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AREASHADE(X,Y,F) shades the area where Y is larger than some fixed value F using the color yellow. AREASHADE(X,Y,F,C) uses color C instead of yellow. AREASHADE(X,Y,F,C,TH) where TH = 'h' uses F as a high threshold and shades the are where Y<F. Default for TH is 'l', painting Y>F. H = AREASHADE(X,Y,F) returns a handle to the created patch. Example: x = [0:.5:20]; y = sin(x); figure, plot(x,y,'o-'), hold on areashade(x,y,1/sqrt(2),'r') areashade(x,y,-1/sqrt(2),'b','h'); plot(xlim,1/sqrt(2)*[1 1],'k') plot(xlim,-1/sqrt(2)*[1 1],'k')

  • Publisher: Andreas
  • Date Released: 15-05-2013
  • Download Size: 10 KB
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  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

Function call: env_secant(x_data, y_data, view, side) Calculates an envelope of data over . Method used: 'secant-method' env_secant() observates the max. slope of every about <view /> points from last junction point, and joints them to the resulting envelope. An interpolation over original x-values is finally done. <side /> ('top' or 'bottom') defines which side to evolve.

  • Publisher: Andreas
  • Date Released: 09-03-2013
  • Download Size: 10 KB
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  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

A tool for managing and organizing classes, with a simple interface and (optional) tree diagram This is version 0.4.1+ of Class Inheritance Browser, originally released @ This tool searches a given directory and populates a browser window with pertinent information about each discovered class, including properties, methods, and superclasses. Other useful features include opening a class definition file from the browser window, opening a file to the line where a certain method is defined, and printing property help to the console. Additionally, if the Bioinformatics Toolbox is installed, a tree diagram will be displayed that visualizes inheritance relationships between all Matlab classes found. Originally written as a project for Engineering 177, Advanced Matlab...

  • Publisher: Andreas
  • Date Released: 07-04-2013
  • Download Size: 10 KB
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  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

This progress monitor comes with a nice wrapper `ParforProgressStarter2.m` which will take care of adding the classes to the java class path, depending on whether matlabpool is enabled or not. You can fork the code @

  • Publisher: Andreas
  • Date Released: 26-06-2013
  • Download Size: 20 KB
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  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

- Subtracting the mean of the data from the original dataset - Finding the covariance matrix of the dataset - Finding the eigenvector(s) associated with the greatest eigenvalue(s) - Projecting the original dataset on the eigenvector(s) - Use only a certain number of the eigenvector(s) - Do back-project to the original basis vectors Implementation of "A tutorial on Principial Component Analysis"

  • Publisher: Andreas
  • Date Released: 09-02-2013
  • Download Size: 10 KB
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  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
  • License: Shareware
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PLTSTMP adds a timestamp to the bottom of the figure. If it is called from within a function it also adds the name of the calling function. The timestamp sometimes plots over the x-axis label. To avoid this, the axis can be shifted vertically. Example: >> type tst x = [1:.1:10]; plot(x,sin(x)) pltstmp >> tst

  • Publisher: Andreas
  • Date Released: 08-03-2013
  • Download Size: 10 KB
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  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts

[S,E] = XLS2STRUCT(FILE) reads the Excel-file FILE and converts the columns into separate fields in the structure S. The first line of the file must contain unique headers for all of the columns, the rest of the file is data. Column names can contain spaces, these are converted to underscores in order to obtain proper variable names. S is the plane representation of the table. E is a second structure with an element-wise representation. I.e. notation S.Time(i) versus E(i).Time. XLS2STRUCT(FILE,SHEET) reads SHEET instead of the default sheet. Example: City Time Temp Dallas 12 98 Tulsa 13 99 Boise 14 97 converts to S.City = {'Dallas','Tulsa','Boise'}'; S.Time = [12 13 14]'; S.Temp = [98 99 97]'; E(1) ans = City: 'Dallas' Time: 12 Temp: 98

  • Publisher: Andreas
  • Date Released: 24-06-2013
  • Download Size: 10 KB
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  • Platform: Matlab, Scripts
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