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E-mail SitextractPro is designed to be a professional high-speed targeted e-mail address extractor tool E-mail SitextractPro is designed to be a professional high-speed targeted e-mail address extractor tool.With this software, you can easily extract e-mail addresses from the website specified by you. All the websites are usually reviewed by editors before they can be shown online. So all the websites are very related to their name. Only spidering the specific website can make the mailing list more targeted.Here are some key features of "E mail Sitextract Pro":Searches nearly any URL on the world wide web, including search engines, UseNet newsgroups, BBS, trade message boards and, even those generated on-the-fly by dynamic CGI, PHP, ASP, etc.Multi-threading implementation allows up to 30 simultaneous e-mail extraction...

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Email Manager software will help you manage and sort the e-mail list Email Manager software will help you manage and sort the e-mail list on the basis of the domain name or the e-mail address as per your requirements. You can also merge different files and create one single file through Email manager. Merging different files to one single file can create duplications, but Email Manager can remove these duplications. The software can also extract the e-mail addresses of the unsubscribed users from the mail servers. So, just leave the e-mail managing part to Email manager and enhance the productivity. Here are some key features of "Email Manager":Sorts the e-mail addresses on the basis of domain or ids.Merging of different .txt files to one file is possible.Removes duplicate entries from .txt files.Makes a separate list of all...

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Mail SenderExpress software is designed to be a professional high-speed e-mail sender program Mail SenderExpress software is designed to be a professional high-speed e-mail sender program.Mail SenderExpress is ideal for newsletters, targeted marketing, and keeping in touch with clients. Because this mailer sends out mails in MX mode and works like a mail server, you don't need unreliable blind relays anymore.Mail SenderExpress also provides facility of adding an unsubscribe link to the receivers of the bulk mail. So, in case some of your targeted customers are not interested in receiving the mails from e-mail sender, they can just click on the unsubscribe link. One of the very important and the most unique feature of Mail SenderExpress is creation of emails using in-build Templates. This feature gives you the liberty of using one of...

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Outlook Thumbnail Viewer - View up to 15 thumbs at once Do you use Microsoft Outlook? Do your friends and family love to send you photos via email? Do you hate having to double-click to view them one at a time? Then you need this thumbnail viewer specifically designed for Outlook. View up to 15 thumbs at once. Limitations:3-use trial. Contentsmartz - Bulk Email Marketing Services & Professional Email tools for Direct Online marketing. Smart EmailParser is a powerful-target published e-mail spider software. It is designed to collect e-mail addresses matching your query from the Internet. Just type your keywords and Smart EmailParser automatically spiders the web pages related to your ke

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Smart EmailParser application is designed to be a powerful target e-mail extraction software Smart EmailParser application is designed to be a powerful target e-mail extraction software. It is designed to collect all e-mail addresses matching the query from the Internet. For keywords specified by user, Smart EmailParser automatically spiders the related web pages listed in top search engines like Google, MSN etc and extracts all the e-mail addresses in those pages. With this tool, you can easily and quickly set up your own business mailing list. 100% targeting is the major objective of Smart EmailParser .Here are some key features of "Smart EmailParser":Searches using specific keywords through popular search engines. Is integrated tightlywith 9 top search engines and directories like Google, Hotbot, Mamma, AOL and...

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