R002587B

I am a professional in Singapore real estate. My services will include comprehensive services to developers, owners, tenants and investor for sales, leasing and property management.

Global Property Strategic Alliance Private Limited (GPS) is a subsidiary company of GPS Alliance Holdings Limited, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

GPS is set to prime itself as a market leader in every aspect of the local real estate industry, as well as creating borderless strategic alliances which span across the shores and into the Asian region.

GPS aims to provide the platform of growth for its many salespeople and business partners, branching into specific business units including its

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Our services include installation of air-con, maintenance and repair, for example removing and washing air-con filters, chemical wash, cleaning of fan coils, clearing of drain pipes, checking for noise problems, and lastly, ensuring that the air-con unit emits cool air like it is supposed to. Besides installation and repair works, our professional technicians will be able to advise you on how best to avoid breakdowns in the first place.

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Polymath Pte. Ltd. is an online store that deals with vintage items, furnitures, etc.

Polymath Pte. Ltd. has a variety of services, the delivery of pets and bulky items to any location around Singapore. The sales of a range of items from old typewriters to brand new kites. We would occasionally pop by flea markets to sell our products, so do catch us then!

If you have any interesting items laying around the house but can't get rid of, we are the company for you. We will sell off your items for you.

We are an upcoming company, so do check us daily for updates!

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Ms Zung Chua has 30 years of experience in beauty and healthcare industry which includes healing and total body wellness for the young and old.

Ms Chua knowledge in Traditional Chinese Acupressure points has enabled her to incorporate healing for pre natal, post natal, baby massage trainings. In addition to that healing programs for soft tissue injuries and other common ailments.

Currently an active government recognized WSQ Assessor. Also she have about 10 years of experience as a trainer and able to guide and prepare workers for spa, health centers and others.

With her in depth knowledge in traditional chinese Acupressure points, it has enabled her to incorporate healing for pre-natal, post-natal, baby massage trainings. In addition to that healing programs for soft tissue injuries and other common ailments.

Assisted and...

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Welcome to our Mobile app! We spend our day creating great mobile apps. We have created apps that have been featured on the App Store. These apps have top in Food Chain, Retail Businesses and in the Entertainment and Lifestyle Categories. Are you looking for a team to help you build a great App for your company or for even personal use? We can handle mobile projects from small, simple Apps to complex projects. Do you have a great App or idea and need some guidance or marketing help? Singapore Apps has a track record for creating delivered on the spot beautiful and unique Apps which featured on App Store, Android Market and HTML5.

Due to the market needs, in the end of 2014 we have stepped into a simple mobile application development and solutions to provide professional service to serve our clients. We use the latest design software...

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