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pics is a simple web gallery that needs no install procedure. All themes and files are contained in one simgle script file that you only have to upload. Advanced features: Automatic thumbnail creation, image viewer, hotlink protection, configuration script, etc... New in version 0.7: * picy now comes with a first version of the manual that helps setting it up. * Fixed a bug in picy that would pass the offset variable to pages it shouldn't have to (thanks to Mark). * The IE warning is gone. I didn't think it was appropriate now picy is distributed. I exchanged it with an option to override the default theme for IE users. * The 'show_folders' option is gone. Folders with an extension will always be shown. It's now also possible to inlude all folders using the 'all_folders' option. * The picy configurator now doesn't need to be manually...

  • Platform: Scripts, PHP

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