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DFIG works exactly as FIGURE, except that the figure is docked. DFIG, by itself, creates a new docked figure window, and returns its handle. DFIG(H) makes H the current figure and docks it. If Figure H does not exist, and H is an integer, a new figure is created with handle H. DFIG is similar to DOCKF (File 12608), except that the behavior of DFIG is closer to that of FIGURE: when no argument is given, DFIG opens a new docked figure.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This set of functions simply provides an easy way to work with the dispersion relation of surface waves, given by omega(k) = sqrt ( tanh(k*h0) * (g*k + gamma*k^3/rho)) where omega is the pulsation (in rad/s), k the wavenumber (in 1/m), h0 the depth, g the gravity, gamma the surface tension and rho the density. The function kfromw allows one to invert the dispersion relation, i.e. to give the value of omega for a given value of k. (For infinite depth, kfromw simply inverts the cubic polynomial. For finite depth, a zero-finding method is used, starting from the infinite depth solution). By default, the physical parameters (liquid densities, surface tension, etc.) are set for an air-water interface under usual conditions, with a water layer of infinite depth ("deep water waves"). Use the function wave_parameter to change those...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

ERRORBARLOG(X,Y,E,...) plots the graph of vector X vs. vector Y with a logarithmic Y-axis, using symmetrical bars about the data points, ie: the bars are such that Y is the geometric mean (instead of arithmetic mean) of the lower and upper bars. The total length of the error bar is 2E. ERRORBARLOG has the same syntax as the original Matlab's ERRORBAR function. The only difference is that while ERRORBAR displays the bars symmetrically for a linear Y-axis (ie: Y is the arithmetic mean of the lower and upper bars), ERRORBARLOG displays them symmetrically for a logarithmic Y-axis. Example: x=logspace(1,3,20); y=5*(1 + 0.5*(rand(1,20)-0.5)).*x.^(-2); errorbarlog(x,y,y/2,'o-');

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

ERRORBARLOGX Homogenize the error bars for X-axis in log scale. ERRORBARLOGX turns the X-axis of the current error bar plot to log scale, and homogonizes the length of the horizontal segements which terminate the vertical error bars. By default, Matlab's ERRORBAR draws vertical error bars which are terminated by small horizontal segments of uniform length for the X-axis in linear scale. But when turning the X-axis to log scale, these segments become uneven. Using ERRORBARLOGX makes them uniform again. ERRORBARLOGX(N) specifies the relative length of the horizontal segments, normalized with the total range of the data. By default, N=0.01 is used. Limitations: ERRORBARLOGX acts only on the last drawn curve. If this curve is not an error bar plot, it won't work. Example: x=logspace(1,3,20); y=5*(1 +...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

EZFFT(T,U) plots the power spectrum of the signal U(T) , where T is a 'time' and U is a real signal (T can be considered as a space coordinate as well). If T is a scalar, then it is interpreted as the 'sampling time' of the signal U. If T is a vector, then it is interpreted as the 'time' itself. In this latter case, T must be equally spaced (as obtained by LINSPACE for instance), and it must have the same length as U. If T is not specified, then a 'sampling time' of unity (1 second for instance) is taken. Windowing (appodization) can be applied to reduce border effects (see below). [W,E] = EZFFT(T,U) returns the power spectrum E(W), where E is the energy density and W the pulsation 'omega'. W is *NOT* the frequency: the frequency is W/(2*pi). If T is considered as a space coordinate, W is a wave number (usually noted K = 2*PI/LAMBDA,...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

The Ezyfit toolbox for Matlab enables the user to perform simple curve fitting of one-dimensional data using arbitrary (non linear) fitting functions. It will add a new menu to the MATLAB interface, which will make it more easily to write ser-defined fit equations, make interactive selections or remove outliers. This toolbox also provides a set of command-line functions to perform 'programmatically' curve fitting: the user just has to type something like showfit('c a/x^n') and EzyFit gives you the values for c, a and n, and shows you the curve! Installation: Download and unzip the EzyFit Toolbox in the directory /toolbox/ezyfit of your Matlab installation. If you upgrade from an older version, first empty the previous directory. From the menu 'File > Set Path', click on 'Add Folder' and select the ezyfit directory. Click on 'Save'...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

makehtmldoc(FILENAME) creates an html help file for each M-File matching FILENAME. This help file contains the header of the M-File (the first block of contiguous comment lines), with cross-links between each M-File matching FILENAME. If no input argument specified, works with all the M-files of the current directory (ie, makehtmldoc('*.m')). makehtmldoc(FILENAME, 'Property1', 'Property2'...) where 'Property.' may be: 'code' adds a link to the source code (except for the file 'Contents.m'); 'upper' makes a link only for words in upper case. 'quiet' does not display informations during the processing. 'color', string any HTML color code for the upper and lower panels. Default = '#e7ebf7'. 'title', string title of the web window. Default = 'f'. 'firstline', string text at the top of the page. Default = 'Contents'. 'lastline',...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

MYGINPUT Graphical input from mouse with custum cursor pointer. [X,Y] = MYGINPUT(N) gets N points from the current axes and returns the X- and Y-coordinates in length N vectors X and Y. [X,Y] = MYGINPUT(N, POINTER) also specifies the cursor pointer, e.g. 'crosshair', 'arrow', 'circle' etc. See "Specifying the Figure Pointer" in Matlab's documentation to see the list of available pointers. MYGINPUT is strictly equivalent to Matlab's original GINPUT, except that a second argument specifies the cursor pointer instead of the default 'fullcrosshair' pointer. Example: plot(1:2,1:2,'s'); hold on [x,y] = myginput(1,'crosshair'); plot(x,y,'o'); hold off

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

Display image with non-linearly spaced axis. UIMAGE(X,Y,C) displays matrix C as an image, using the vectors X and Y to specify the X and Y coordinates. X and Y may be unevenly spaced vectors, but must be increasing. The size of C must be LENGTH(Y)*LENGTH(X). (Most probably you'll want to display C' instead of C). Contrary to Matlab's original IMAGE function, here the vectors X and Y do not need to be linearly spaced. Whereas Matlab's IMAGE function linearly interpolates the X-axis between X(1) and X(end), ignoring all other values (idem for Y), here UIMAGE allows for X and/or Y to be unevenly spaced vectors, by locally stretching the matrix C (ie, by duplicating some elements of C) for larger X and/or Y intervals. Use UIMAGESC to scale the data using the full colormap. The syntax for UIMAGESC(X,Y,C,...) is the same as...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
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