Software Listing of Author : "Janardhanan Sivaramakrishnan"

The script plots the envelope of the bode plot for a parametric uncertain/interval system. interval_bode(NumVec,DenVec,clr) The function accepts the numerator (NumVec) and denominator (DenVec) of the uncertain system as matrices of two rows each. The first row containing the lower bounds and the second row with the upper bounds. The argument clr is for the optional filling colour

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This function computes the frobenius transformation T for a multi-input state representation (A,B) such that the transformed system (T*A*inv(T),T*B) is in the multi-input controllable canonical form. Refer : D. G. Luenberger, "Canonical forms for linear multivariable systems", IEEE Trans. Auto. Contr., Vol. 12, pp. 290-292, 1967. The format of the function is [T,Ad,Bd,ni]=MI_CTRB(A,B) The function takes the following inputs A - The state matrix B - The input matrix and gives output T - The generalized frobenius transformation matrix. Ad,Bd - The state and input matrices of the transformed system. ni - A vector describing the extent of controllability of the system with each input (also termed as controllability index). Note : mu=max(ni) would give the controllability index of the system with all inputs. i.e., the system is never...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This script performs convolution of multiple polynomials and gives a final result. Eg : multiconv([1 2],[1 2],[1 2]) = [1 6 12 8]

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

SUDOKU_LVL2 - A Sudoku Solver. Usage : Sol=sudoku_lvl2(A) Where A is a incomplete sudoku grid (9 x 9) represented as a 9 x 9 matrix of integers (0-9) with the empty cells being filled with zeros. The algorithm presented here uses the following techniques. (*) Filling a cell by candidate elimination (*) Filling a cell by position exclusion for a given candidate (*) Refining choices of candidates in a given cell by eliminating members of locked pairs, locked triplets and so on.. (*) Filling the remaining cells by brute force method. First 3 algorithms are of my own logic. The brute force algorithm is a big improvement over '8466'. Note : Please note that the aim of this algorithm is to have the most comprehensive logic while trying to have a decent speed. Speed, though, is not the primary criterion.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

% This Function solves a bilateral matrix quadratic equation % of the form AX+XB+XCX+D = 0 for X % Inputs : Matrices A,B,C, D of appropriate dimensions % % Output : The Matrix X - if a solution exists

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

Two scripts are included here. 1. convsys.m - combines the state space representation of two systems connected in series. [Ao,Bo,Co,Do]=convsys(A1,B1,C1,D1,A2,B2,C2,D2) This algorithm gives the convolution of two state space representations | A1 B1 | | A2 B2 | u ==> | | ==> | | ==> y | C1 D1 | | C2 D2 | The algorithm also accepts state space objects as inputs and gives out a state space object as output. 2. sysfeedbk.m [Ao,Bo,Co,Do]=convsys(A1,B1,C1,D1,A2,B2,C2,D2) Gives the closed loop state space representation for two systems connected with negative feedback in the following manner. | A1 B1 | u ==> | | ==> y + o | C1 D1 | | - | | | | A2 B2 | | |= | |= | | C2 D2 | The zip file also contains checkcompatibility.m , which checks the compatibility of matrix dimensions in the system and cleanss.m which can be used to...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
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