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3D Winamp visualization plug-in MilkDrop is a Winamp visualization plug-in. It uses 3D graphics hardware, combined with iterative image-based rendering techniques , to create a visual journey through sound. Take a look at some of the images it has produced; but keep in mind these still images leave out the element of time, which is perhaps the best part of this plug-in.MilkDrop can be installed to Winamp 2 or 3 (or both, but you'd have to run the installer twice). Requires 3D hardware and DirectX 8.0 or later.. .

  • Platform: WinOther
  • Monkey
  • License: Freeware
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A 3D-accelerated Winamp visualization plug-in Monkey is a 3D-accelerated Winamp visualization plug-in that takes you on a fascinating journey through a never-ending network of caves, tunnels, and passageways. (y)Changes in Current Version:-added save/load state feature! Now you can press 'M##' (where ## is a two-digit code from 00-99) to save the current state to disk.To recall it later, simply enter the two-digit code (##) and you'llcome back to the same tunnel you were in before.-added stereo 3D; press F6 to cycle through modes.-the first 3D mode creates a red-blue stereo-separated image,so you'll need glasses with colored lenses to view it.(get them for free from )-the second 3D mode is "Chromadepth" ( );these glasses make reds appear in the...

  • Platform: WinOther

Encoding tools for the NSV streaming video format NSV is a new video format. It is designed to be easily streamed, support any audio and video codec, and be usable on nearly any platform. Currently, it utilizes MP3 for audio and VP3 for video. Support for more codecs will be added soon. Make your own NSVs using the Nullsoft Streaming Video Encoding Tools. Playing back NSVs with Winamp3. For NSV samples, visit Note: Please install this Winamp3 update- Better resizing and deinterlacing support. .

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  • Smoke
  • License: Freeware
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Winamp plug-in that generates audio-driven visuals through the simulation of fluid dynamics Smoke is a Winamp plug-in that generates audio-driven visuals through the simulation of fluid dynamics.Please note that Smoke runs best in 32-bit color modes; it fares quite poorly in 16-bit color. So, please be sure your Windows display mode is set to 32-bit color when running Smoke in Windowed mode. (see the documentation for instructions on how to do this.) Requirements:A video card with basic 3D supportDirectX 8.0 or later ( )Winamp 2.72 or later ( )Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/etc.Recommended: 500+ MHz processor (the faster, the better). .

  • Platform: WinOther
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