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Floating menu that follows user scrolling. Just create an absolutely-positionedDIV block with menu in it and leave the rest to the script, which will ensure that the menu will return to the specified browser window corner when the user scrolls the page. Javascript turned off will just mean the menu will stay in its initial place.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

Popup window replacement. Will not be blocked by browsers and will not annoyvisitors as normal popup windows usually do. Can be used to show page additionalinformation, such as author bio, page history or a sitemap. Gracefully degradesif the browser has Javascript turned off or DOM is not supported.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

If your web page can contain several overlapping absolutely-positioned HTML DIV tags, you might need to bring one to front or send one to back. This javascript does exactly that. Especially useful if you have web page dynamic menus using such DIVs - the navigation will not be obscuredanymore.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

A calculator script is a must for numeric input fields of financial web sites. The script will show a calculator icon next to such fields. Clicking the icon will show a simple keypad attached to the input field. The input field itself serves as the calculator's display. No popup windows are used.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

Popup window replacement. The script will show anabsolutely-positioned box centered in the currently displayed page part.It can be triggered by hyperlink click, page load or any other event. It willshow contents of a separate HTML from your server. Only one boxwill be shown at the same time. Will not be blocked bybrowsers.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

Fixes menu to the same place in window regardless of user scrolling using position:fixed in css if it is available to remove any flicker. Has two levels of graceful degradation: it is repositioned after the scroll if the browser doesn't support position:fixed in css. If the browser is too old to do even that or javascript is disabled, it will just stay in its initial place.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

The script is an enhancement for your site's related links page. It will adda checkbox control on a page, clicking which will show/hide the links' titleinformation right after the links themselves. The visitor won't have to hover the mouse over the links to read the descriptions anymore.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

This script will present a choice of destinations (multiple hyperlinks) within a small box whenever the user clicks a special hyperlink on your web page. When Javascript is turned off or the browser is too old to support DOM, an intermediary page will be shown with the same links.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

The script revitalizes the ages-old concept of table of contents through hiding content within it on a page for easy direct and sequential navigation. It can be used to place a book divided into parts and chapters on a single page, to make a compact sitemap or a menu.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts
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