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Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Extended Editor's Review

When a company is faced with the gargantuan task of making an already powerful and versatile application even more appealing, what does it do? This dilemma surely haunted the Adobe design team when Creative Suite’s 6th version apps were in the making, more notably Photoshop. Adobe’s industry leading bitmap editing and photo retouching tool has retained its crown despite competition from cheaper priced rivals for decades. As it is, a majority of graphic design professionals and print media veterans cannot even recall from when they have been using Photoshop. Interestingly, the team has done a neat job as far as adding useful features is concerned in an already feature loaded graphic app. In the new version, you get significant speed boost and thoughtful interface changes that ease workflow.

Photoshop’s new version costs a huge amount, more so if you opt for the extended variant. It adds extensive 3D features along with everything you get in the standard version. While upgrade costs are much lower you can also consider using the app as a part of Adobe’s new Creative Cloud subscription program. As expected, hardware requirements for Photoshop are quite steep and you will do better to install it on a PC with oodles of RAM. The app will also guzzle a fair amount of hard disk space post installation. The graphic card should be compliant with OpenGL 2.0, especially if you want to leverage extended 3D features of Photoshop. Adobe’s powerhouse graphics app runs on PCs equipped with Windows XP SP 3 and later iterations. Adobe has made the app capable of utilizing multiple cores of modern CPUs and users of 64 bit Windows versions will be benefited too.

While the interface of Photoshop can be somewhat intimidating to a first time user, Adobe has tried to make it more aesthetically appealing and intuitive in this release. The default workspace sports a darker look which is likely to be easy on the eyes, especially if you spend long hours editing images and making collages etc. Now, optional panels can be displayed only when you need them. The auto hide fly out panels actually help increase speed of work to a great extent. The text menus are easier to read and images stand out well against the background. However, you can also switch between other color schemes if you do not like the default scheme. The Mini Bridge is now positioned at bottom of the screen.

Photoshop comes powered by Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine which can leverage the power of a discrete GPU chip well. Earlier, this was available solely for video processing but now it is available for image processing too. It essentially means, you will not have to wait for those agonizing moments while applying set of filters to a large and high resolution image. While you may not feel the difference between putting the engine to off and on position for regular work, the discrepancy becomes more perceptible while dealing with very large images. As it is, many of Photoshop’s tools are now GPU-accelerated and the same can be said about some of its popular filters. Some features will not work or warn you if you keep the GPU acceleration turned off.

Those photographers who like to use Photoshop rather than any photography specific app will be glad to know that the app now includes enhanced support for Camera Raw format. It also offers support for more than 400 camera models. The lens correction does a fair job of removing chromatic aberration as it is. The inclusion of an auto save feature is very prudent, though it might sound like a rather small addition. You can alter the default timing for auto saving files.

The crop tool, is beyond doubt, among the most widely used ones in Photoshop.  It has got a makeover in this version. Now, when you use the tool, entire image is selected. It is also non destructive in nature. Besides, when you rotate an image with the tool, the image itself rotates. This enables you to see what the output will be like even before applying crop. You may create your crop presets as well.

The newest release of Photoshop does bring some praiseworthy video editing power. The good thing is that, you can apply the multitude of image adjustment features to video clips. Similar to its dedicated video editor sibling Premiere Pro, Photoshop can now be used to deal with multiple tracks and for keyframing video clips. A video track is converted to Photoshop layer as you add it. You also get standard digital video editing tools while audio tools are rather minimal. While movie files are saved by default as PSD files, you can choose to export them as video files with diverse encoding options and resolution choices. Video rendering speed on beefy machines is quite decent.

The Adobe team has also made tweaks to the Filters menu. Now, you get all the filters segregated in eight sections which were 13 earlier. You do not have to use the Filter Gallery as much as you had to in earlier versions. One useful new filter is Adaptive Wide Angle. It can be used on those distorted wide angle shots to rectify geometry or to perform a length correction. The results can be quite amazing when the feature is used properly.

Much has been said about the improvements made to the Blur tool in this version of Photoshop. It is not anymore about making image appear blurred exclusively. It gives you more control over blurring parts of an image without losing the natural look. You also get parameters like angle of blur and amount of feather etc. The tool also utilizes hardware acceleration, says Adobe.

The much touted Content-Aware Move tool is among the smartest new features in Photoshop. You can use the tool to move position of an object in an image and the background is preserved. While the addition is welcome, it produces natural and better results when used on images with consistent background textures such as sky, water or sand. When you use it on images with complex background, results look less natural. Photoshop’s Content Aware Patch is another smart addition that allows you to remove objects clearly from a scene. The other elements in the image are preserved.

It would be wrong to think that Photoshop’s new release has goodies only for video and photography lovers. There is something for veteran designers and print media professionals addicted to the app as well. Shapes in Photoshop now come with added flexibility. You can now copy and apply attributes like fill pattern to many objects. You also get added control on vector shape manipulation in this release. While the addition of new features and tweaking of existing tools deserve praise, new users may have a hard time finding some features, especially those for editing videos.

Photoshop’s enhanced airbrush tips now let you apply swirls and stripes in new ways. The unique erodible burses make simulating real life brush effects easier than ever before. You also get a much awaited feature, dotted and dashed lines. Those users dealing with large images having multiple layers will benefit from Photoshop’s new layer search and selection system. The paragraph and text style options have also been spruced up greatly in this version. The capability to mix alphabets in same file can be exciting and a Lorem Ipsum generator makes cutting and pasting unnecessary.

The 3D capabilities of Photoshop, introduced sometimes back, have got a major boost in this release. As it is evident, users with discrete GPU based PCs will fare better while using 3D features of Photoshop and others may face system slowdown. You can extrude visual objects in 3D and select lighting source. Exploring all options under 3D can prove to be time consuming, especially so for new users.

Positive Points:
 -  Sleek Interface, tweaked fly out panels.
 -  Useful features like Content aware move and enhanced Blur tool.
 -  Oodles of 3D and video editing features.
 -  Mercury Graphics Engine offers significant speed boost.

Negative Points:
 -  Steeply priced, requires beefy hardware .
 -  Content Aware move works well only with specific images.
 -  Some features can he hard to locate.

With its list of new features and GPU accelerated workflow, Photoshop offers you enough reasons to upgrade to the new version, the steep price tag notwithstanding. Existing Photoshop users get the real bargain though! From improvements to app interface, addition of video features, enhanced 3D feature set and typography enhancements the Adobe team has scored well in nearly every department. With better support for Camera Raw format, it becomes even more tempting for serious photography users too. Finicky users may point out that some features produce better results under certain circumstances like the Content Aware move tool. It is true but inclusion of the tool can still prove to be a timesaver in many instances. Design houses and print media professionals dealing with lots of graphic work should upgrade owing to the significant speed improvements offered by Photoshop’s revamped graphics engine, if not for anything else.

Rating: 4/5

Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Extended Publisher's Description

Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 Extended software delivers even more imaging magic, new creative options, and the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine for blazingly fast performance. Retouch with greater precision, and intuitively create 3D graphics, 2D designs, and movies using new and reimagined tools and workflows.


Enhance your creativity and boost your productivity. Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 Extended software delivers blazingly fast performance with the new Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine, groundbreaking new Content-Aware tools, simplified 3D artwork creation, reengineered design tools, and more.

Content-Aware Patch
Patch images with greater control using Content-Aware Patch, which allows you to choose the area that Content-Aware will use to create your patch.

Mercury Graphics Engine
See near-instant results when you're editing images with key tools such as Liquify and Puppet Warp, creating 3D artwork, and working with matte paintings and other large files.

3D performance boost
Experience enhanced performance throughout your 3D workflows. View shadows and reflections in all editing modes, quickly render final work in Adobe RayTrace mode thanks to the Mercury Graphics Engine, and much more.

3D controls at your fingertips
Use a vastly simplified user interface to intuitively create and animate 3D artwork. Use in-context and on-canvas controls to manipulate cages for 3D extrusions, change the orientation of scenes and objects, edit lights, and more.

New and reengineered design tools
Create superior designs faster. Get consistent formatting with type styles, use vector layers to apply strokes and add gradients to vector objects, easily create custom strokes and dashed lines, quickly search layers, and more.

New Blur Gallery
Quickly create photographic blur effects using a simple new interface with on-image controls. Create tilt-shift effects, blur everything and then sharpen one focal point, or vary the blurriness between multiple focal points. The Mercury Graphics Engine delivers immediate results.

All-new Crop tool
Crop images faster and with greater precision using the all-new, nondestructive Crop tool. Manipulate your images on canvas, and take advantage of the Mercury Graphics Engine to see your adjustments happen live.

Modern user interface
Work with a fresh, elegant interface featuring dark background options that make your images pop, and benefit from hundreds of design touches that create a smoother, more consistent editing experience.

New reflections and draggable shadows
Quickly achieve 3D realism by adding and enhancing shadows and reflections on your ground plane. Drag a shadow to reposition the light source, and easily edit ground reflections, shadows, and other effects.

Intuitive video creation
Bring Photoshop image editing power to your videos. Easily enhance any clip using the full range of familiar Photoshop editing tools, and combine clips and stills with transitions, audio, and effects such as pan and zoom.

Easy alignment and distribution of 3D objects
Create rich 3D scenes in less time now that you can automatically align 3D objects to the vanishing point in your image and manipulate a group of 3D objects at one time using a new multiselect option

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Publisher: Adobe Systems | License: Shareware | Price: 699.00
Version: 13.0 | Size: 1048576 KB | Platform: WinOther
Released Date: 05-06-2012 | Rating: 5 | Title: Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Extended

Author Url: http://www.adobe.com/
Program Info Url: http://www.adobe.com/
Download Url: http://www.adobe.com/downloads.html
Screenshot Url: http://www.letsgodigital.org/images/artikelen/63/adobe-photoshop-cs6-extended.jpg

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