Software Listing of Author : "Andrey Tretyakov"

Cache plugins for Panels module. Currently implemented node based cache plugin. Node based cache is intended for panels/panes which update together with nodes they contain. Advantages: * Instant updates. Users don't see old content. * Granular updates: only panes/panels containing changed nodes are flushed. Highest cache efficiency. * Works for registered users too and complements anonymous page caching Supported cache backends: Memcached (both Memcache API and Cacherouter-Memcache should work). Other cache backends are not supported because of the way Namespice module works. This module is not recommended for production use yet: because of undecided status of Namespice module, Advanced Panels Cache remains experimental too. Node Based Cache Node based cache uses CTools context system to propagate node updates to panels using...

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

Integration between Privatemsg module and Views + VBO. Exposes Privatemsg data to Views, provides handlers, default views and optional Privatemsg UI based on Views. Features Privatemsg Views module provides a base: exposes data to Views, implements handlers and example view. Privatemsg Views UI module provides Views based UI. Atm it implements "Mailbox" view and "Thread" view. Privatemsg sub-modules currently supported: * Block user messages Note that features of sub-modules are not included in default views provided with the module. You need to manually add them. E.g. you may want to add "Privatemsg Blocked: No" filter. Installation and usage * Install module and it's requirements as usual. * Use "privatemsg_example" view as an example of "mailbox" view, or create more simple "message" view yourself. If additional...

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
  • Trashbin
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00

A "Move to trash" button will be available on the node edit page for users with the proper permission. The Trashbit action is not implemented by this module, which only provides a hook that gets invoked when "Move to trash" is pressed and the action is confirmed. Without integration modules Trashbin can't do anything on it's own. Trashbin integrates with the Workflow and Rules modules. Installation: Unpack in your modules folder (usually '/sites/all/modules/') Enable under Administer > Site Building > Modules

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts
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