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This GUI tool allows you to animate your data with controls for playback speed and looping. The controls allows you to speed up and slow down (or reverse) the playback. You can pause at any time. You can also drag the time line bar to go to arbitrary frames. Also, use the arrow keys to move between frames (left or right) or change the speed (up or down). Spacebar pauses/starts the animation. In addition to the animation speed, the animation frame interval rate can be set from the menu. The animation can be exported to an AVI or an Animated GIF (from the menu). ANIMATOR(X, Y) animates the data. The data has to be in one of the following formats. The general form is a 3-D array. 1st dimension is the numbe of elements in a signal (m). 2nd dimension is the number of lines (n). 3rd dimension is the number of frames (p). ANIMATOR(X, Y,...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

CLICKUICONTROL(H) behaves as if clicking on a UIControl object. The object can be one of the following: pushbutton, checkbox, radiobutton, togglebutton, slider, listbox, popupmenu. The Value property of the object will be appropriately set, and the object's Callback is called (ButtonDownFcn will be called if the object's Enable property is set to OFF or INACTIVE). It will work with callbacks defined as strings or function handles. The UICONTROL will not be brought to focus. CLICKUICONTROL(H, 'focus') brings focus to the object. This is useful for bringing focus to an EDIT box. Default is 'nofocus'. CLICKUICONTROL(H, OPT) or CLICKUICONTROL(H, 'focus', OPT). Some objects accept a additional argument OPT. Acceptable arguments are dependent on the style of UIControl object. SLIDER: '-' : Click on the decreasing arrow. '+' : Click on...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

The example is on developing an algorithm for detecting an object (green ball) in MATLAB. The demo highlights * image import (and video import) * image visualization * simple image processing * automatic report generation * GUI building * deploying stand alone application You can find the recording of the Webinar here:

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This is the power prediction analysis demo that was used in the "MATLAB for Excel Users" webinar. You can view the webinar at: This demo requires only MATLAB, Statistics Toolbox, and Curve Fitting Toolbox. In the webinar, we also discussed Spreadsheet Link EX, MATLAB Compiler, and MATLAB Builder EX.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

These are demo and presentation files used in the Webinar delivered on Oct 14, 2008 "Solving Data Management and Analysis Challenges using MATLAB™ and Statistics Toolboxd-OC?D?". Recorded Webinar link:

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

The ZIP file contains the demo files used in the "MATLAB for Excel Users in Academia" Webinar recorded on May 25, 2007. The demo is on Energy Usage Forecasting by performing basic descriptive statistics on historical energy usage data. The data is stored in Excel™, and the demo highlights the basic uses of MATLAB™ for analyzing such data. To view the recorded Webinar, go to:

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This version of "plot" will allow you to visualize data that has very large number of elements. Plotting large data set makes your graphics sluggish, but most times you don't need all of the information displayed in the plot. Your screen only has so many pixels, and your eyes won't be able to detect any information not captured on the screen. This function will downsample the data and plot only a subset of the data, thus improving the memory requirement. When the plot is zoomed in, more information gets displayed. Some work is done to make sure that outliers are captured. Syntax: dsplot(x, y) dsplot(y) dsplot(x, y, numpoints) Example: x =linspace(0, 2*pi, 1000000); y1=sin(x)+.02*cos(200*x)+0.001*sin(2000*x)+0.0001*cos(20000*x); dsplot(x,y1);

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This GUI allows you to create fireworks and display them interactively. With key strokes, mouse movements, mouse clicks, and commands, you can control your fireworks. You can even make movies (AVI or animated GIF) out of them. Is there any practical use? Of course not! It's solely for entertainment, but you won't be bored. It was created using the MATLAB Class system (requires MATLAB R2008a or newer). Learn more about the classes by typing doc Sky doc Fireworks

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

FIXPSLINESTYLE: Fix line styles in exported post script files FIXPSLINESTYLE(FILENAME) fixes the line styles in the postscript file FILENAME. The file will be over-written. This takes a .PS or .EPS file and fixes the dotted and dashed line styles to be a little bit more esthetically pleasing. It fixes the four default line styles (line, dotted, dashed, dashdot). FIXPSLINESTYLE(FILENAME, NEWFILENAME) creates a new file NEWFILENAME. This is meant to be used with postscript files created by MATLAB (print, export). Example: x = 1:.1:10; y1 = sin(x); y2 = cos(x); h = plot(x, y1, '--', x, y2, '-.'); set(h, 'LineWidth', 2); grid on; legend('line 1', 'line2'); print -depsc test.eps fixPSlinestyle('test.eps','fixed_test.eps');

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • GEAR3D
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**This has no practical use. I made it as my own exercise for 3d animation. You have been warned.*** GEAR3D GUI example of 3D gear. GEAR3D will pop up a GUI example of 3D gear. The gear rolls on a geared ground based on the mouse location. It uses the x-location of the mouse pointer for the gear location. Use the arrow keys to change the view. Press SPACEBAR to reset the view. This was inspired by Mike Agostini's 3D Clock submission in FEX: The gear is made of 2 surface objects, and the ground is a single surface object. Since the moving part (gear) only contains 2 objects, the animation update is quite smooth. It uses OpenGL rendering. GEAR3D accepts 3 optional arguments that specify the number of teeth on the gear, number of spokes, and the gear ratio between the...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

Have you ever created an object for your GUI using Normalized units, but wanted to get its position in Points to line up a text object according to the font size? Instead of SETting the Units property to Points, GETting the Position, and SETting the Units back to Normalized, just use getInUnits. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% GETINUNITS Get object properties in specified units V = GETINUNITS(H, PROP, UNITS) returns the object property in the specified UNITS. It will leave the 'Units' and 'FontUnits' property unchanged afterwards. H is the handle of the object. If it is an M-element array of handles, the function will return an M-by-1 cell array. PROP can be a string or a cell array of strings. If it is a 1-by-N or N-by-1 cell array, the function will return an M-by-N cell array of values. UNITS can be a string or a cell...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

IMCLIPBOARD behaves very much like MATLAB's "CLIPBOARD" function, but it works on image data. You can paste image data from the clipboard to a MATLAB array, and copy MATLAB image data to the clipboard. From HELP: IMCLIPBOARD('copy', IMDATA) sets the clipboard content to the image represented by IMDATA. IMDATA must be MxN grayscale (double, uint8, uint16), MxN black and white (logical), MxNx3 true color (double, uint8, uint16) IMCLIPBOARD('copy', X, MAP) sets the clipboard content to the image data represented by indexed image X with colormap MAP. X must be MxN matrix (double, uint8, uint16) and MAP must be Px3 (double). IMDATA = IMCLIPBOARD('paste') returns the current image content in the clipboard as a true color image (MxNx3 uint8). [X, MAP] = IMCLIPBOARD('paste') returns the current image content in the clipboard as an indexed...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

These are the files for the Webinar presented on March 20, 2007. The ZIP file includes the slides (PDF) and the demo files used in the Webinar. Demos: Circuit Characterization This demo highlights the use of MATLAB in a data analysis workflow, starting from importing data stored in comma-separated file and ending at a published report that documents the steps taken in the analysis. Missing Planes This demo highlights the use of MATLAB in an algorithm development workflow, starting from importing image files and ending at a stand alone GUI application that detects differences between two images. Webinar Description This webinar introduces the MATLAB™ product family and provides a high-level overview of the major capabilities. Through product demonstrations, attendees will see how the MATLAB product family is used for: *...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This ZIP file contains the presentation and demo files used in the July 12, 2007 Introduction to Statistics Toolbox Webinar. The Webinar introduces the MATLAB environment and showcases some of the newest features of the Statistics Toolboxd-OC?D? 6.0 (categorical and dataset arrays). It is recommended that you view the Webinar before running the demos. The recorded Webinar is available from: (will be available by July 20, 2007)

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LPLOT(X,Y) plots Y versus X just like the PLOT command but cycles through 12 different line styles instead of colors (4 line styles x 3 line widths). The axes LineStyleOrder is set to '-|:|--|-.' and axes ColorOrder is set to [0 0 0]. Multiple data sets, accepted by PLOT, are allowed. e.g. LPLOT(X1, Y1, X2, Y2, ...) or LPLOT(X, [Y1, Y2, ...]) H = LPLOT(...) returns a vector of line handles. Example: x = (0:0.1:10)'; y1 = 1.2 * sin(x); y2 = 0.7 * cos(0.3 * x); y3 = 2 * sin(0.7 * x); y4 = y1 + y2; y5 = y1 + y3; y6 = y2 + y3; y7 = y1 - y2; y8 = y1 - y3; y9 = y3 - y2; y10 = y1 .* y2; y11 = y1 .* y3; y12 = y2 .* y3; h = lplot(x, [y1, y2, y3, y4, y5, y6, y7, y8, y9, y10, y11, y12]); legend(h, ... 'y1','y2','y3','y4','y5','y6','y7','y8','y9','y10','y11','y12', ... 'Location', 'EastOutside');

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This function displays a dialog box for a user to type in a password, obfuscated by an asterisk (*). In 'create' mode, it makes the user retype the password. You can enforce the minimum number of characters and the type of password (Alphabets Only, Numbers Only, Alphabets and Numbers, or Alphabets/Numbers/Special Characters). pw = passwordUI() pw = passwordUI('Create', 'AlphaNum') pw = passwordUI('Create', 'AlphaOnly', 8)

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
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