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This function computes a person's body-mass index, or BMI, given his/her current weight in pounds and height in inches. The function also plots BMI versus weight for a range of weights specified by wRange. Note that although the inputs are in U.S. conventional units of measure (so that it is convenient for use in the United States), the resulting BMI value is measured, by definition, in SI units. To modify the code to use SI units for the input arguments, simply replace the line useSIunits = false; with the line useSIunits = true; and save the code. Then, when calling the function from the MATLAB, use kilograms for weight and meters for height, and the result should be correct. Note that the function will automatically change the units of measure in the title and the labels for each axis. The author makes no claim as to the...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

A Simulink model that generates and displays a simple cosine wave. The model computes the cosine function using the continuous phase method, which is based on Euler's formula for the complex exponential. The cosine generator is provided as a subsystem, which the user can copy-and-paste into other models. The subsystem's mask allows the user to control two parameters: the oscillation frequency 'Fc', and the sampling rate 'Fs'. The model includes three versions of the oscillator sub-system: 1. Floating-point (double-precision). 2. Fixed-point with no magnitude stabilization 3. Fixed-point with magnitude stabilization All three outputs are plotted using a Time Domain Scope. In addition, the first and third outputs are also plotted in the Frequency Domain using the Spectrum Scope.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This zip file contains two functions: STR2BIN converts an ASCII text string to a vector of binary values, and BIN2STR converts a vector of binary values back to an ASCII text string.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

The help section includes instructions for building a MEX function using the EMLMEX command, and for generating C-code using the EMLC command. For more information about the Embedded MATLAB subset, please visit the MathWorks web-site:

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This MATLAB(R) function computes the monthly payment and optionally generates an HTML representation of the mortgage amortization schedule. The function takes four input arguments: 1. The amount borrowed (dollars) 2. The annual percentage rate (percent per year) 3. The time to maturity (years) 4. A boolean flag indicating whether to generate the HTML Report The first input argument is required, while the other three are optional (see "Syntax" below). The function returns one output argument: the monthly payment (in dollars per month) required to pay back the loan. Syntax: payment = mortgage(borrowed,apr,ttm,doReport); payment = mortgage(borrowed,apr,ttm); payment = mortgage(borrowed,apr); payment = mortgage(borrowed); The ZIP file contains two M-functions: 1. mortgage.m is the function that computes the monthly payment and...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

The zip archive contains a top-level SimEvents library called 'se_process.mdl' four sub-libraries: 1. 'se_batching.mdl' 2. 'se_conveyor.mdl' 3. 'se_math.mdl' 4. 'se_utilities.mdl' and three test bench models: 1. 'test_accumulate.mdl', 2. 'test_batching.mdl', and 3. 'test_conveyor.mdl The 'se_batching' sub-library includes blocks for batching and unbatching entites in SimEvents. The approach used by these blocks has the advantage that it is completely scalable to virtually any size batch that you might want to create or disassemble. There are, however, a two important limitations. The first is that the blocks do not replicate or pass along any attributes that may be attached to the entities, although it would not be difficult for the end user to reattach them if desired. The second limitation is that the batch size for...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
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