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bitcontrol Digital TV Link transfers the current TV signal (DVB-S/C/T) of the DreamBox to a Windows PC in the network Using bitcontrol Digital TV Link it is possible to transfer the current TV signal (DVB-S/C/T) of the DreamBox (or the Reelbox or d-Box II with Linux) to a Windows PC over the connected network. On the target PC the user can watch the TV programme. The software is optimized for cooperating with the stated filters, especially the bitcontrol MPEG-2 Decoder. The STB can't be controlled using bitcontrol Digital TV Link. For switching channels an Internet browser with the target address of the DreamBox (or Reelbox or d-Box II) is necessary. bitcontrol Digital TV Link then performs an automatic "reconnect" to the new TV channel after changing the programme. This possibly takes a couple of seconds. Optionally,...

  • Platform: WinOther

Bitcontrol Quad Recorder is a stand-alone application used to display and record up to 4 video streams on one PC Bitcontrol Quad Recorder is a stand-alone application used to display/record up to 4 video streams from different Top Boxes on one PC.The bitcontrol Quad Recorder uses the bitcontrol Digital TV Link (purchase full license here) and the bitcontrol MPEG-2 Decoder (purchase full license here) to process the stream data.To control this program BitCtrl's new "On-Screen-Display" technology for Windows Media Player is employed.The bitcontrol Digital TV Link and the bitcontrol MPEG-2 Decoder are recommended for using the Quad Recorder!Requirements:Pentium III. bitcontrol® multimedia software. Homepage of bitcontrol®MPEG-2 video decoder and multimedia software

  • Platform: WinOther

The world wide first MPEG-2/4 Decoder with DXVA 2.0 support for Windows Vista 32/64 The bitcontrol MPEG video and audio decoder is part of the bitcontrol media player for MS Windows 98/ME/2K/XP and for RTOS QNX 6.x. Both decoder parts, video and audio, are running as built-in DirectShow Filter under MS Windows or as plug-in under RTOS QNX 6. You can also use it in conjunction with Windows Media Player or other multi-media players, which are able to load DirectShow filters or QNX plug-ins.The bitcontrol MPEG decoder is very robust against input failures, like drop outs of the input stream, like bit errors and other signal noise. So, the decoder is very suitable for DVB-T, DVB-S and internet streaming applications.The bitcontrol MPEG decoder is capable of real-time decoding of MPEG-2 video bitstreams of all profiles and all levels up to...

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Vista Gadget that will show on your desktop or sidebar several inspirational quotes on love and romance Love Quotes Vista Gadget is a gaddget that will show in the Vista Sidebar or desktop inspirational quotes on love and romance.This download is marked as adware because it displays advertisement banners or other type of commercials while running.. bitcontrol® multimedia software. Homepage of bitcontrol®MPEG-2 video decoder and multimedia software

  • Platform: WinVista
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