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ARCGRIDWRITE converts data in a matlab grid (as produced by eg. meshgrid and griddata) into a text file in Arc ASCII Grid Format. The file can also be automatically converted to raster on PC's with ARCINFO installed. EXAMPLE - create a raster grid of the peaks function [X,Y,Z]=peaks(100); arcgridwrite('peaksArc.asc',X,Y,Z,'precision',3, 'convert') NOTES Because the Arc ASCII format has only one parameter for cell size, both X and Y must have the same, non-varying grid spacing.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

ASCII2XYZ reads in a raster text file in ARC ASCII format and converts values to a m x 3 matrix of x, y, a z values. This code is mostly vectorized and performs well with reasonably large files (see example below). %read in a 25 MB file a=dir('foo.txt') a = name: 'foo.txt' date: '17-Oct-2008 08:53:34' bytes: 25437683 isdir: 0 datenum: 7.3370e+005 tic xyz=ascii2xyz('foo.txt'); toc Elapsed time is 8.110956 seconds

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

CMAPLINE finds all lines in an axis and specifies their colors according to a colormap. Also accepts custom colormaps in the form of a n x 3 matrix. EXAMPLE (generates screenshot) %generate some data x=(0:0.1:2*pi); m=50; exdata=bsxfun(@plus,repmat(25.*sin(x),... [m 1]),[1:m]'); figure subplot(121); plot(x,exdata,'o-','linewidth',2) cmapline('colormap','jet'); set(gca,'color','k') title('jet colormap') subplot(122); plot(x,exdata,'o-','linewidth',2) custommap=flipud(hot); cmapline('colormap',custommap,'filled') set(gca,'color','k') title('reverse hot colormap, filled markers')

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • License: Shareware
  • Price:

CURVVEC creates curved vectors for 2D vector components U,V. The arrays X,Y define the coordinates for U and V. Curvature of the vectors is based on ML Built-in function, STREAM2. The length of the vectors are scaled to the vector magnitude. The color of the vectors may or may not be scaled according to the vector magnitude depending on optional input parameters. EXAMPLE: load wind mu=mean(u,3); mv=mean(v,3); mx=mean(x,3); my=mean(y,3); figure curvvec(mx,my,mu,mv,'color',jet,'minmag',5,... 'maxmag',50,'thin',3) set(gca,'color','k')

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • License: Shareware
  • Price:

GDIST is a simple GUI to display x, y, distance and bearing for two points on a 2D figure. If no inputs are supplied, the information will be displayed on the current axis. To use the tool, simply type gdist at the command window when a figure is open. Click on the starting point, hold down the button and move the mouse to new location. Release the mouse when finished. The units displayed in the distance window are the same as the figure axis. The azimuth is reported in compass degrees (ie. geographic). Example: [X,Y,Z]=peaks(50); figure surf(X,Y,zeros(size(Z)),Z) view(2) gdist

  • Platform: PHP, Scripts

GESCATTER creates a .kml file that displays colored circles at the locations specified by the vectors LON and LAT similar to ML's builtin function, SCATTER.The color of the circles is scaled relative to the values provided in third input, C. I searched the FEX's many submissions dealing with exporting .kml files for Google Earth, but didn't find anything that was similar to ML's built-in function, SCATTER...a function I use regularly to visualize scattered data that are too sparse for gridding. This function is relatively easy to use, for example: %generate some data x=(0:0.05:6*pi); lon = -122.170087 + cos(x)*0.01; lat = 37.455697 + x*0.001; %color the points according to their latitude gescatter('foo.kml',lon,lat,lat)

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

MLPHOTOVIEWER loads and displays all supported image formats in a specified folder. The user can navigate through photos using forward/ back buttons, jump to a certain photo using an edit box or display as a slideshow. SYNTAX: 1) mlPhotoViewer - promts user to supply directory containing images. 2) mlPhotoViewer('dirname','C:images') - will open the specified folder instead of invoking uigetdir. NOTE: The slideshow interval (bottom right editbox), can be set to a small number, but ultimately will be limited by how fast your computer will load and display images.

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This script is an MS Access to MySQL Data Converter. You'll need to execute the file on the same server as the the MS Access database. The connection strings for the databases are at the top of the file.

  • Platform: ASP.NET, Scripts
  • License: Freeware
  • Price: 0.00

SP_PROJ converts between geographic (latitude and longitude) and US state plane coordinates. SP_PROJ can perform both forward (from geographic to state plane) and inverse transformations (from state plane to geographic). All US state plane zones are included except for Alaska. Calculations assume the NAD83 datum and GRS1980 spheriod. Mapping toolbox is required. SP_PROJ creates the map structure for the specified US state plane zone and passes it to either PROJFWD and PROJINV to perform the coordinate transformations. EXAMPLE %geographic data lat = 37.45569; lon = -122.17009; % Calculate the x,y, coordinates in survey feet % in the 'California 1' state plane zone. [xsp,ysp] = sp_proj('california 1','forward',lon,lat,'sf') % Re-calculate the geographic coordinates % also output the map structure as optional 3rd output...

  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
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