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This example uses dynamic HTML and an animated gif to give a butterfly motion across the screen. The example works in both browsers, but it is believed to run better in Netscape 4.0x, to see how the dHTML is done View::Page Source in your browser.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

Using dynamic HTML layers, you can perform complex full-screen animation without requiring a huge image. This example was made using Macromedia's DreamWeaver.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

There are several different browsers and versions out there, thus you, the programmer, do not know what JavaScript capabilities the user has. Insuring that the scripts you write run in most users browser can be done in a few different ways. One way is to ask the user what browser they are using, via JavaScript, and to then program accourdingly. This tutorial shows you how.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts
  • Cookies
  • License: Shareware
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A cookie is a way you can store some information about a user visiting your site. The information is stored on the individuals computer, and thus you do not need any extra server space to customize a page for any amount of users you may have. To use Cookies there are two things you need to do, one is set the cookie, and the other is retrieve a cookie you have already set. Here's a brief tutorial on how to use cookies, and a couple of ideas which you can use cookies for.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

The document object has a last modified date property. This specifys the date the file was last modified on. This can be useful for showing when the page was last modified without having to modify any HTML when you make a change. This tutorial shows how to display the last modified date in several different formats using JavaScript.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

This is a number guessing game script which let users to guess/pick a number between 1 and 100. This example script written in PHP demonstrates the usage of sessions.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This page walks through the setup of Apache, PHP and MySQL on a Red Hat Linux system. The installation is very similar on other Linux distributions. Apache, PHP and MySQL all also run on Windows NT, however installation is definitely different for those systems.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This script allows you to fetch a specified Web page using HTTP, FTP and GOPHER, and parses it for links counting them as it goes. With multiple sites it will calculate the average links per webpage. The script requires the Win32::Internet module.

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts is a script which reads a mailbox file, parses the messages and inserts them into a MySQL database. Written to send notices via e-mail and have them displayed on the web, this script monitors an e-mail box for messages, and when a message arrives it gets put into a database. The database entries are displayed on a webpage using PHP. Requires mhonarc, an e-mail to HTML converter, and MailTools module.

  • Platform: CGI and Perl, Scripts

mklib.php is a PHP library to make building web applications easier. Example functions are processing data before inserting into a database and formatting date/time strings for display. This library should work with both PHP3 and PHP4. The Web site also features installation and usage information.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This is a PHP script for interfacing multiple search engines using only one form. It allows you to pick which service to submit your search criteria to and creates and submit the appropiate form to it. This service could be a search engine like AltaVista or Ask Jeeves, or even lookup services like E*TRADE's Stock Quote, Webster's Dictionary or Internic's Whois. A form is created using PHP which has the necessary criteria specified, and can easily be extended by adding your own services to it. This script also allows for an unlimited number of hidden fields you can specify with the search.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This is a simple calendar menu script written in PHP which displays a calendar month. It also features a navigation function to previous and next month calendar.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

You can use two multiple-select menus to make it easy for someone to create a list, by moving items from one menu to the other. This can be down with three line of JavaScript. Find out how.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

This is a simple JavaScript that implements a slide show. It features clean interface, preloads images for fast navigation, and allows you to display corresponding text for each slide.

  • Platform: JavaScript, Scripts

PHP has the ability to upload files such as documents or images using the multipart/form-data protocol, but how do you use this and how do you resize the images after they are uploaded to create thumbnails or image repository, etc. This tutorial along with full source code shows you how.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

This PHP script generates a random name based of an adjective and a noun. The PHP script uses two plain text files, one that holds all of the adjectives and the other all of the nouns. The script reads these files into two arrays. The PHP function file(filename) reads the filename file into an array with each line being an element of the array.

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
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