Software Listing of Author : "John Kluza"

Supervisory and low level robot tracking control of a 5-bar or articulated gantry using desired position based on video input processed in real time. This model simulates a robot in an environment that includes a video camera source that is used for obtaining the desired postion of the robot end effector and a user interface that allows the user to command the robot to pick up the tracked object and bring it back to a home location. This model demonstrates (from left to right in model): 1. Inputting a video file to Simulink 2. Running an object detection algorithm on the video to find a target point 3. Passing that location to a supervisory controller that filters the input from the video tracking code using a kalman filter 4. The supervisory controller chooses the mode of the robot, the state of the electromagnetic pickup end...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This model extends the "f14" model which is a demo in Simulink to include a GUI and simple sensor failure handling. MathWorks products required to run the model: MATLAB Simulink Stateflow To use model: 1. Open aerogaugef14.mdl. The GUI, "aerogaugegui", will open automatically. 2. Click "Start Sim" on the GUI. 3. Click on the slider bar to adjust the elevator position of the aircraft and view the response of the gauges. 4. Click on one failure checkbox at a time on the bottom to see the "Sensor Failures" box go from green to yellow to red and have the simulation stop once both sensors are failed. Originally created in R14SP2, tested it successfully running in 2007b.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

The Olin Robotics Blockset for xPC Target is a set of xPC Target drivers for common robotics devices. The supported devices are: Garmin GPS 18-5Hz (Consumer GPS) NAVCOM SF-2050G (Precision GPS) Microstrain 3DM-GX1 (INS) SICK LMS 291-S05 (LIDAR up to 500Kbps, any operation requires Fastcom 422/2-PCI-335 serial card) The GPS and INS drivers allow the user to read data off the devices. Each device's proprietary software from the manufacturer or hand coded ASCII RS232 instructions must be used to configure the device before use. There are example models and documentation included directing the user how set up and use the drivers. These drivers use standard RS232 serial hardware. The SICK LMS 291-S05 driver allows the user to read distance data and write configuration data using a handful of blocks. This driver supports the LMS 291-S05 at...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
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