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Generate PDF from text files including tags to add images, change font size or color, underline and highlight text, and more Text2PDF also allows you to create documents in Microsoft XPS format. Even use existing XPS files as page backgrounds. See the documentation for details. Use Unicode text in UTF-8 format along with an appropriate font (such as the Windows supplied arial.ttf TrueType font). You can then write in any language the font supports including Hebrew and Arabic. The text can also be set for right-to-left reading order.Also supports Chinese Simplified, Japanese and Korean fonts. In addition, codepages 1250 (Windows Central European), 1251 (Windows Cyrillic), 1253 (Greek) , 1254 (Turkish), 1255 (Hebrew) or 1256 (Arabic) may be used when embedding fonts containing those codepages. See the documentation for details. Here are...

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Quickly generate PDF files containing various chart types PDF Charts is a application that enables you to dynamically create charts in PDF and Flash format.Create charts along with text blocks. Include headers and footers on each page. Many different chart formats are available in 2D and 3D. Provide the chart data in XML format to keep the layout and data separate. Here are some key features of "PDF Charts":Use familiar HTML tagsCreate PDF and/or Flash output at the same timeIncludes bar, line, area, scatter, stock and pie formatsAdd text with auto wrap and pagenationInclude headers and footers on each pageUse line drawing commands or add imagesEncrypt your documents (40-bit or 128-bit encryption options) so only authorized users can open, print, copy text, etc.Limitations:30 days trialNag screenApplies a watermark to the...

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Use PDF File Save or PDF File Save 2 to fill in all or part of a PDF form and save your work in PDF or FDF format PDF File Save enables you to save your fillable PDFs. You can open the form later and continue filling in where you left off.Keep the PDF with your filled in data for printing or emailing at any time. Add security (40-bit and 128-bit) to your PDF to prevent anyone from changing it or altering the information.Here are some key features of "PDF File Save":Fill in and save PDFs containing fillable fieldsSave in either PDF or FDF formatKeep or flatten form fieldsApply 40-bit or 128-bit security to your output PDFWorks with Adobe Reader 5.x or higher. FyTek, Inc.. Are you thinking about buying PDF file conversion software for business or professional use? At FyTek, we offer dynamic solutions for converting plain text...

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PDF Image Stream - Convert an image or group of images to PDF FyTek's PDF Image Stream is a software application to convert an image or group of images to PDF. The program supports most bitmap, jpeg, gif, png and tif (single or multi-page) formatted images. You may use the demo version to convert all of these types but a watermark will show on all types except jpeg. Each image occupies its own page in the PDF. The image is centered on the page by default and not scaled unless it is larger than the page size. You may chose to size the page to image size or vice-versa. Here are some key features of "PDF Image Stream ":Combine multiple images into one PDFCreate a PDF for each imageScan a directory and, optionally, its subdirectories for imagesSpecify a list of images to convert from a fileSize the image to the page or page to...

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  • PDF Meld
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Combine multiple PDFs, images, mp3's, flash or movie files into a single PDF file Who says you can't teach an old PDF new tricks? Go on, take control with PDF Meld and change them almost any way you want!With the release of Vista and Office 2007, people will now be able to export their Word and Excel documents to PDF with built-in functionality. That means you're likely to deal with more PDFs than ever. Make the smart move today with PDF Meld.PDF Meld enables you to make just about any change you need to a PDF fileThe end user application is a ready-to-go version of PDF Meld. Install on your Windows box and use the point-and-click interface to modify PDFs. Or, use the standalone executable in batch or incorporate PDF Meld's functionality into your software with the DLL or .NET DLL versions. Plus, you don't need any other software from...

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Optimize your PDF files for web viewing with PDF Optimizer If they are run from a web server that supports byteserving, the optimized PDF files will display the first page without transfering all the PDF to the user's browser.This can save considerable time over a slow link when displaying PDFs. In addition, you can secure your PDFs with PDF Optimizer. This allows you to apply 40 or 128-bit encryption, password protection and disable certain features. Only large PDFs that are viewed on the web need to be optimized. You do not need to optimize PDFs to view locally or to email. Optimizing refers to speed optimization for web viewing only and does not mean the PDF is optimized for file size. PDFs that are optimized are typically slightly larger than their non-optimized version due to extra information that must be stored to support...

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PDF Report Writer allows you to easily create reports with headers and footers as well as text and tables that flow across pages FyTek's PDF Report Writer allows you to easily create reports with headers and footers as well as text and tables that flow across pages. This product features XML tags and many popular HTML tags (like TABLE, TR, and TD) to create PDF reports. PDF Report Writer contains a rich set of features and functions that go far beyond plain HTML however. You can use Report Writer application to build PDFs that match pre-printed paper forms or just place your data in tables and create a report. Set up headers and footers that automatically repeat on all pages. Table columns are sized automatically or you may specify the column sizes if you want. Table headers will automatically reprint on page breaks. Provide alternate...

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