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Bored? Watch your favorite animation series with beautiful panorama interface. Now with HD support.

*Get to know the characters in each of the shows.
*Play matching game based on the show characters
*Keep track of your favorite Videos across app updates.
*Download new shows automatically and fix broken links.
*Rate the shows for other people to see.
*Get notified of new shows with the live tile on start screen.
*Pin a show to start screen as live tiles for faster access.
*Keep track of what your Kid has been Watching using the History Page.

List of shows available:
Iron man
Fantastic Four
Incredible Hulk
Mr Bean
Family Guy
King of the Hill
Sonic X

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

watch latest cricket scores, videos along with player bios, galleries and related matches.

*Scores and videos for all the latest cricket matches.

*Summary score board and full score board with bowling and batting stats.

*Team listing for both teams with individual player pages.

*Player page with biographies, galleries and related matches.

*Play memory game based team player images.

*Automatically download new matches from cloud.

*Rate matches for other people to see.

*Live tile with download count and images of new matches.

*Keep track of your favorite matches across updates.

*Access history from history page and Music + video hub.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Planning on getting drivers license, this app has videos and practice tests to help you pass your driving test. It covers almost all states in the US and some other countries like UK and India. More countries to follow.

* Take practice tests and improve your score.
* Review your test questions and find right answers.
* Pin your state or country as live tile for quick access.
* Rate the videos and practice tests for other people to see.
* Track favorite videos and practice tests across updates.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Love Fitness? Take control of your fitness with this beautiful panorama app has all the different fitness programs from around the world with videos.

*Download new shows automatically.
*Keep track of your favorite Videos for instant access.
*Pin shows to start screen as live tiles for quick access.
*Live tile updated with recently downloaded show's images.
*Rate the shows for other people to see.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Get the almanac information like sun rise, sunset, moon rise, best time of day and bad time of day etc.

Get the almanac info for the current day.
Swipe left or right to get the previous or next day.

**More features coming soon.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Planning to buy a home or a new home owner, get all the resources you need to plan, research mortgages and track home expenses.

Compare rent vs buy

Research mortgages by rate and term

Track all the expenses on the home

Get estimated sale price in case of a sale

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Watch bollywood movies from the three major languages in India - Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. Stream music, read lyrics and create custom ringtones from your favorite music.

.Added new feature to add show by the user
*Search movies by keyword, cast and filter by genre.
*Stream music from your favorite movies in the background.
*Read lyrics of your favorite songs while you listen.
*Actor profiles with biography, gallery and related movies
*Play memory game based on movie cast.
*Download new movies Information automatically from cloud.
*Rate movies and songs for other people to see.
*Get notified on the live tile when new movies are added.
*Pin movies as live tiles for one click access.
*Keep track of your favorite movies and songs across app updates.
*Look at top rated music...

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Beautiful panorama app with kids favorite shows with videos, show characters and image galleries.

*Memory game using the character images of each show.
*Show Characters and image galleries for each character.
*Download new show infoormation and fix broken links automatically.
*Parental control to hide both shows or videos, sync them across updates.
*Keep track of your favorite Videos for instant access.
*Pin shows to start screen as live tiles for faster access.
*Track what your kid watched in app & also in Music+Video hub.
*Live tile updated with recently downloaded show's images.
*Create parental control password to restrict access to shows or videos.
*Rate the shows for other people to see.
*Video player now supports HD.

Free version of the app is also avaiable...

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

This Online Education is a video reference of academic subjects to enhance your learning. Improve your performance on the subject by taking the quiz avaiable on each of the subjects. Now with HD video player.

*Take a quiz & review your answers to improve subject knowledge.
*Automatically download new subjects and fix broken links.
*Get notified on live tile when new subjects are added.
*Keep track of your favorite Videos for instant access.
*Rate the subjects for other people to see.
*Keep track of what you watched using History Page.

Subjects include Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, History, Math, Biology, Economics, Finance, Web Design, Web Technologies,Astronomy. More videos and subjects will be added in future.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Quick Tasks has several tools that automatically filter the data based on current location.

Reduced the price to $0.99 limited period only

* Automatically filter contacts, tasks, links, predefined messages based on current location from a list of predefined locations.

* Setup predefined Email / Text message templates for each location to send one click messages.

* Setup tasks and notify using either a reminder or alarm as per schedule.

* Setup groups of links for each location and allow the user to view the group of links as panoramic view.

* Customize the app with backgrounds for each location.

* Track your current position or saved locations in map.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Need to prepare quick dinner or snack, don't worry about a thing. We have all the favorite recipe videos from around the world. Watch and prepare the recipes you like from the available catalog.

*Ingredient list along with video of the recipe.
*Recipe competition shows with video and participants.
*Play memory match game in ingredient images.
*Automatically download new recipes and video links.
*Live tile updated with recently downloaded recipe images.
*Keep track of your favorite recipes acrosss updates.
*Pin recipes as live tiles on the start screen.
*Access video history from the history page.
*Rate recipes for other people to see.
*Player now supports HD.

Features coming soon in next update

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Vedic Library has all the Hindu spiritual texts. Read any Vedic text and also listen to the Audio simultaneously.

* Listen to the audio and read corresponding text.
* Watch videos related to the Vedic text.
* Record custom audio on any page.
* Keep your recordings and preferences across app updates.
* Download new texts automatically from cloud.
* Rate the Vedics for others to see.
* Get notified on live tile when new texts are added.
* Pin videos to start screen for faster access.

List of available Vedic texts:
Sri Vinayaka astothram
Vishnu sahasranamalu
Purusha suktham
Adithya hrudayam
Sri Saraswathi astothram
Srirama asotothram
sri anjaneya astothra satanama sthotram

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Watch cheat code information and related videos for all the popular games for all major game consoles.

*Search by keyword and filter by console.
*Automatically dowload links from cloud when new games are added.
*Pin games as Live tiles to start screen for faster acess.
*Keep track of your favorite games and videos across app updates.
*Rate the games for others and see.

Features coming soon in next update
*More categories and games coming soon.

Follow our blog about update status

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Create a video mix from a mash up of clips or parts from multiple videos and from several popular online video sources.

* Browse videos from several online sources and add them to the mix.

* Create video bookmarks to trim the videos and add only parts of the videos to the mix.

* Share video mixes online for other users to share your creative joy.

* Browse online video mixes shared by other people and enjoy the creative entertainment.

* Navigate between videos on different pages by navigating through the list of links.

* Hide unwanted links from a particular page for quick access to desired pages.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Browse, Watch and Download for Media content on different websites without any distractions from unwanted content, links or popups.

* Browse content in the simple list format.

* Content is separated into images audio and videos lists.

* Download several media content in the background with the few clicks.

* Video files can also be streamed instead of downloading.

* Hide unwanted links from a particular page.

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile

Discover balance in your life with a selective yoga routine. Select yoga poses that fit your health and fitness needs.

*Each program can have several asanas/poses that solve a particular need or help prevent an ailment.
*Every asana/pose comes with detailed description, step by step instruction with images and videos.
*Download new routines as they are added.
*Keep track

  • Platform: Windows Phone, WinMobile
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